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  1. Hey, i would just like to thank everyone for their patience as we dealt with the Germany WoB situation. It's taken a little bit longer than expected but here they are. The following are verbatim transcripts of the General Q&A's from the Berlin and Bonn signings. Berlin signing - May 14, 2019 Bonn signing - May 15, 2019
  2. The transcripts will be publicly available, it is only the audio that needa to be hidden/deleted.
  3. Regarding recordings from the May 2019 Germany signings, we have received the go ahead to allow them to be uploaded to Arcanum and transcribed. While hosted on Arcanum they will be hidden so that only Arcanists can listen to them and once transcribing is completed they will be deleted. Thank you for bearing with us while we navigated this issue.
  4. I really love this!
  5. Earlier this week, Dynamite Entertainment, the publisher of the White Sand graphic novels, released an interview with Rik Hoskin about the series' forthcoming third, and final, volume. Hoskin is an accomplished comics writer who was brought in to help adapt Brandon's original prose draft of White Sand into the graphic novel format, and in this interview he talks about his experiences working on the project. The interview also confirms the identity of the new artist, the cover art, as well as the release date. Perhaps the most notable bit of information however, is the reveal of a Graphic Audio adaptation of White Sand currently in production. Byron Brewer, the interviewer, begins with asking Hoskin about what it was like working with Brandon on this story and Hoskin quite openly says that he was intimidated, particularly when it came to the idea that he would be improving upon the original manuscript. He likens this to "being asked to 'fix' the Mona Lisa", which is a sentiment to which I think most of us can agree. Hoskin goes on to say, however, that Brandon's dedication to and enthusiasm for the collaboration as well as his willingness to step back and allow others to fiddle with the story led to a very fulfilling experience. Isaac Stewart, Brandon's in-house art director, also gets a callout as playing a pivotal role in bringing the project to fruition. A product page for White Sand volume 3 popped up on Amazon, back in December but since Amazon can sometimes be premature (and incorrect) with some of the information they release we elected not to report on this earlier. Now that we have official confirmation, I am very excited to say that the third volume will be releasing this June (on the 25th according to Amazon). The new artist, replacing Julius Gopez, is Fritz Casas. Listeners of Shardcast know that opinions on the first two volumes are contentious, but I have long held that the success of the story rests on having it in its entirety. I for one cannot wait to see how it all turns out. Lastly, Hoskin also confirms that he is currently scripting a Graphic Audio adaptation of White Sand. It seems like this endeavor will be a slightly more fleshed out version as he is taking the work he did on the graphic novel and building on it by going back the original manuscript to restore segments of the story that were cut for space reasons. I am aware that Graphic Audio's productions are not for everyone but I personally love the way that they make these stories we all enjoy come alive in new ways. I am also incredibly thankful for their existence as they are the main avenue I have to share my love of Sanderson with my family, so now I will be able to share another story that I would not otherwise be able to. One thing I would be interested to see, particularly since this will be an expanded version of the story, is whether Graphic Audio would be willing to release the "screenplay" so people can consume it in a format closer to prose, without Brandon having to rewrite the novel. Also, in case you missed it yesterday, 17th Shard now has a Patreon! If you want to help support news articles like this, or the site in general, please consider becoming a Patron.
  6. I for one appreciate your fiscal responsibility!
  7. That doesn't necessarily resolve the issue however, all it says is that Sazed's death would not be enough to split the two Shards, not that they couldn't be split in other, more directed ways.
  8. Actually Brandon has implied that there is something special about kandra spikes that make them kandra spikes. Part of the reason TenSoon did not have any issues with using OreSeur's spikes was because they were in addition to his own, not replacing his own.
  9. The audio is now ready to be transcribed.
  10. Chicago is ready to be transcribed!
  11. Thank you to @PallonianFire for recording this signing. The audio is now ready to be transcribed.
  12. You might find this chart to be interesting as well which matches the "normal" fundamental glyphs with those stylized like the honorblades:
  13. For audio, you can go ahead and upload it to the relevant event. For text reports of WoBs, you can post those in the relevant event thread over in the Events and Signings sub-forum.
  14. Brandon avalanche has been a term in the fandom for over a decade, its not a term that is going to change. It is also not exactly the same as "climax", Brandon avalanche refers to the way Brandon writes some (but not all) of his climaxes.
  15. Official stance is that the actual person asking should always be the one credited (except if they are a moderator and taking questions from submissions in which case the submitter is credited).