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  1. I'm good with what team I'm on. (Also, I should probably sign up to get Aether of Night as well)
  2. I think I'd be up for this! (If there's still room)
  3. Not sure about quotes in general (I remember there being some quite good ones, but can't think of any off the top of my head), but my favorite of David's metaphors is "like a brick made of porridge." That feeling sums me up way too well.
  4. @coltonx9 Thank you! I was thinking of maybe meeting outside the place so we can get the plus one figured out. What time are you planning on getting there?
  5. Does anyone have an extra plus one on their ticket that they're not using? I went to get tickets and they were sold out.
  6. When you start compiling a list of bad metaphors you hear in real life. The only thing on there right now is when a colloquium speaker compared active galactic nuclei in merging galaxies to exploding pennies. I think David would have been proud.
  7. Could a Seeker sense someone who was holding and benefiting from a large number of Breaths, or would the person actually have to be actively Awakening something for that to happen? (My best guess is the latter, but the wiki wasn't particularly clear on it)
  8. Geologists are great. I can't find fault with them.
  9. If any other Bozeman-area people were going and had room in their cars, I would definitely be interested in going. (I think that a three-hour event would be a bit short to justify taking a Greyhound)
  10. My favorite would have to be Forgery, since the concept of changing reality by changing the pasts of objects or people just seems really interesting to me, as well as the detail work that is necessary to actually pull it off. I think the magic system I would most like to have would be Feruchemy. I just think that the ability to store mental speed, memories, or wakefulness in particular could be really useful as a college student (no more forgetting that one critical equation on my equation sheet) , and there are a lot of other aspects of it that could be fun to play around with as well.
  11. I haven't really read much Cosmere fanfiction yet, but I just found Marsh's Adventures in Babysitting by EHyde on AO3, and I think it is absolutely adorable. I'm also particularly interested in what Marsh gets up to after Era 1, so the fact that it covered that is great as well. (I'm also affected by the spam filter at the moment, so I can't post a link)
  12. When I was trying to recommend Mistborn to a friend who liked fantasy with good worldbuilding, I skipped over all of the cool, non-spoiler-ey parts like the ash and the magic system and jumped straight into babbling about Hemalurgy and Shards. I think I spoiled decent chunks of all three books in the Original Trilogy before I realized what I was doing. At least I managed to keep my mouth shut on all of the kandra-related spoilers, despite TenSoon being my favorite character. Also, with this same friend, when I was explaining the cool question I had come up with, I completely forgot that Feruchemy was kept intentionally mysterious for large portions of the first book, and I think she is smart enough to be able to guess several important plot points from the background I gave her on it. Speaking of Mistborn spoilers, since I have no self control with TV Tropes's spoiler-covering system, I managed to spoil practically every single plot point of the original Mistborn trilogy before I had even finished the first book. The first time I read Way of Kings, I listened to it on audiobook and was only able to get about halfway through before I gave up/had to return it to the library. I think there might be something about me and audiobooks not working well, since when I went back and read a paper copy, I finished it in like three days and managed to comprehend significantly more of it. I once made myself late to my 9 AM class because I started a Writing Excuses episode I didn't have time for. Fifteen minutes long, because I'm in a hurry and apparently not that smart.
  13. Hi! I've been lurking for a while now and was finally persuaded to make an account by a friend of mine (and a number of other Sharders who were at the same convention). I'm mostly caught up on the Cosmere right now (I still need to read Oathbringer, a few of the novellas/short stories, and White Sand volume 2), but I'm still fairly new to the fandom, having picked up my first Sanderson novel over Winter Break. I'm a knitter and crocheter, and I actually just finished a hat that had the 8 basic metal symbols around the brim and the Cosmere symbol on the top. (Funny story about that hat: I finished it while I was in line to get my copy of Arcanum Unbounded signed) Quick question: I got a WoB for one of my personalizations at Miscon. Should I put that in the thread for that event? I think that was what my friend said to do, but it was a couple days ago and I'm really bad at remembering information given verbally if I don't write it down.