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  1. Delayed happy birthday! 

  2. Sup, gancho! Happy day of birth hahah :lol::D:P

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    2. Adran Oathbreaker
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      Happy Birthday, man! 

    4. Adran Oathbreaker

      Adran Oathbreaker

      A little late reply, but thanks, bro! 

  3. Bruh, that's finally The Lopen + Rua! 

  4. Hey, ma bro! It's your burthdeigh? Well, habberdey, habberdey, habberdey!!! :D:D:D Wish you all da best! :)

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      Thank you so much... :D:D

    2. Lieweaver


      Of course, of course. Any time. :lol:

  5. Yoohoo! Welc to ze Shard! Who's your fave Mistborn character?
  6. Henlo!!! The Shard welcomes you!
  7. Amazinv. Adran here pushed me into readinv it as well. Now reading Final Emp and it is pretty cool. The magic system... Wow. Brando Sando is just wow.
  8. Ya know I thought he's dead. Like dead dead. But the two of you got me into thinking... Tsk tsk. You two. Now I feel like rereading the books again. Hahaha it's cool though.
  9. Oooh I didn't even thought of this. Thought he was a goner. Lieweaver here btw. Hey, Adran! Yer back, man! Haha. Haven't heard you for a while. Hahahaha
  10. Welcome to the Shard! Don't worry, we try not to bite. I mean, we don't bite.
  11. Hi

    Really??? Wow that's great. You coulda been a Truthwatcher like me.
  12. Hi

    Wow. I'm a Truthwatcher. Like Renarin.