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  1. It could also be a nope to the part 'could I get an answer'
  2. Vengeance is my first thought, but on second thought that seems already covered by Odium itself well enough. Quotes from book above suggest freedom ... but that sounds odd. How does hatred and cultivation yield freedom? I would have thought more something along Plotting or Scheming .... which is interestingly, descriptor that would match with Taravangian. Hmm. Another thought, maybe ... Salvation? Something about working or developing means (cultivation) from something you hate/do not desire (odium) ...
  3. Just checking, there is nothing against having the same avatar with other people, right? And, LOL the poster above me pick the same icon. How about using the both colors of its associated Orders?
  4. Sure, I like cookies. I've read Way of Kings (the first one that I read to finish, previously read a bit of Mistborn and some Warbreaker but got bored. Also my favorite with the rest of SA), Mistborn, Elantris, Warbreaker, Rithmatist, Alloy of Law (probably second favorite after SA), Emperor's Soul, Legion, Elysium, Steelhart, Mitosis, Shadows for Silence and of course Word of Radiance. Ah, I've also read Wheel of Time and the few chapters of Liar of Partinel that I managed to found (pity there's only a few. Like that very much). I think there's one more short story but I can't remember the title. Why not?
  5. So, I'm oldtime lurker. Finally registering because there's some topic I want to join. Uhm, that's pretty much it. Don't know what else to say. Glad to be here at any rate.