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  1. "I hope you have luck with that, I'll see you around." Zan said, then he walked over to where Malu was, "I like this place, if you need help with running it or anything like that just ask, I'll be back pretty soon." Zan walked out the door and into the city.
  2. dustbringer would explode bloodsealer, and who put fish in there??? which of these would be the most fun to go on a road trip with.
  3. [REDACTED] -Turtle
  4. [REDACTED] -Turtle
  5. I'm like that, i read OB in 6 days
  6. cool
  7. oh hey bean on a completely different note when is the tournament starting
  8. I Win "Dormammu, I've come to bargian?" - Strange
  9. I'll sign up Zan
  10. "No I'm not doing much right now, though I might check out that tournament thing later. Are you going anywhere?" @xinoehp512
  11. "yeah being broke isn't fun, why didn't you join that blood flame gang or whatever, probably could have made some money from that." Zan asked. @xinoehp512
  12. Im winning
  13. I feel like he's talking about the kandra worldhopper
  14. Zan watched the guy fall through a weird portal looking thing into a table He looks like hes ok "pretty good" Zan said turning back to Relyf, "how about you." @xinoehp512