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  1. Much like Daniel Greene, I'm a huge s**t for Dragons. And my god if this show didn't deliver when it came to the cute little guys. The last 20 minutes of the finale are worth everything else. And the rest was really quite good. Hopefully they can keep that momentum into season 2, I'd hate to see it slide backwards but that was a strong opening salvo.
  2. Absolutely!!! This makes it way more scary then I'd imagined when I read it. And honestly the way this is drawn it instantly reminded me of Kaladin at the end of RoW. I wonder if that's a connection, like Kal was in some sort of limbo death state from the trauma/manipulation of Odium.
  3. I had known he finished Wheel of Time, but it had been years since book 9/10 and I didn't want to reread everything to finish. Found myself in prison for nearly 3 years back about 7 years ago now. Had the time and space so reread and then finished it. Honestly thought the last 3 books were better than most of RJs (sorry for the blasphemy). After finishing up WoT I grabbed all the books in order essentially: Elantris, Warbreaker, Mistborn Era 1, TWoK, WoR, Mistborn Era 2, Arcanum Unbounded, Rithmatist, White Sand, Oathbringer..... all of those were read within 2 years, on top of WoT and many other fantasy/Sci Fi series'. In essence, Brandon Sanderson got me through easily the most difficult period of my life, and in such a way that it almost made it enjoyable. He and this community will always hold a very special place in my heart, thanks to you all!
  4. i didn't even look at first. i just went straight to the "whichever option gets me all of these things." Brotherwise + Dragonsteel == All the cool Fantasy stuff! Which one do people anticipate being their favorite? I'm torn right now between the 3: Chasmfiend, Szeth+Kaladin battle, and Szeth + Nightblood smoke. Damn these things are absolutely gorgeous! No need to even use them, these can just be nice art pieces all around the house. We're so blessed to be part of this fandom!!
  5. Color me impressed!
  6. Damn, now I have to go back and re-read it. I knew something was off with the SF but couldn't quite place my finger on it. I think as I was reading I knew he was going to break the "bond" he has with Gavilar (or G's death would break it, etc). When I realized that I retroactively assumed then that the SF went through a similar experience as Syl did when her old Knight died. I still kinda like my theory but this is WAAAY more compelling, with less leaps. Now that I'm thinking a little more now though.... how does Ishar actually keep it from the SF that he's interloping, and why (if the actual SF is aware) doesn't he alert Gavilar? there's something definitely up here, but I've now convinced myself of like 3 different theories lol! Freakin' Ishar is going to end up being the Daenarys of this series. I actually want to like him, he seems super OP and working a rust ton of different angles. But I have the sinking feeling he's going to turn out to be the most unhinged and unpredictable and do something world-breakingly catastrophic. SIGH
  7. An idea about the Truthwatchers: If Progression is seen not just as Regrowth and that kind of stuff, but a wider meaning (I think Grace suggested this) as "speeding up time, progressing through time".... then combine that with Illumination.... couldn't you get a "type" of Futuresight? Not necessarily seeing what will happen, but like Dr. Strange in Avengers when he's going through the limitless options of choice and playing those out through time. This also lends itself to the ideas of strategy Ian suggested, as well as detecting lies. The Unmade and Odium probably have a different version of this (far more powerful, more branches able to be explored, more understanding of what the highest probability scenarios are) but fundamentally what Truthwatchers do is not Futuresight. Renarin would be a special case because his spren has been corrupted, so some of that more powerful enemy-vision-juice seeps into his powers. Just a thought, plus it lends to Eric's notions that each of the power pairs have interesting applications when combined. Thanks for all the great podcasts, love what you all do. Keep it coming! Journey before destination, Radiants!