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  1. Hey everyone, earlier this month you voted on our next Coppermind Art piece and it is officially ready to share! Your choice was a scene from Part 1 of Rhythm of War where Renarin saves Kaladin from Moash. We reached out to rspixart (who fans of the podcast may remember as the artist for the glorious depictions of Rlain and Renarin we fawned over in our Rlainarin/Corrupted Truthwatcher episodes earlier this year). Unsurprisingly, she did an amazing job and we are so glad to be able to share it with you! Check back this Thursday where we will have another poll for you, featuring the Nine (as last month's runner-up) and several other fun choices. Once again, thank you for your continued support. Not only have you maintained the $500 goal so we can continue doing this, you have pushed us over $600 for this month! This is truly mindblowing to all of us and we are grateful.
  2. After reading Rhythm of War, I spent a lot of time thinking about the starspren and how they look very greatshell-like. I also thought a lot about the fact that larkins and chasmfiends apparently have some level of sapience (which is crazy in and of itself). So naturally I began to wonder if the starspren were "imagined" by these greatshells. I asked Brandon, and turns out they are not. Shucks.
  3. Mistborn Adventure Game
  4. Looking at the original source, I think Brandon's phrasing is ambiguous enough that it could be either way. I.e. "this character only has one viewpoint in part 4 but has more in other parts" or "this character only has one viewpoint in the book which is in part 4". I don't think it is fair to call it a "glaring misquotation" as it is a reasonable, if potentially incorrect, interpretation.
  5. Happy happy birthday! :D

  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!:D

  7. Happy birthday!!!

  8. I think writing excuses transcripts in their entirety are a bit outside our purview. The good news is that they already have transcripts on their website.
  9. Please post any Starsight typos you come across in this thread. Give a clear explanation of what the typo is along with a reference of where it can be found.
  10. Sorry about that. You should have the tag now.
  11. No, the "annotations" tag is only used for entries actually talking about the annotations in a more general sense. The vast majority of entries pulled from the annotations would not have that tag.
  12. Hey, i would just like to thank everyone for their patience as we dealt with the Germany WoB situation. It's taken a little bit longer than expected but here they are. The following are verbatim transcripts of the General Q&A's from the Berlin and Bonn signings. Berlin signing - May 14, 2019 Bonn signing - May 15, 2019
  13. The transcripts will be publicly available, it is only the audio that needa to be hidden/deleted.
  14. Regarding recordings from the May 2019 Germany signings, we have received the go ahead to allow them to be uploaded to Arcanum and transcribed. While hosted on Arcanum they will be hidden so that only Arcanists can listen to them and once transcribing is completed they will be deleted. Thank you for bearing with us while we navigated this issue.
  15. I really love this!