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  1. Warden woke to a slap, but for some reason it didn't really hurt. Warden still felt dizzy and tired and didn't really know where she was or what was going on. Lena was in front of her telling her to drink something, to tired to complain she drank it and after a few minutes she felt remarkably better. She slowly stood up, and only felt slightly dizzy. She looked around and saw the monster thing again, she pulled out her handgun and quickly emptied the magazine into the creature. The shots echoed loudly in the small room, but Warden was able to ignore the noise. Warden created a disk right in front the monster to keep it from moving any closer, "does anyone know what that thing is?"
  2. Karger your profile pic looks really cool with the rainbow thing, also I win
  3. Everyone was still talking, but Warden still didn't know what was going on. Suddenly a portal opened up next to Lena, Warden shouted something and stood up. When she stood up her head spun, and she immediately fell over, she tried to stand up but she kept falling down. So she decided to just take a nap. @Sorana @Vargo Seldon @I think I am here.
  4. main plot

    Darkness looked as though he was going to strike, but at the last second missed and fell. Zan walked forwards, a grin spreading across his face, it would almost be a shame how easy it would be. He drew a knife from his belt and moved to strike, but even within the bloodlust he hesitated to kill someone who couldn't fight back. With the bloodlust weakened the part of Zan's mind that was still free took back control. It felt like waking up, Zan opened his and saw Darkness lying there and he remembered what had happened during the last minute or so. He stumbled backwards dropping his weapons and fell down. His leg and arm hurt and stopped burning pewter so that he could feel the pain, he deserved the pain for what he had done and almost done. He just sat there with his head in his hands. @Vargo Seldon
  5. Rilen realized what he was doing, already believing the stereotypes. Nerin might be manipulating his emotions so that he would trust her, but she had been more than kind to him and the others by letting them stay the night. "I apologize, I, it's just," he stammered, "it's just that emotions are powerful, and people that can control them typically abuse that power. But you seem like a good person and I apologize for any offense I may have given." @ZincAboutIt @Sorana
  6. "I don't mean to be too invasive, I just don't typically have Dreams unless something big has happened, or is about to happen." Rilen trailed off, thinking about what it might mean for the future if nothing had happened yet. "You work here, so you're a soother?" He said as he narrowed his eyes at her, he hated soothers, this one had seemed nice, but you could never tell because she could just be making herself seem nice. He nodded to Aben and Attayl as they walked in.
  7. @Sorana
  8. "Sure," He said without really thinking about it, he picked up the bread and butter and carried it into the main room and set it down on one of the tables in there. Rilen picked up a piece of bread and spread some butter on it and walked back into the kitchen. "Alright, and who are the Farriers and the Scarlets? And whats your name? I didn't get it last night." He asked as he finished off his bread. @ZincAboutIt
  9. Rilen woke up, still tired from what had ended up being a very exhausting night. He sat up from the chair he had been sleeping in, and it looked as though he was one of the first awake. So he walked towards the back of the parlor where he heard someone moving stuff around, it was Attayl and the other woman from the night before, the one who had seemed to be in charge. He walked in, "Good morning, and can someone tell me what happened last night? I dreamed of danger and my dreams aren't wrong." @ZincAboutIt @Sorana
  10. main plot

    Zan jumped backwards from the katana, ignoring the pain in his leg when he landed, and rushed in swinging his dueling cane at Darkness' head.
  11. Warden tried to follow the conversation, but it was surprisingly difficult to concentrate on anything, and she felt a little bit dizzy. She heard the new guy, Galvris? Talk about evacuating the city, then about attacking plasma core. Warden could help with that right, maybe not with the attacking, she wasn't much of a fighter, but she could help with the evacuation. "I'm in" she said, not really understanding what she was volunteering for.
  12. Rilen stared very pointedly at the guy who kept asking him why he was here and said, "I'm here because I wanted to make sure Aben was safe," turning to the woman who had opened the door, "yes I had a vision, and simply put we can smell emotions." Rilen looked at the woman who'd sat by them earlier, if he remembered correctly her name was Attayl or something similar. "of course, sorry I left so quickly, I have trouble controlling my emotions and it can be dangerous for others." looking around he thought he had answered everyone's questions, so he found a chair to sit down in, and asked "any other questions?"
  13. ooh, clever. *slaps face* ow, my face is not a frying pan.
  14. please enlighten me.
  15. I don't get angry very often though