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  1. I would love to join, if that's alright. If I can, here's my profile: Name: Merran Ovadis, Worldbuilder of the First Ideal ((I'd be totally fine with her not knowing any ideals yet, either; even if she finds her spren later, that's cool. Whatever works)) Age: 17 Gender: Female Personality: Very sharp and witty, although she's just as naive; she's not easy to fool twice (well, maybe thrice); she loves people and is very much an extrovert, but she's often scared of reaching outside her comfort zone and asking questions. Appearance: A very stocky girl of 5', with dark, wavy red hair and the pale, incredibly freckled skin; her eyes are large and a light amber-ish colour, and her nose sticks out and is very hawkish; though she be small, she could seriously mess you up - while playing "Won't Be Fooled Again" in the background. Spren: Eddington
  2. Watching Sanderson's writing lectures - again.

  3. That's awesome! Thank you so much!
  4. I mean, he told me I had to stop and read Sanderson's other books in a certain order and then go back to Stormlight. Also - just looked up what Ookla means. I'll go change it now. For Peter.
  5. There's not an order? Oh, he's so dead. I had been about to start Oathbringer when he told me. And, no, I didn't read the books out of order, though that would have been hilarious. "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? SHE KILLED SOMEONE? WHAT IS HE 'SUCKING' OUT OF GEMSTONES?"
  6. I've only just finished Elantris - I read the first to Stormlight Archive books, and a friend heavily chastised me for a) not reading them in order, and for b) not joining 17th Shard. So, I'm here now, ha. Ready to explore and get to know everyone!