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  1. Yes. Technically it does rotate, but one rotation (around its axis) = one revolution (around the star) so the same side is always pointing at the main sun. A real world example of this is our moon.
  2. We did know about those before, it just never made its way onto the page. But tin and pewter are used that way in the broadsheets as well.
  3. Hi! I listen to the podcast. I love it! It seems like a lot of u are writers. I was just wondering if there is any of ur stuff available to read or anything from the others on the staff.

    1. WeiryWriter


      Thank you so much! I know that a fair few of us are writers (or in my case wanting to write but not having a ton of time do do it). Nothing of mine is currently posted online or anything but I know @FeatherWriter and @Overlord Jebus (and maybe @Comatose) have posted fan fiction online. (Comatose, @KChan, and @Chaos have all written a lot over on Mistborn: The Inquisition, which is a long running, if sometimes slow, forum-based rp as well.)

    2. PelekinikeleT


      Awesome, thank you! I can’t believe this place. It’s like a ton of people that love reading as much as I do. I will check that out. I’m new on here and I’ve just discovered the creators corner so I’ve been looking through there. I just approached u first because ur my favorite on the shardcast, but don’t tell anyone. Oh rust and ruin! Is this public?...;)

  4. You really missed a glorious opportunity to use this image:
  5. Live Reading and Q&A with Read for Pixels Brandon announced yesterday that he will be doing a live reading and Q&A this Saturday, September 1st, at 6:00PM PDT for Read for Pixels 2018. Just follow this link to join the livestream on Youtube when the time comes, and if you log into YouTube you should see a chatbox to participate in the Q&A. Questions will be selected by a moderator. There's no news yet on what he will be reading, but Legion or Skyward are safe bets! The Pixel Project is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness, funds, and volunteer power for the cause to end violence against women, and this reading is part of their Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal Campaign, which hopes to raise $1 million for the Pixel Project. More information about Read for Pixels and their Fall 2018 schedule, visit their website! Legion Signed Books and Sweepstakes You can pre-order a signed hardcover copy of Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds, releasing on September 18th, from Barnes & Noble at no additional charge. This collection includes the full trilogy of novellas, including the original Legion, Legion: Skin Deep, and, new with this release, Legion: Lies of the Beholder. If you've never delved outside the Cosmere, Legion is a great place to start--especially with the story now complete! Macmillan is running a sweepstakes in promotion of the Legion release. Just submit your pre-order receipt on Macmillan's website for you chance to win a Lenovo Explorer Mixed Reality Headset with Motion Controllers. This one is, unfortunately, only open to residents of the US and parts of Canada.
  6. Recently the company Brotherwise Games, launched a Kickstarter for a new "hero-crafting" card game titled Call to Adventure. As part of the Kickstarter they announced their first expansion, themed around the book The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss. Earlier today, in honor of the Kickstarter reaching $300,000 USD and GenCon 2018, Brandon announced that Brotherwise Games will also be releasing a Stormlight Archive themed expansion in Fall 2019. I won't go into too much depth about the game (they do a pretty good job of that over on their Kickstarter), the gist of it however is this: you start with a hero, defined by their origin, their motivation, and their destiny, and you choose different cards to help craft them into the greatest hero (or antihero) possible. The Stormlight expansion will add special destiny cards for the Orders of Knights Radiant. This is the first I've heard of the Kickstarter, but this game seems right up my alley so it is safe to say I will soon be a backer. It's unclear whether the Stormlight expansion will also be Kickstarted, of if it will go directly into production. All of the art they've shown for the base game is spectacular, and based on some previews the art for the Stormlight expansion will be no different. Check out "Secret Training" by Adam J. Marin and "Edgedancer" by Paul Canavan below.
  7. It's funny because Brandon has talked about how half of the South has the exact same complaint, and the other half is excited that he actually got it right. (I think @FeatherWriter is one of "all y'all" Southerners, but don't quote me on that)
  8. I'm hopeful because this is a very different situation. I genuinely feel that the White Sand graphic novel suffered because it was being adapted from an existing prose novel. The were trying to retrofit a story into a medium it wasn't meant for. Contrast that with this comment from Brandon (from the announcement linked above): Dark One was fundamentally NOT working as a prose novel, it wasn't working in Brandon's traditional style. The medium of comics might fit it better. Can we be certain it will? No, of course not. But personally I choose to be hopeful, not dismissive.
  9. So while they were not the main writers they did write a number of issues for Batman & Robin Eternal and the final arc of Grayson. They also wrote/created Joyride.
  10. Hot off the heels of yesterday's monumental announcement about Brandon's multimedia plans for Dark One, Publisher's Weekly has revealed more information about the graphic novel slice of the pie. The graphic novel will consist of two volumes, the first of which is due out in Spring 2019, less than a year away! The also revealed the creative team that will be co-writing it with Brandon, Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly. On a personal note, I found this news incredibly exciting as Lanzing and Kelly have worked on some of my favorite comic series in recent years. Yesterday I felt cautiously optimistic, today I am full steam ahead on the hype train, because I know these guys can write a good story. The two of them plus Brandon? Now that is going to be something awesome. They also revealed what seems to be the cover art which looks pretty storming cool: Jackson Lanzing, on his twitter, has also confirmed that the artist for the project is Nathan Gooden, and posted line art for part of the cover:
  11. Deadline has announced some pretty exciting news today about a story Brandon has been wanting to write for years, Dark One. This story, which has slipped in and out of the Cosmere over the years, is about a young man who instead being the hero prophesied to save the world, is the one destined to destroy it. The last we had heard about it was in last year's State of the Sanderson: Well it seems that that interest bore fruit as in their announcement Deadline reveals that not only is there a television series and graphic novel in the works, but there is also a multi-volume book series and a podcast are as well. The tv series is being developed by FreemantleMedia North America with Random House Studio and the graphic novel will be published by Vault Comics. Where the tv series and graphic novel appear to be planned to tell the same story, the book series will expand on it while focusing on secondary characters and the podcast will explore the events leading up to the tv series. Here is the pitch given by Deadline: I for one am always excited to hear about new Brandon projects on the horizon. I know that Brandon's previous foray into graphic novels has been met with mixed opinions, but I'm happy to see that hasn't given up on the medium. Ultimately I'm very interested to see how this story will play out over four different media! Brandon has tried a much more limited version of this before, with Legion (the original plan was for him to write the novellas to tie into a tv series). This however is much more ambitious, but Brandon is also a much bigger deal. There are no dates for anything yet, but I think the future is promising.
  12. We actually have an episode where we talk about this coming up in a couple weeks.
  13. So I had a really fantastic time at BookCon this weekend. Hanging out with @Ravioli and @Dissentinel was awesome and it was great to finally meet Brandon (and Emily, who is seriously awesome). I do have a few WoBs to share: This first one was asked by Dissentinel with some commentary from Ravi (hopefully they can chime in if my memory is faulty but I think have the spirit of the exchange). Dissentinel (paraphrased) Would it be possibly to have a bunch of iron Ferrings store a bunch of weight into some iron, turn that iron into steel, and then use that steel to make guns as a cheaper alternative to aluminum? Brandon (paraphrased) Yeah but the guns wouldn't be immune-- Ravi (paraphrased) But they would be resistant, that little bit of extra time could be enough to make a difference. Brandon (paraphrased) Yeah. Dissentinel (paraphrased) And the guns would be harder to see with iron/steelsight, correct? Brandon (paraphrased) Yes, they would be. Do keep in mind however that we get a very skewed perception of the world and how important stuff like this is because the main characters of the books are Allomancers. This just isn't something that is important to the average person on the street. But this does relate to some things later on in the series. ---- WeiryWriter (paraphrased) So in Mistborn: Secret History, the leader of the Ire is named Alonoe. This is also the name of the lake in Arelon. Is she named after the lake? Is the lake named after her? Or-- Brandon (paraphrased) *smiling* RAFO! ---- WeiryWriter (paraphrased) So in the Way of Kings Ars Arcanum we get a really good explanation of the different kinds of fabrials. Then in Words of Radiance we get a new kind of fabrial, one that attracts certain substances, but they weren't discussed in the Words of Radiance Ars Arcanum. And they are not in Oathbringer's either. Brandon (paraphrased) Yeah, so this is actually something Isaac has been bugging me about. There is no reason they were not included other than me being lazy. ---- WeiryWriter (paraphrased) If there are fabrials that can attract substances, are there ones that repel? Brandon (paraphrased) Yeah, there are. ---- There are a couple others that were caught by the recording. One was about a possible connection between the Nightwatcher and the mistspren which got RAFO'd. The other was about a connection between singer gemhearts and the fain life, which did get an answer (they're related to something called Tamu Keks... whatever those are).
  14. Graphic novels are comics, the emphasis is on "graphic" not "novel". They are called that to distinguish them from comic books. Comic books are basically serialized "chapters" published separately over time. Graphic novels are longer and generally stand more alone.
  15. If you enable comments on that google doc we can provide feedback on individual questions without cluttering up this thread too much.