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  1. "Ok, sounds like a good plan." finally, I get to do something
  2. "good point, so uh what do we do?" he asked
  3. "I think we should all rush it, there's no way that this is stronger than all of us." Chadwick said, "and, the simpler the plan the less that can go wrong."
  4. Chadwick had been walking in the back of the group so he hadn't been able to see what was going on, until that giant snake thing had attacked the group of thieves. I always miss the interesting stuff, he thought sullenly as he moved closer to where they were interrogating the last of the thieves, I never get to fight anymore.
  5. "that's probably smart, there's some people back at the tavern that could help. Do you want to go get them?"
  6. worldbuilding

    Ok I see what you mean now, I think I have the last post so do you want to start that? @Chasmfiend#1
  7. yeah it was in the words of founding, Marasi and MeLaan talk about it during shadows of self, during chapter 14
  8. worldbuilding

    Chadwick is with the rest of the group at this point
  9. Zan looked at the napkin then walked out
  10. Zan watched a kid walk in with a cloak on that was way to big for him walk over to Darkness and ask him about some kind of plan. Zan was curious now, he walked over to the kid, "what's this plan?" he asked, looming over the kid. @I think I am here.
  11. "Yeah, could have been worse I guess" he said as he picked the glass and drank it, filling his brassmind slightly to help with the heat. He looked over at the girl who walked in and, after she ordered bread, ignored her.
  12. Zan walked into the tavern, glad that the Waiter hadn't put it out of business. He walked over to the bar where Malu was drinking and sat down. "Can I get a shot of that whiskey?" Zan asked, "I heard about what happened, soory to hear about it. @Invocation
  13. worldbuilding

    I envisioned the monster as a kind of amorphous smoke or darkness or something similar, that could harden and define it's shape when it wanted
  14. Chadwick followed Aldred out of the tavern, and joined the group, "do you know what took them?" he asked.
  15. Chadwick purred slightly, although it came out more like a growl, Chadwick shook as Aldred stood up "fish is meat, and I like meat" Chadwick said as he joined Aldred at the top of the stairs.