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  1. Hello, Lark! Didn't bother to read all the previous posts, correct me if it gets too bad. I'll be playing Lenz, typical lurcher. (Also Hale's brother, if he's been mentioned yet.)
  2. Or it could be that each of the stances are named after one of the ten essences, since they (along with other ars arcanum parallels) are ingrained into the culture of Roshar. Maybe a bunch of Alethi duelists got together, and came up with 10 (arc number) stances, then named them after the essence that they matched, or perhaps they based them off of the essences from the start. I guess the question is, is it just a coincidence, and each stance corresponds with an essence and the connotation attached to it? Or are the stances based on the way would fight if you were radiant in order to maximize your abilities? (Is Windstance named so because of its quick, gusty style? Or because as a Windrunner that's how you would fight while using your abilities?) I think it would be really cool if it was the former, but I don't have enough information to know.