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  1. That doesn't necessarily resolve the issue however, all it says is that Sazed's death would not be enough to split the two Shards, not that they couldn't be split in other, more directed ways.
  2. Actually Brandon has implied that there is something special about kandra spikes that make them kandra spikes. Part of the reason TenSoon did not have any issues with using OreSeur's spikes was because they were in addition to his own, not replacing his own.
  3. The audio is now ready to be transcribed.
  4. Chicago is ready to be transcribed!
  5. Thank you to @PallonianFire for recording this signing. The audio is now ready to be transcribed.
  6. You might find this chart to be interesting as well which matches the "normal" fundamental glyphs with those stylized like the honorblades:
  7. For audio, you can go ahead and upload it to the relevant event. For text reports of WoBs, you can post those in the relevant event thread over in the Events and Signings sub-forum.
  8. Brandon avalanche has been a term in the fandom for over a decade, its not a term that is going to change. It is also not exactly the same as "climax", Brandon avalanche refers to the way Brandon writes some (but not all) of his climaxes.
  9. Official stance is that the actual person asking should always be the one credited (except if they are a moderator and taking questions from submissions in which case the submitter is credited).
  10. Yes. Technically it does rotate, but one rotation (around its axis) = one revolution (around the star) so the same side is always pointing at the main sun. A real world example of this is our moon.
  11. We did know about those before, it just never made its way onto the page. But tin and pewter are used that way in the broadsheets as well.
  12. You really missed a glorious opportunity to use this image:
  13. Live Reading and Q&A with Read for Pixels Brandon announced yesterday that he will be doing a live reading and Q&A this Saturday, September 1st, at 6:00PM PDT for Read for Pixels 2018. Just follow this link to join the livestream on Youtube when the time comes, and if you log into YouTube you should see a chatbox to participate in the Q&A. Questions will be selected by a moderator. There's no news yet on what he will be reading, but Legion or Skyward are safe bets! The Pixel Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness, funds, and volunteer power for the cause to end violence against women, and this reading is part of their Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal Campaign, which hopes to raise $1 million for the Pixel Project. More information about Read for Pixels and their Fall 2018 schedule, visit their website! Legion Signed Books and Sweepstakes You can pre-order a signed hardcover copy of Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds, releasing on September 18th, from Barnes & Noble at no additional charge. This collection includes the full trilogy of novellas, including the original Legion, Legion: Skin Deep, and, new with this release, Legion: Lies of the Beholder. If you've never delved outside the Cosmere, Legion is a great place to start--especially with the story now complete! Macmillan is running a sweepstakes in promotion of the Legion release. Just submit your pre-order receipt on Macmillan's website for you chance to win a Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers. This one is, unfortunately, only open to residents of the US and parts of Canada.
  14. Recently the company Brotherwise Games, launched a Kickstarter for a new "hero-crafting" card game titled Call to Adventure. As part of the Kickstarter they announced their first expansion, themed around the book The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss. Earlier today, in honor of the Kickstarter reaching $300,000 USD and GenCon 2018, Brandon announced that Brotherwise Games will also be releasing a Stormlight Archive themed expansion in Fall 2019. I won't go into too much depth about the game (they do a pretty good job of that over on their Kickstarter), the gist of it however is this: you start with a hero, defined by their origin, their motivation, and their destiny, and you choose different cards to help craft them into the greatest hero (or antihero) possible. The Stormlight expansion will add special destiny cards for the Orders of Knights Radiant. This is the first I've heard of the Kickstarter, but this game seems right up my alley so it is safe to say I will soon be a backer. It's unclear whether the Stormlight expansion will also be Kickstarted, of if it will go directly into production. All of the art they've shown for the base game is spectacular, and based on some previews the art for the Stormlight expansion will be no different. Check out "Secret Training" by Adam J. Marin and "Edgedancer" by Paul Canavan below.
  15. It's funny because Brandon has talked about how half of the South has the exact same complaint, and the other half is excited that he actually got it right. (I think @FeatherWriter is one of "all y'all" Southerners, but don't quote me on that)