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  1. When you look at the sky and do a double take on seeing an unusually bright, reddish object. (It was Mars. I'm a slontze.)
  2. I did that last year. Somebody thought I was a jellyfish.
  3. This is probably kind of a weird opinion even for this thread, but while I will concede that the cosmere books are probably better written, I like reading the Reckoners books more and come back to them way more often for rereads.
  4. YKYASW You're incredibly disappointed Among Us doesn't have a black lab coat option.
  5. When a giant pile of spikes shows up in a dungeon in your DnD campaign, you make a joke about it being a Hemalurgy lab, and one of your fellow players actually predicts that you would make that joke. And to make it better, the friend who pointed that out isn't even a Sanderfan. (I'm trying.)
  6. When you read about the Hexblade Warlock class in DnD, and then really want to make a hexblade based on Nightblood.
  7. When you misread "Autumn" as "Atium".
  8. Not sure about fancasts for other characters, but I personally think that Tom Cavanagh would be a great fit for Prof. His work on The Flash alone shows that he definitely has enough range for the role, and he fits pretty well in terms of appearance.
  9. This may be a slightly weird answer to this question, but while I think Emperor's Soul is probably his best-written book, the one I always come back to for rereads is Steelheart. Part of that is probably because up until very recently, I was very busy with schoolwork and less willing to commit to reading longer and more complicated works, but I think there is also something about it that makes me reread it 6+ times and enjoy it every time.
  10. I typically prefer physical copies of books. They have the advantage of not running out of battery (my e-reader is pretty old and doesn't have a huge battery life), and because for some reason I abandon books way more frequently when I only have an ebook copy. Also, it's kind of a delicate balance for me with audiobooks and podcasts in terms of having just enough to do with my hands so that I don't get distracted by other things in my environment, while not so much that I get distracted by the thing I'm doing while listening. The books I get are a mix of one of the local bookstores near where I go to school and the library, since my book budget isn't huge right now. (Incidentally, I'm pretty sure that if you're near where I live and are having trouble with Firefight and Calamity being available to check out, it's probably my fault since I borrow them frequently to check details for fic projects and stuff like that)
  11. I get that too on my phone, though my phone still autocorrects a lot of Brandon Sanderson related words even when I use them a lot. (No, I am not interested in the Recliners Trilogy)
  12. -When you're in orchestra and the conductor says "terraced dynamics" and you hear "Terris dynamics".
  13. -When you look at a friend's sticker on their water bottle that says "Do Epic [Stuff]", and you can't help but think: "Please don't. That usually involves murder." -When you find yourself making bad metaphors even when you're not trying to make a reference. The other day, I compared a lab I was doing for one of my classes to the Great British Bake-Off. I managed to confuse everyone in the room while getting annoyed at myself that David was rubbing off on me. -When you look at a poster advertising a "Breath Exploration Workshop" and can't help but think of how cool an Awakening class would be.