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Mistborn with new cover coming in May (for teens!)

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We have a scoop for you today: a new edition of the first Mistborn novel is coming out May 13th, 2014. Now it's going to be marketed towards teen readers, as evidenced by its new, lower age range, as well as mentioning his other teen book from Tor, The Rithmatist, on the cover. The synopsis has less emphasis on Kelsier and the setting, and focuses on Vin, which is sure to appeal to teen readers more. It also includes the cover that was previously found on the Mistborn ebook trilogy, which is some of our favorite cover art for Mistborn.

It's not entirely surprising that Mistborn would be marketed this way. Brandon once explained that, depending on the audience, you can market a book in very different ways. If someone was a big fantasy reader, he would pitch it with the usual "The Dark Lord won" pitch. For teen readers, he can make a character pitch around Vin.

Right now, we're not sure if the whole original trilogy will be rebranded this way, or if there will be a new box set. Judging from the Nook preview, it seems identical in content, but still, a new printing of Mistborn which brings in new readers is something to get excited about.
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So is it still a regular Tor Book, or is it being published under Tor Teen like The Rithmatist?

I like the cover art, although I'm not terribly fond of the "Can an evil that has ruled for one thousand years be defeated?"

On another note, if it gets enough nee readers in the teen audience, it may help the movie get off the ground! No complaints there.
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Yeah, I don't like that top text either, but otherwise I think it's a really good cover. Also, interesting font choice.

The Barnes & Noble page doesn't say Tor Teen, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Tor Teen novel, especially considering that the cover mentions The Rithmatist. That said, the B&N page for The Rithmatist doesn't explicitly list Tor Teen, so it's anyone's guess right now.
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Same.  The cover looks beautiful, but the tagline for Mistborn is and always should be "There's always another secret."

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Ah, but that fact in itself is one of the secrets. ;)
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Will it be hardcover?

Nvr mind.

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Well I don't have a problem with it, although the whole lord ruler being evil is kinda cheesy.

(Go rashek!)

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I love the artwork, I'm not as big of a fan of the Harry Potter-esque font for the title.  Excited to see Brandon branch out to a new fan base!

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This is the artwork for the trilogy deal on iBooks
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