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  1. Glad to see you guys got an alpha reading group set up, hope to someday rejoin with you all. Hey and such to you all while I'm here!
  2. http://www.tor.com/blogs/2013/08/the-way-of-kings-magnet-set-sweepstakes I'm sure most of you have seen this, or saw Brandon Post about it on Twitter, but regardless many here might be interested in these. As a related aside, I would love to see these available for purchase. If we showed enough interest does anyone think we could get them made/sold?
  3. Yes yes it is. My fiancee kept that stuff right next to the bed, which you can see the corner of in the right side of the picture. Also included: 1 Plushie Christmas piggy from Angry Birds 2 Hourglasses that run upward 1 Razer mouse 1 Teemo Hat 1 Gift box containing 2 bowls from our Japanese exchange student 1 Tin Whistle (for music and stuffs) And various other pieces of junk.
  4. This was my bookcase before I moved, after the move those books are now all in boxes...
  5. I am excellent at voice projection, but for some reason I lack either the demeanor or the attitude, or the force behind yelling at someone/thing that gives it it's "kick"
  6. I can't yell at people or animals. Let me clarify, I'm a 6'3" 250+lb guy. I'm going to be a teacher and look intimidating enough that I probably never need to yell. But last night I tried to yell at two dogs to stop fighting. My Fiancee burst into laughter, telling me that I couldn't yell at anything. I tried again, trying to get the dogs to separate. At the end of this she was in tears from laughing too hard. Good thing I'm not an angry person.
  7. Upon reaching the Tenth Heightening, you are gifted with the knowledge that all of your reality is a lie. You and everyone you care about exist only as a breath of a higher being. You live the rest of your life depressed, unable to tell those around you that their reality is a lie. I wish I was a gold twinborn.
  8. We should Alloy together to Ruin this thread before it gets out of hand.
  9. Well I figure I'll throw mine up, since I actually have one that I liked.
  10. Haha, perhaps group brainstorming session was a bit ambitious of a title, Maybe other people haven't thought of stuff like this or don't wanna share because it's too awesome
  11. And thanks for the suggestions, I like those, and I like your line of thinking on these things. Most of what I've been thinking on are things such as weapons and small contraptions that can be used for self defense or device type combat. Thanks for the density thing, I knew what I was thinking before I typed it out. If you're working with combinations then you'll use a mix of light. For example if you're working with molten metal, then you'd need to use red and yellow together. Same with mercury, which is special to say the least.
  12. Different physical materials can be modified using different colors of light. Metal (Red), Stone (Orange), Liquid(Yellow), Organics(Green). Violet modifies the existing light, preventing it from being affected by others who use the magic, or enabling some external trigger to modify the element using the other colors of light (Like triggering a sudden pressure change in the air to push something onto somebody, or metal to shape around someone to form restraints). Blue modifies gases, but can also function to modify weight of an object. It wouldn't lower the density but think like a small bubble of less dense gas surrounding an object pulling it up (Think helium balloon pulling something up by a string). Not sure if that helps, but I'm thinking of other cool gadgets and crafts and such that can be made (Repeating hand crossbow, dart shooting things, mechanical calculator, stuff like that)
  13. I don't think I can stop. I guess I must just Forge ahead.