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  1. yes but only on Roshar is it called a Nahel bond, the other planets' bonds aren't called that, for instance all they say is they're bonded to their seons, its never called anything specific
  2. this person is Aonic
  3. game

    sorry for double posting, I forgot to tag Scion and I can't do that in an edit @Scion of the Mists
  4. game

    all right Tyn, Gaz, Kokerlii
  5. yeah I do that to
  6. I'm procrastinating homework rn
  7. this person is on Sel
  8. It's not clear, I'm not really sure so lets go with a maybe
  9. game

    ok I think Tyn for sure and maybe Gaz
  10. Cultivation, she's growth and that might occasionally be bad growth but its probably mostly going to be good
  11. this person is very religious
  12. Vldgen? one of the singers Venli tells the real Listener story to at the end of Oathbringer
  13. I agree with Calderis, it isn't part of Dalinar's nature to be one of the lying scheming politician, he is a blunt honest man who says what he believes, to do otherwise is to go against who he is as a person, so it isn't Dalinar's skill as a politician but his honest nature that drove the ardents away
  14. yeah so if that situation changes he'll switch