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  1. I will join this game. Seems like tons of fun and definitely want to go insane lol
  2. I protected him from the kill. I didn't think there was going to be a conversion and even if I did, I would have more than likely used it on someone else.
  3. Well since we are role-claiming here, I am a lurcher. I used my action on the night cycle to protect Sart actually. I thought it would they would be targeted by the inquisitor in the nigh cycle because of what happened during the day cycle.
  4. Sorry about my lack of presence the past few days. I worked today for 10 hours today and I have just barely had time to catch up. I can see why there is suspicions on me because of the lack of activity but that could also mean that I am not the elim because there was a night kill. I'm not saying you have to believe what I say about that but it's just a thought. I do have the next couple days off so I'll be able to participate more cuz of that. From what I have read, I think there is enough evidence in my eyes that I will put a vote onto Aman. I don't really have time to go into details cuz I'm tired but my vote will more than likely stay there.
  5. Hey folks. Sorry I didn't say anything the Night Cycle. I worked yesterday and been busy today. I'll try to speak more later on today.
  6. I'm not hiding. You are. I have no fear. I also am not going to put a vote because I believe there everyone should at least live one cycle.
  7. So I'm gonna hop onto the vote train and vote Elandera. My vote will not be wasted on this day.
  8. No one in the thread gives me weird vibes and I haven't put a vote down because I just don't think I should vote anyone honestly. Now someone in general gives me weird vibes and that person would be Stink. This is because of my thought process if I were the inquisitor. I would target the people I knew didn't have roles so that when there are lower numbers, I would be able to convert and have a higher chance of winning. The only reason I put my vote onto Stink is because I believe that he has a lot of PM's with people and can get a lot of information.
  9. I think that it may be because they want to be able to have full confidence when they are going to convert.
  10. I have only been on to see the thread. I really don't have anything helpful to say. I don't what I even want to say here. I just look at what everyone else posts and then make conclusions from there. I do have 3 PM's open right now too so I'm not super active in PM's but I'm just trying to get the most info from that.
  11. I didnt really have time to really read through all of it because I was setting up my little sisters birthday the past couple days and yesterday was her party. Will try and read through a little later and will try and say what I thought sometime later
  12. No one really stands out to me. Just reading everyone's posts, I don't detect anything really off to me. I also believe that if I were the inquisitor, I would find out more information on players and what roles they have to try to get the ones that would hinder my progress the most and wait for numbers to dwindle down slowly. I don't really have a lot to say otherwise.
  13. I mean thats the only real reason. I just recently got back into it and want to try to live longer than one cycle. You could lynch me second cycle if you wanted and I'd be fine with that. So for your post, I don't have anything I disagree with. I think that it all check out pretty solidly to me and since you did say you're a soother, I will take my vote off of you. Aman