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  1. I would really like to play this game but I don't feel like I'll have enough time to get knowledgeable on the rules so can I get a spec doc?
  2. Not a whole lot really. I think everyone is better at analysis than I am and I don't have a lot of time today since I'm working from home today but I will try my best to acknowledge this this cycle but we shall see.
  3. What a game y'all. Definitely the best game I've had, though I haven't had many, and was the most exciting to play. Definite shout out to my teammate Venture, Elandera, and Rathmaskal. Couldn't have done it without y'all. Shout out to Kidpen and TGK for being totally awesome in the subset doc and having wonderful ideas, even if we were on opposing sides. And finally, thank you to DeTess and Araris for running this wonderful game and having wonderful write-ups. Can't wait for the next one and hopefully many more from me.
  4. Sign me up as Shaney Boi. Seems like a lot of fun.
  5. horror

    As I said, it just gives me the roles and the subset. And I realized that the vote count is 1 for one on me and you so I'm gonna stick a vote onto you for self pres. You can stick one on me as well but if it becomes not tied, I'll take my vote on you Alv. Sorry :/ Edit: Meant to say take not keep. Has completely different interpretations.
  6. horror

    Well I didn't want to really reveal myself because of the fact that it is such a useful tool. I was talking with Kid as well last cycle and we both were very wary of giving up our subset. I told him I would since he was the suit and I am not very useful otherwise. But I haven't scanned Alv but I have scanned you and can say that you are a copper ferring in the Involuntary Holidays subset. And I have suspicions towards you because of your accusation onto me. Yeah it would have been useful but if we had given ourselves up, we would have been gone sooner and been less useful.
  7. horror

    Alright so after much thinking, I've finally put a pin down on who to vote for. It was a tough choice for me between Rath and Bard. It really was a more instinctive choice because it's really hard for me but I'm just not fully comfortable with how he claimed and it hasn't felt right since the claim. @Young Bard just so you are aware that I have a vote onto you.
  8. horror

    Yes I didn't post anything the really during the N2 because I got caught up with work(working 2 jobs can really put a tax on your sleep schedule). Now I have to try and catch up on these posts and tried to find someone to put a vote on. I can see there is a vote train for Elandera and a lot of evidence to prove them so but I'm gonna look at last cycle to really come to a full vote onto them.
  9. horror

    I didn't like the vote either. I really just put the vote out there to try and make the odds less for him and in the end, he voted for me at the end and then died. I feel really bad about it. Now about it being at the end of cycle, I worked at the time the cycle ended and when I submitted my vote so I didn't realize it was near the end of cycle.