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  1. That was my original pick, but I hate to twist Wax’s emotions any more than already. He’s already on the edge, man.
  2. Probably Vin, just because I felt her death more than most... but I don’t like the prospect that I’m ruining her happy ending with Elend.
  3. I don’t know if feverstone keep was ever hidden... I interpreted that as perhaps it was some sort of outpost, and it was important as a move against the voidbringers at that time. Remember, technology was much less advanced by that point. Also, perhaps Odium saw that the Recreance would (partially) happen there, and wanted access to some shards.
  4. Regardless, even if you were able to awaken a spike, you need to be more specific. I think only certain commands would have an extra effect if any at all. This will also have to be done very quickly as to not fully diminish the power stolen and stored within the spike.
  5. They both have a past that seems to cause them to compartmentalize their emotions. I think they would respect each other, but probably wouldn’t associate other than in battle. Sarene and Evi
  6. Stick would probably not interact with the Nightwatcher other than to ask her to not let anyone come near it. Unfortunately, the curse would be that it becomes fire. Adrotagia and Raoden
  7. It seems like you’ve got a lot mixed up here. No, since you are talking about Autonomy’s avatars, from what we understand, they are large splinters of power from Autonomy that are a large enough mass of investiture coagulated in one place to form a shardpool. on that note, a shardpool is simply investiture gatherer I’m a place “heavy” enough to blend the realms between each other, as they too are made up of investiture.
  8. This is why I really enjoyed Hrathen’s storyline in Elantris. At the end of his arc, Hrathen comes to the conclusion that the church abuses the authority of Jaddeth, and identifies the Church and God as separate entities. His whole plot line was a wonderful battle of personal vs group conscience, which I think highlighted the depth of the moral ambiguity Brandon created in Elantris.
  9. Humans came from Ashyn or the “Tranquiline Halls”
  10. As we see in the Oathbringer epilogue, Hoid appears to bond a cryptic (Elhokar’s to be exact). But Hoid is also very weird. It is relatively common knowledge that spren are only able to bond with someone who has cracks in their spirit web, which allows the spren to “slip in” and meld the Radiant and spren’s Spiritual aspects into one. Another important fact is that Hoid has crazy healing abilities. Brandon has literally described it as “healing the soul itself.” Obviously Hoid would have healed any spiritual wound instantly, or at least within a few days since he can repress this ability. So how is Hoid able to bond this spren?
  11. Elantris?
  12. Um, actually the boombox was a mistake in the graphic novel art. Brandon has confirmed that Daysiders didn’t have access to this technology. The chull has three developmental stages: larva, pupate, and adult.
  13. I was thinking hard about the visualization aspect of awakening and, more specifically, why this could cause Nightblood to absorb so much investiture. I think that the idea Shashara had as she created Nightblood was complete and total eradication of the enemy. This means destroying someone across all realms, wiping them from existence. Now, as we know, investiture resists investiture; this is a key rule that governs the Cosmere. In order to accomplish the task given to him, Nightblood not only has to tear the spiritweb, an entity in the spiritual realm made out of investiture, but also act across the three realms at once, like a perpendicularity, fuzzing the borders between them. This would take a whole lot of investiture, I’d say. Also, the black, corrupt investiture he leaks could be the result of the original investiture used mingling with whatever investiture makes up the spirit web and borders between realms.
  14. It doesn’t necessarily have to be Shashara’s divine breath but some other one somehow collected beforehand. The main idea that I was trying to get across was that Nightblood was imbued with a divine breath.