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Found 27 results

  1. From the album Ghostblood symbol art

    @Ark1002, don't know if you want this, but here's an Alleyverse patch. I think it looks pretty sweet. I am not affiliated with the alleyverse in any way, I just think the ghostblood symbol is really cool.
  2. The Long War Welcome, all, to the Alleyverse Lore Project- a mission to fill in the gaps of the RP with written history and lore. This first project will (I hope) cover the events of the Long War, a 16+ year conflict between the Black Crusade and the forces of Chaos. The hope is that the finished work could help inspire new characters and roleplayers, giving them hooks and story ideas to carry to the rest of the Alleyverse. How differently would your Twinborn act if they had lived through the brutal Siege of Bassopolis, where the mighty Phoenix destroyed half the city battling a Helldrake? What if your Radiant was a reformed cultist, worshiping the Dark Powers before bonding a spren and escaping from the southern wasteland? What if your master swordsman had won their Shards by campaigning with the Black Crusade? Primarily, though, this project aims to produce stories and legends for the Alleyverse, through expanding every guild’s history in the 16 years of war. So, without further ado- I give you the starting point for the Long War: The Winter Siege, when the foul Death Guard battled the Black Crusade for months in the frozen streets of Newcago. Our first goal is to flesh out both armies involved in the conflict- their leaders, their history, and their culture. We’ll also determine the significance of the battle, and how it affected the balance of the Long War. No Warhammer 40k knowledge is necessary. Remember, anyone can pitch in. This is a collaborative project, after all- I’m not the insane dictator secretly ruling from the shadows. The only requirement is that we stay on topic Now- let’s do this. The Black Crusade
  3. alleyverse

    Giving the thumbs up to his assistant. Mac flipped the switch. Suddenly, the Dor flooded the Cognitive realm of his store, powering Aons engraved in the steel. Hopefully people buy our stuff. Mack's voice came out of the back of his mind. Don't worry about it. Mac replied. People are going to love us. Probably. Plus we have contracts with most major guilds. But what if they riot? That's what got me kicked off of sel. With the defenses we put in? There is no way that any attack could hurt us. You could not have had a better person commandeer you mind and build your store. I'm still mad about that. I don't care. Mac walked around the room, inspecting the counter and items on display. Anything that could actually be used was locked in the vault, these were on display to allow people to see if they could be used. If the balance was right, the shape was good for there fighting style. He walked to the front door and put out the open sign. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the Craftsmen Guild. Our goal is to provide invested objects, weapons, defenses etc. to any who have the money. We aren't neutral as a guild, but provide the same prices to anyone, and wont turn you away because of your membership in other guilds. If you provoke violence on the premise, then you will be removed and any guild you are a part of will be refused service for a week. (BTW, I am convinced that the Ghostbloods exist as an entity, so if any GB's provoke violence, none of the others can by stuff for a week.) All products are patented. If you resell them without telling me who you sell it to, or if you copy them without my permission, then you will bring my wrath upon you. Delivery will take a day, I will PM you when the product is delivered. All products are listed with their base price, customization is optional but will cost more. More products will be released as time goes on, and as I get new ideas. If you wish to join the guild just PM me, and I will add you to the list of Craftsmen. NOTE: Because of the large numbers of acolytes that I have, I don't need grunts or members that don't do anything. I am only accepting Craftsmen. They will specialize in a field and create new products. I will require them to tell me where their loyalties lie through PM (Don't worry, it wont be publicly revealed) and what they want to specialize in. Craftsman of Weaponry, Store owner - @MacThorstenson Craftsman of Apparel - @Merrickz Craftsman of Defense - Craftsman of Fabrials - @Mister Craftsman of Glass - @Kidpen Craftsman of Invested Items, owner of ferujewls - @Kaj Current weapons available. Miscellaneous. Self defense: Apparel: Base defense:
  4. A man from a time long past stepped up to a building that dated even himself. A strong sweet scent poured itself from inside. He made his way inside, moving past tables and chairs which had been mangled. He looked to the far wall, the 4th wall, and smiled at how new it looked. Amazing how it repaired so fast after... it cracked again. He turned and made his way behind the counter, reaching under and grabbing a handful of what he came for: root beer flavored strawberry gum. Pocketing the gum, he walked through the swinging doors back outside, taking one last look at the sign which hung over this once beloved place. "Root Beer Bar" As he walked away something made him stop. He turned back and reached up, grabbing the sign. Yanking it from over the door, he made his way into a nearby alley. He could bring life at a new venue. Not too long after: The man was tired of moving. So much of it. And now, he had finally decided to stop moving. He walked down from the top floor of his newly purchased building onto the main floor. Booths along the walls of the place were areas people could talk in quiet. The rest of the open space was full of round tables and chairs, ready for people to use. It had taken him awhile to get it all, but he could finally open the place. The floorboards were silent as he moved to the window and flipped the little sign in the window. Open for business at last.
  5. Kane proudly watched as his men began to prepare their weapons. This project had taken a long time to complete, but now, The Sentinels were ready. He walked through the line of crates and inspected an assault rifle. Perfect. He fired it into the air. He then Lashed himself upwards and tapped electrum. He cleared his throat. "Sentinels! Today, today we rise! Today we will show the world what we're made of." The army began to cheer. "So who's with me?" Yells of approval echoed back at Kane. He landed and prepared his Soulcaster. He paused. He stared at it. It was no ordinary Fabrial. A Cryptic had been killed to make it. It didn't provide Illumination, but it did provide Soulcasting. He bowed his head in respect, then lifted it and transformed the last of the limestone into steel. In the background, his Sentinels cheered. Quin, in the form of a ribbon of light, floated down onto his shoulder. "When are you going to tell Adli?" "One day. But today is not that day. Today, the real war begins." *** Hello! The Sentinels are a military group, directly associated with TUBA, but ties with other guilds can be negotiated, of course. If you would like to join, swear an Oath. (At bottom of post) If you aren't convinced yet, here are some perks of joining! 1. A pay of 10 crysts per job you do 2. A cool coat, plus a matching helmet that can be summoned at will 3. A position in a fun group, and it there are no prerequisites! Other than being involved in the Alleyverse. We can be hired to guard things, no questions asked. You can buy weapons from us. Weapons and equipment available for sale: Our services require only a small amount of pay. Oath for joining: I, [insert name here], swear that as a Sentinel, I will honor my contracts, my superiors, and not get my coat dirty. I also have accepted the terms and conditions of becoming a Sentinel. My military duties as a Sentinel come before commercial duties, and I will not make unauthorized agreements without permission. I hereby swear this Oath with the intent of becoming a Sentinel.
  6. From the album Alleyverse stuff

    A promo image(?) of the (probably) upcoming No More Martyrs arc for the Alleyverse RP (these are my characters, and they currently don't have the equipment pictured, but they'll probably get it soon or during the arc :OO )
  7. A large rectangular room with gently glowing lines of blue casting an eerie light over the reverent scene. Hundreds of alcoves lined the walls a little over 40 contained statues of people, empty alcoves stretching into the vastness. On the opposite side of the hall, a statue stood of a man in a bowler hat, monocle, and mustache an inscription beneath it reads Similar inscriptions are located beneath the statues on the other side of the hall, they detail each characters accomplishments and give a brief history. (If you want to make your own inscription just post it below and I’ll edit it in.) At the end of the hall stands a grand archway thru which lays a spiral staircase which descends into gentle darkness. frescos, bas-reliefs, and tapestries line the curving walls detailing the history of the Alleyverse. Such as this. (same thing as with the inscriptions, just post a picture of something you think should be added and ill throw it in)
  8. Hey Everyone! Just going to post a clear and simple guide to tell how to create threads, why to create threads, and which threads to join. Here we go: THREAD CREATION: Creating a thread goes like this. First, Decide what you want the alleyverse thread to be, the main three are: Guild, Location and Discussion: Guild: Character RP is allowed, but does not always happen. (See threads: TUBA, Canton of Combat, People you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley) Location: This is specifically an RP thread. Set in one location. If someone posts in character in a location thread. They can't post with the same character in another location thread without first leaving the location, characters can't be in two places at once. (See threads: Waystop, Devaan's training ground, Tomb of the forgotten) Discussion: There is NO RP CHARACTER RP in these threads. (See threads: Alleyverse characters, Alleymemes) Now you know the main three thread types, here's how you make them: A GUILD thread is made by creating the thread, choosing the title (usually the name of the guild) and tagging the thread with the "guild" tag. You then type out the introduction post (usually a summary of the guild, and how to join) and letting others join the guild! Pretty simple! A LOCATION thread is a little more complex. First, create the thread, then title it what the place is called (EG: Elendel Basin) and tag it with these tags: First, tag it with "RP" Then, tag it with "Location" Then, tag it with whatever era the location is in. At the time of this post that would be "era 2" Then, tag it with it's plot relevancy. One of three: "Main plot", "Side Plot", or Character development "CD" Then make a post with your character (or an NPC that you have written for the location) and give a brief overview of the location. A DISCUSSION thread isn't that hard. all you have to do is title it, then tag it with "discussion" and "OOC" (Out of character). Then post an overview of the thread, and discuss! JOINING A THREAD: Joining a guild thread works by simply talking with people either in or out of character. Joining a location thread involves having your character exit the previous location thread, then arrive on the thread. Joining a discussion thread is just by discussing with people. On the thread. thats it. FINAL THOUGHTS: I would like anyone who has made existing threads to tag them with this criteria, it will help differentiate the threads. if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, just post here and I'll respond ASAP.
  9. So I figured it was probably time to try to collate the various guides and explanations into a single place, this is going to be something of a work in progress as time allows and I will be rampantly stealing large sections directly from other threads so a big thanks to everyone who's helped with creating the Alleyverse and trying to make a little bit of sense out of the insanity. Special thanks to @Mraize and @Archer for your guides which I have shamelessly stolen from. I'll be keeping this thread locked as it should only be used as a reference and so that we can add more content over time. If people want to help contribute to this post or comment on anything that is mentioned feel free to PM me or we may start a separate discussion thread if warranted. Links Disclaimer: The Seventeenth Shard does not guarantee or monitor the quality or nature of content hosted by any third party. Alleyverse Wiki Alleyverse Discord Ground rules All normal rules for the 17th Shard apply in the RP, for an extensive list please see Chaos' post. If you're ever unsure if something is appropriate or allowed, contact an Admin or Moderator, we're always happy to address any questions or concerns. If you notice something that may be a breach of the site rules please use the report option on the post so that someone in the staff can look into it. Additionally there are some general rules for RPing that help everything flow more smoothly and let everyone enjoy this together. (These will be explained in more detail in the RP guidelines below) Rule #1 - No Godmodding Godmodding is the practice of controlling another players character. This could be direct control (eg. "My character shoots at Voidus' feet and then Voidus runs away screaming in fear."). This robs another player of their chance to accurately portray what their character does in a situation and creates an inconsistent narrative. Always ask for permission before assuming you know what another character would do. If the player of that character has given you a general guideline of how their character should react you may be able to incorporate it into your post, but try to leave the description of a characters actions up to that character player whenever possible. Sometimes a player simply doesn't allow another player the chance to respond for their character (eg. "My character shoots at Voidus' head, causing it to explode in a shower of blood"). This denies Voidus' player the chance to dodge the bullet or attempt to stop my character from shooting. (However exploiting this rule to allow your character to dodge every attack that is ever thrown at them is also considered bad form, for more information see the roleplaying rules below) Finally, and sometimes most commonly, a player might simply presume the emotions of another players character, this may be explicit ("My character pulls out a giant hammer with thirty spikes in it, all of which then burst into flame, causing Voidus to fear for his life.") or implied by godmodding other actions (eg. "My character watches the tears slowly well up in Voidus' eyes when I tell him the news."). Deciding the emotions of another players character is no better (and arguably worse) than godmodding their physical actions. These forms of Godmodding and any others are highly discouraged and may cause other players to be reluctant to continue playing with you and your characters. Always seek the permission of a characters player when assuming any behaviour from them. Rule #2 - Be patient Not always the easiest rule to follow but try to understand that players may have circumstances outside the game that limits their availability, where possible players should try to pre plan for any extended absences but in the case where schedules or time zones don't line up it can sometimes be a while between posts. Try not to just ignore a players character if they are in a different schedule, make allowances for other people to respond to you, or you may need to be open to editing posts if a player has been unable to react for an extended period of game time. Rule #3 - Have fun The primary goal of this and any other RP is the enjoyment of the players. Don't be afraid to speak up if another players actions are stopping you from enjoying the game, but keep in mind that the other players need to enjoy the game as well, try not to railroad the entire story and make yourself the only hero or derail the story threads of other players. Communication is key here, make sure you talk to other players if you're not sure about a major decision. Other rules also probably exist and will be added here but that's it for now. History The Alleyverse was the product of a collaboration of multiple guilds. It began when they engaged in first-person role-playing with each other, using the established worldbuilding of the Dark Alley and other groups in an unorganized and unofficial RP. They used PMs and Discord servers to interact, as well as public posts in the SGCG (Social Groups, Clans and Guilds) subforum. By unspoken agreement, they all interacted in the same universe, a shared location built by their writing and interactions between themselves. The community then decided to build on their success by creating a third-person role play, using the worldbuilding that they had already established. This became known as the Alleyverse. The first-person RP continued, but the creation of the Alleyverse allowed for more structured and thoughtful interactions. On the 23rd of July 2018 (Mark your calendars) the Alleyverse received it's own subforum! All posts related to the Alleyverse should Threads The RP consists of numerous threads. When creating a new thread please try to add appropriate tags as listed below so that they can be found more easily. (I'll be going over old threads and manually adding these where appropriate) A few main types include: Discussion Threads Out-of-character threads used to discuss the RP itself. Much discussion also happens in PMs. When creating a thread which contains no direct RP in it that is intended solely for out of character discussion, please include the 'OOC' tag in the thread when creating it. Guild Threads These are threads used for the worldbuilding of a guild’s base, for first-person RPing, and for out of character comments and announcements about a guild, for example a request to join it. When creating a new guild thread, please include the 'Guild' tag. Main Plot Threads These are threads used for the interaction of many characters engaging in a large story arc. When creating a thread for a new major plot, please include the 'major plot' tag and if this is one thread in a series, please include some tag for the overall series in each thread that is a part of it. Supporting Threads In-character threads that are less active than Main Plot Threads, but serve the purpose of developing characters by providing them with assets or focusing on more personal interactions, for example a character’s shop that sells swords. When creating a supporting thread please include the 'side plot' tag. Duels A structured thread for two characters to duel in. When creating a dueling thread, please include the 'duel' tag. Eras The Alleyverse has so far been split into three eras: Era 0: The days before the Alleyverse was formalized, including the shadowdays of inactivity and everything that came before. Era 1: The era where the Alleyverse was formalized, includes the formation of many of the current guilds as well as the main story threads that culminated in the Seven Day War in the Alleycity. Era 2: The current era, takes place 16 years after the end of the seven days war. Dueling Violent interactions between characters can lead to godmodding (see the rules above), so to provide a fair format for characters to fight in, a structured dueling system is in place. Characters can still fight elsewhere, especially to advance the plot of the RP, but duels are considered a good way to ensure a civil fight. For each duel, a separate topic from the main RP is made. A duel consists of two participants and a mediator. The participants take turns attacking each other. The mediator (who is an out-of-character participant) ensures everyone is fighting fairly and may intervene to settle disputes that arise. At the start, each character is assigned 100 HP. When a character is attacked, the mediator decides the damage done to each character and deducts it from their total. The first person to reach 0 HP loses. Variations of this format are used depending on the circumstances. Non-combatants who wish to post comments in the thread put their text in a quote box or in a different colour to avoid confusion. The Setting (May require an update) The Alleyverse is an alternate universe in which all Brandon’s magic systems exist together. The official term for a denizen of the Alleyverse is a Homeless. How it came about is a mystery. Philosophers have suggested that its creation could have been by the hand of an Epic, a shard, or some other powerful being. The planet that the characters interact on resembles Earth. It has similar gravity, plate tectonics, and climate. The Alleyvillage is located in the Alleyverse. It is an urbanized area wherein the guilds of the Alleyverse are headquartered and their members spend their time in. It is an inexplicable city, as it is filled with a wealth of natural resources, a concentration of magic, and a lack of central governance. The city is reminiscent of Elendel in Mistborn Era 2, although remarkably modern buildings can be seen interspersed among the castles and warehouses. There are plenty of homes, filled with NPCs who live ordinary lives. Characters FFRP and Character Creation This entire explanation (including the below prescript note) is copied verbatim from @Archer's post on the Alleyverse Explained. Thank you Archer! This explanation uses information and direct quotes from @TwiLyghtSansSparkles’ post on FFRP. I recommend that you read her post as well. Thank you TwiLyghtSansSparkles! FFRP is like a collaborative fanfiction. Participants create characters which they write for that interact with other participant’s characters in a shared world. Each participant is encouraged to create a ‘primary character’. They may create a few other characters as well, but these characters should be used to support and develop their primary character or the plot. So called ‘secondary characters’ may include spren, companions, apprentices, or heirs (to take over from a primary character when needed). They should not be created to abuse their possessions or investiture for personal gain, or to tag team another character. You may also create non-player characters (NPCs) to interact with or use. For example, an NPC might be created to have a dialogue with at a store while your character is shopping, or an army of NPC knights may be created to attack a castle. As a general rule of thumb, you should not be writing for and developing more than a few characters on a regular basis. The FFRP is character-driven. There is no official goal or end result of the FFRP; often there is just a loose plot. Your aim should be to develop your character. Characters determine what will happen next by how they interact with their setting and with other characters. Participants rely on their writing talents and use of description to determine outcomes. To prevent accidental or intentional abuse of the lack of rules, the FFRP is regulated by consensus. Participants should not unrealistically shield their characters from the consequences of their actions or, create overly powerful characters or characters with a large amount of assets in comparison to those of other participants. If you do so, other participants will politely ask you reconsider your post(s) and to edit them to be fairer or more realistic. For their major characters, participants are asked to create a character biography. It should at least include the following: Name: Preferably a name that is easy to type. Investiture: A character may have any investiture or abilities related to one of Brandon’s magic systems. However, they should only grant them about the same amount of power as other characters have. Weakness: A way of lessening a character’s power to be comparable with other’s, and to make your character more interesting. Special skills and Weapons: It is recommended that weapons are not overly futuristic. Ideally, they should be able to plausibly appear in one of Brandon’s books. Unique weapons from his books should be avoided as well, for example Nightblood. Physical characteristics: May include gender, species, hair colour, eye colour, size, common clothing choice etc. Family: Especially important if needed to explain one’s investiture. Can also be used a motivation for your character. Home: Planet. Country and city if applicable. History/Biography: A paragraph about your character’s backstory. Used to explain how they got their abilities, describe experiences that define them, and to develop their character to become realistic and relatable. Don't focus on creating the most powerful, most brilliant, or most amazing character in the game. Focus instead on creating an interesting character. The idea is to create a character who feels real. To help you make a good character, read the ones that other participants have created and talk to other participants for advice. A list of characters can be found on the Alleyverse Characters thread. To add or update yours, please PM @Archer or @Voidus
  10. We have a wiki for the Alleyverse. Check it out, make an account, be sure to contribute. This is the link to the wiki. Voidus is creator and head admin. Shout out to him for all he does for the Alleyverse!
  11. Some of you have anticipated this post for a long while, well I am pleased to finally post this. What is the Alleyverse? The Alleyverse is an alternate universe in which all Brandon’s magic systems exist together. The official term for a denizen of the Alleyverse is a Homeless. How it came about is a mystery. Philosophers have suggested that its creation could have been by the hand of an Epic, a shard, or some other powerful being. The planet that the characters interact on resembles Earth. It has similar gravity, plate tectonics, and climate. The Alleyvillage is located in the Alleyverse. It is an urbanized area wherein the guilds of the Alleyverse are headquartered and their members spend their time in. It is an inexplicable city, as it is filled with a wealth of natural resources, a concentration of magic, and a lack of central governance. The city is reminiscent of Elendel in Mistborn Era 2, although remarkably modern buildings can be seen interspersed among the castles and warehouses. There are plenty of homes, filled with NPCs who live ordinary lives. The climate is similar to that of North America, hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The main area is similar to the national mall in Washington DC. Factions: There are numerous guilds operating in the Alleyverse. In alphabetical order, they are: The Canton of Combat The Canton of Combat (CoC) is *To be inserted* (Nohadon needs to finish this) The Canton The Dark Alley The Dark Alley is the best. Have a cookie on us. The Alley The Liebrary The Leibrary is a group devoted to ending the lies of The Hated One, Alcatraz Smedry. He claims we seek to keep knowledge from the world, when in fact it is him who provides misinformation. This is only one part of what we do, however. We are also the official scribes of the Alleyverse. We record every major event, so if you have a question about the past, you should bring it to us. The Liebrary TUBA The Underground Baker’s Association is a group of members dedicated to creating and distributing safe, non-hemalurgic baked goods. It was founded to oppose the Dark Alley and their hemalurgic ambitions and was behind the group known as the Light Alley. The group aims to create, share and find great recipes for baking, but it will defend itself if provoked. Join TUBA for the safe cookies, stay for the fun. TUBA headquarters The Ghostbloods The Ghostbloods are an organization committed to the domination and control of the 17th Shard. This group has a focus on stealth, unobtrusiveness, and reconnaissance. The group is dedicated to compiling information on other guilds, baking recipes, and investiture. They are interested in the origins of the Alleyverse and have some plans for it. This group can be hired to assassinate members in the Alleyverse and the Alleyvillage, they occasionally will attack other members if one maims their members or because one group set themselves above the Ghostbloods. The Ghostbloods are a neutral guild but will fight back until a group is wiped out or is inducted. Ghostblood headquarters Sticknaughts This is a peaceful, neutral branch of the Church of the Stick that will interact with the other guilds. Being a member of this branch does not change any of the member's ties to other Guilds. The Church Hall of the Surges: The Hall of the Surges is a guild of Surgebinders on a smaller scale than the Knights Radiant, though bound by the same Oaths. Where the Knights Radiant are divided into ten Orders serving Honor, the Hall of the Surges only has two factions, and all Orders (even other Orders than the ten from the Knights Radiant) are welcome in either faction. One faction serves Honor, while the other faction serves the Void (Odium). The factions, through interacting with one another a lot, may take separate decisions, like one faction allying up one with guild and another faction allying up with another. The Mediators are less of a guild and more of police. During duels, they will be the ones to decide how much health is taken off of each fighter. There are 3 houses within the mediators. The biased, the unbiased, and the representatives. The biased are those who can make judgments for those duels that don’t involve the guilds they are in. The unbiased can step in and make judgments whenever they want. The representatives each are there as specific members of a guild. These are the people who will convene on rule changes or other major decisions. If you recently joined, you may have noticed some Homeless in your introduction thread asking you to say a specific phrase or giving you a cookie. These are specific things from the Cosmere. Saying the phrase “My life to yours, my breath become yours” with intent will cause you to give up your Breath, basically your soul. The cookies that are given have a Hemalurgic spike in them. Explaining this contains slight Mistborn spoilers. For more information, look at the Coppermind articles below. Biochromatic Breath & Hemalurgy Warfare and Stuff: Rules of Warfare The Homeless can challenge one another to duels. If agreed upon, the above rules will be followed, with any changes that might want to be made, and the members will fight in a seperate thread in the roleplaying section. Fights are very simple. Each person starts with 100 HP and whatever their character has. A mediator is decided on beforehand to make judgements on how much is taken off or any other effects. Players can fight in any way they would like, although it might not necessarily be allowed by the mediator. The only other rule is to be reasonable in what you do. Here is a list of mediators. Mediators: @Mraize @Archer *Needs to be updated*
  12. So, there are often new members joining up. People can get confused, so I am here to help! If you want to join, you have two choices: 1. PM @Archer with a character 2. Post your character on our coming-soon character thread and we will help work out the bugs. Then, post in one of the RP Topics. The current ones are Devaan's Training Ground, Shattered Oaths, The Alleyway Bar, The Newcago Court, and Divided We Fall. If you want, you can also post in CDS (Character Development Scenes) to get started. Be sure to read up on the Rules of Warfare, and also request an invite to the PM. Once you're all set, you can start RPing! Or join a guild! Or both. If you have any questions or concerns, PM Mraize, Kidpen, Voidus, or Archer. Or me! And welcome!
  13. "I will liberate those who's freedom has been denied." Kilo whispered. It had been a long time, but now was the time. His goal? To free the listener children who were being overworked and mistreated. His spren had encouraged this, though they weren't fully bonded yet. Kilo was in a ravine. There was a Highstorm expected to clash with the Everstorm here in a few days, but this was the best base of operations he could find without being noticed. He wore a set of double bracers. They were composed of Iron, Duralumin, Electrum, and Bendalloy. He didn't want/need the others as they would ruin the purpose of this mission, and unless Soul (@Life&Death) decided to show up, he as of yet, unable to use his surges. The interesting aspect of the bracers were the large gemstones embedded in them. They were large chiorite ones, just for dramatic flair. They were also dun. Kilo had learned the listener language, Alethi, and Thaylen. He had studdied the Rhythms and had memorized them. He tapped connection, of which he had been storing up months of, and set to climbing out of the chasm.
  14. All those who enjoy Feruchemy and the many possible uses of it, this is the place for you. The purpose of this group is to spread the use itself. Kind of like the Dark Alley and the spread of Hemalurgy. When we see something good in the Creator's Corner, instead of offering them a spiked dessert, we give them something like a ring of Connection. For those who need a bit of a boost, give'em some Determination. Just PM me and I will add you. And don't be afraid to spread it in your own way. Member List: @Kaj , @Kidpen, @I think I am here., @The Forgetful Archivist , @MacThorstenson, @Keeper , @Gancho Libre , @ElephantEarwax, @Silva, @Ark1002, @Nohadon Metrologist: @The Forgetful Archivist Hemalurgic Crossover Specialist: @MacThorstenson Spiritwebology: @ElephantEarwax
  15. These are the Alleyverse elections. We are electing somebody to be our mayor of the Alleyvillage. They will be elected and everyone will have to do what they say, except Voidus, because he literally created the universe. If you create the universe, you kinda transcend this kinda stuff. Also, he's a mod, so he has that going for him. That's not to say he can't be elected, just that it would be redundant. So, the way it works is through a democommunicapitelectocollegsyste system, which is completely original. The way it works is that there are three parties, the pro hemalurgic party, the anti hemalurgic party, and the indifferent party. These are separate from guilds. To become a candidate, this is all you have to do: 1. Be nominated by someone else. 2. Accept that nomination. Name the party you plan to run for. Then I'll make a poll for it. This is definitely not a joke and should be take completely seriously. Nominations: Anti Hemalurgic: @Archer @AonEne Pro Hemalurgic: @ElephantEarwax Indifferent: @Gancho Libre @The Forgetful Archivist
  16. Due to its popularity, the longstanding social group and role play experience known as the "Alleyverse" now has it's own sub-forum. Check it out, and please post any Alleyverse related threads there going forward. Old threads will be moved over eventually, but due to the volume, it may take a little bit of time, so please bear with us. Enjoy
  17. 31. Silva* 32. Amalek* 33. Jackson son of nun* In this discussion, if you are willing to participate in it, requires one to explain why they chose the person above in the poll. Please explain why they are the most powerful. This will also help determine the order of the powerfulest** characters, I do not mean to hurt feelings and such but to satisfy curiosity. As such is said, I hope that you vote honestly and not for yourself. Votes are made public so that we can know if you did such a thing. Please note that I will be using 17th Sharder usernames rather than their character names for ease as well as people who are not as familiar with the characters. Some questions to answer or consider. Is it because they have the most Investiture? Are they the most dangerous? Are the the most secretive or have the most to hide? Do they have knowledge of events(Future, present or past) that they otherwise should not know? *If these numbers are your vote please comment them ** A word that I just made, literally right now. Because why write most powerful when you can be lazy.
  18. Welcome, to the Hall of the Surges! Urithiru is a great city, don't get me wrong, but there's people who prefer something else. And that's what the Hall of the Surges is for. Here, Knights Radiant of all Orders intermingle freely, without the need to adhere to their Order's line. Of course, the less official structure compared to Urithiru means that you'll be more likely to find Surgebinders loyal - secretly or openly - to Odium here. Which is why we've given them seperate quarters. Anyways. This is the main hall, which is open to all who wish to visit. If you wish, you can take a moment to admire the breathtaking paintings one of our Lightweavers put on the ceiling. Here on the left, we have the House of Honor, which is where the Knights loyal to Honor have their home. On the right, you can find the Vault of the Void, where the Knights that follow Odium live. Here in the Hall itself, contact hopefully remains civil, and otherwise there's the door over there that leads to the Dueling Grounds. That's members only though, no visitors. Of course, duels can be fought elsewhere as well, if planned in advance. The doors over there in the front, you ask? Most of them are to the Council of the Knights, which is for members that have joined a faction only, and that last door is just for staff. Let's get into the details. This guild will be part of the Alleyverse and will consist of Surgebinders - though Worldhoppers are welcome, as long as they can Surgebind (possibly among other powers) and are balanced at Alleyverse level. Everyone who wishes to is free to join, regardless of other alliances. After joining, you get to choose between the Knights of Honor and the Knights of the Void, though you do not have to choose immediately if you want to get to know the guild first. Please note that, after joining either faction, you are not allowed to change your faction, except in currently unforseen circumstances. If you cannot Surgebind, you can instead opt to become someone's squire (with their consent, obviously), allowing you to use the same Surgebinder powers as long as you are close to them. You will also automatically join the same faction they are part of. Though there will be no hard limit, try to limit the amount of squires a single Radiant has to 2-3 unless the Radiant is a Windrunner, to keep with what from the books seems to be appropriate. The factions both have a faction leader (the Paragon of Honor and the Lord of the Void), and they may have separate alliances with other guilds. As leader of the entire Hall of the Surges, I will, depending on need, be neutral or fill in for one of the factions. Also, non-canon Order characters are accepted as long as the Order is properly worked out and balanced (see the About Me on my profile for the Skyshifter example). Please note that you are expected to follow the Oaths of your Order, no matter whether you join the Knights of Honor or the Knights of the Void - I'm already looking forward to how people will interpret their Oaths in unexpected ways (be honest, you all want to be an evil Knight Radiant). Some short skirmishing between members of different factions on this thread or one of the common discord channels is okay, but if you get into a real fight, please move to discord's dueling grounds, a thread in the roleplaying forum or a PM. Here is the discord channel, which is open to all (though most channels are restricted to certain ranks only): Membership: Guild Leader: @Leyrann: Skyshifter of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Transportation). Paragon of Honor: @I am Witless: Edgedancer of the Fourth Ideal (Abrasion/Progression). Lord of the Void: @Nerd3.14159265358979: Truthwatcher of the Third Ideal (Progression/Illumination). Knights of Honor: @Mistspren: Stoneward of the Fourth Ideal (Cohesion/Tension). @Rebecca: Windrunner of the Second Ideal (Adhesion/Gravitation). @Mraize: Elsecaller of the Third Ideal (Transformation/Transportation). @LIFE&DEATH: Skydancer of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Abrasion). @ShardBreaker: Skybreaker of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Division). @Stormblessed Dolphin: Lightweaver of Second Truth (Third Ideal) (Illumination/Transformation). @The Thinking Herald: Elseward of the Third Ideal (Transformation/Cohesion). @Eccentric Hero: Truthwatcher of the Third Ideal (Progression/Illumination). Knights of the Void: @AonEne: Windweaver of the Second Ideal (Gravitation/Transformation). @Voidus: Elsecaller of the Second Ideal (Transformation/Transportation). @Gancho Libre: Skydancer of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Abrasion). @Kidpen: Windrunner of the Second Ideal (Adhesion/Gravitation). Squires of Honor: @Archer: Squire to I am Witless (Edgedancer). @ElephantEarwax: Squire to I am Witless (Edgedancer). @Kaj: Squire to Life&Death (Skydancer). Squires of the Void: @I think I am here.: Squire to Voidus (Elsecaller). Members that have not yet joined a faction: None currently. Non-canonical Orders and unknown Oaths of canonical Orders: Truthwatcher oaths: Elsecaller oaths: Stoneward oaths: Elsewards: Skydancers: Skyshifters: Windweavers:
  19. I know that several people have asked, and Voidus is working on getting it for us, but this is my way of getting them to do it. Put all of our support into a single thread so that they can see the need.
  20. I have some questions, and am going to address them, but first. I am going to take on a project, I am going to become The Architect of the Alleyverse. I am going to create something similar to the national mall in D.C. where there are buildings from each organization (DA/LA/TUBA/GB/Liebrary/Bakeries/New Arena). If each group could respond with what type of building they would like that would speed this up. I am not sure the program I will use to create it, but it will be made. Now on to the questioning. With the recent revelations in the alleyverse, I am going to adress all of the members of the guilds that were involved. 1. Why were there so many people that joined the DA and then switched or were unloyal? 2. Why do you oppose or support the DA or foin the LA? (Not propaganda about why it exists, why you believe in it.) 3. When did you choose to join the fight for any side or switch sides? 4. Why be so closed door on your dealings within the LA/TUBA? 5. To the people that switched, why did you switch sides? When you see this please tag people and bring them in, I do not wish to tag 20 people in a single post, but I will tag a few, becasue I feel that this should be made public for all Sharders and Ally[ers]. @Archer @The Forgetful Archivist @MacThorstenson @Mraize I will now answer my questions so this is not an interrigation. 1. I cannot say for sure, but I believe it may be associated with the eccentricities of the DA, and the hemalurgy. 2. I support the DA because it is freedom. We choose what we want to do, and do it. I choose give out cookies, after the first to join, and to trick new members out of their souls, and I respect those who oppose me. 3. I chose to join the DA when I found it, in the intro threads. 4. I cannot answer this, as I was not a part of it. 5. I cannot answer this either. And last, to make everyone feel welcome, some Certified NON-Hemalurgic cookies as refreshments.
  21. On a floating island, a man sat. A man so Unbiased, that he had reached Deific levels of Unbiasness. On the island, there were miles of gardens, and rivers and lakes, all carefully cultivated to a perfect standard of perfection. In the center, there was a collection of buildings, built to look like those of Ancient Romans, made of pearly white marble. In the center, there was a building reminiscent of the parthenon, also made of marble and had gold highlights. Around them was an assortment of administrative buildings, many Agoras, various bath houses, and bakeries. Inside of the central building, the Praetorium et Incorruptam, there was a depression, inside of which there was a long table with chairs around it, low enough that anyone on the sides of the building could look down in and observe the proceedings. there were also doors leading to private rooms. Around the depression, there was a pathway large enough for many people to stand on and look down into the conference. On the far side of the island sat massive palaces of every style, these were for the Unbiased ones. Inside an opulent gold and marble palace, Mac sat. Overseeing his creation. Using his mastery of Alleymatics, he increased the power of his voice, so that the entire island could here him. "Welcome to the Mediator guild of the Alleyverse," ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Mediator guild of the Alleyverse. We mediate fights and make sure that everyone is able to have a good time. We enforce the Alleyverse RP rules. This guild is structured into the three tiers listed below: Unbiased Ones: people who join this type must cut off all ties to any guilds involved with the alley-verse, they can judge all fights and make some important rules decisions, at least SOME experience with the alley-verse is required to be an Unbiased one. They are also responsible for issuing extra revivals beyond the first. These guys are the major enforcers. Representitives: each guild can nominate 1 or 2 members to be a rep, they can still fight, but they can't mediate, they (along with the leaders of each guild) help make decisions on the alley-wars rules, record deaths (who is dead, and who has been revived) and assassinations. Regular Mediator: People who join this can still be affiliated with guilds, but cannot mediate actions between any guild that they are in. Their jobs is to mediate duels and assassinations between guilds that they aren't affiliated with. They can mediate as many conflicts as they feel appropriate. For example, lets say @LopenTheTwoArmedHerdazian wants to become a Regular Mediator, he cannot mediate a fight between the DA and the LA because he is part of the DA, but CAN moderate a fight between tCoC and the LA, because he is not affiliated with either guild. Unbiased Ones are non-combatants, therefore they cannot kill or be killed. (I mean, you can try to kill us, but we have Completely OP Powers. The council of Unbiased Ones have the equivalent power of 9000+ Adonalsium's.) Regular Mediators and Reps can be killed, but that will not stop them from being able to moderate. Please send any applications to the thread: This thread is for RP, and where public decisions are made inside of the guild. For RP purposes, the Meetings will occur in the Praetorium, that is also where the Reps will meet. The unbiased ones get the palaces as compensation for having to be unbiased and leave all the guilds.
  22. So recently I've seen a lot of posts about the "Alleyverse" and from what I've seen it sounds really interesting. So I was wondering if there was a specific post explaining it fully and the factions and whatnot, and if there isn't could someone please explain it here Thanks
  23. New info has come to light; the Dark Alley has spread their sinister web even to Sanderson himself! Someone must inform him of the truth! Quick, at the next signing, someone must reveal the truth to disillusion Sir Sanderson!
  24. In one thread, called "The roundabout" by some, a thread yet to open, a thread long closed, a question arose in the 33rd post. The question was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings at the roundabout. But it was a beginning. The question was, how all the alleys, the highway and the roundabout are related and structured in the Alleyverse. Here is an almost futile attempt to detail that question and tryy to answer it. What do we know yet (list incomplete): Each alley is somehow crossed by the highway. Nothing can cross the roundabout. All the alleys pass throw the "middle" of the roundabout. The alleys do not cross each other. The highway can be "inside" or "outside" the roundabout. Each alley has an illumination attribute. The illumination of the highway is indeterminable. The illumination of the roundabout depends on expectation and position. What we do not know yet (list absolutely incomplete): How many dimensions are there in the Alleyverse? Are there any other forms of "objects" in the Alleyverse except alleys, a highway and a roundabout? Is the number of actual and possible objects finite or infinite? If it is finite, how can we determine it? Is there a perfect piece of cheese.cake in the Alleyverse? What we have to specify (incomplete list): What is an alley? How it is structured? Same question about the highway. Same question about the roundabout.
  25. It has come to my attention that the other Denizens' and my creation, sale, and use of Hemalurgic cookies has upset many people, including the Anti-Bakery, Light Alley, and Mediocrely Lit Alleys. Also, I believe that we (the Dark Alley) need to broaden our horizons. For those reasons, I am starting the Non-Hemalurgic Research Division (NHRD) of the Dark Alley, which will specialize in, well, non-Hemalurgic Research. We will no longer just bake cookies; we will rise up and bake Metalmind Muffins, Stormlight Soufflé, and other tasty Investiture delights! Since this is a sub-group of the Dark Alley, all NHRD members must be Dark Alley members. (Which means that if you want to join, ask in the main DA thread.) However, non Dark Alley members may also help out with our Research, and need not fear spontaneous use of Cookies. In fact, we will limit ourselves to ethical Research in this thread, so morality advocates are welcome. Member List: Ostrichofevil - Maleril Ostrir Chalev Tekel - Head Non-Metallic/non-Hemalurgic Researcher, and lowly Denizen of the Dark Alley. Morzathoth - Biochroma Specialist Screwloose - Research Assistant IrulelikeSTIK - Research Assistant Kipper - Resident Forger Glossary: Feruchemical Unit (FU) - The NHRD's unit of Feruchemical charge. One FU is the amount of Feruchemy needed to double a quality for one minute. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bakery Here you can find information on our bakery. You may order items from the menu on this thread. We also take custom orders, which will probably be added to the menu. Menu: Metalmind Muffins - (57.34 + 24i) per 2400 Stormlight Souffle -10.95 BioChromatic Breath-mint- 1.8 cents per Breath-mint BioChromatic Brioche - 40.25 Allomantic Aioli - 0x3.243F6 per pound Metalmind Mints - 1.23 per .2 FU mint Compounding Cake - 423.45 Investiture Ice Cream - 2.37 + 2.57i for one scoop. Sygaldry Sorbet - Five talents Sympathy Soup - Twelve talents Forgery Frappe - Four pounds of soulstone True Source Tiramisu - 8.12 Payment Methods: Cash Filled Metalminds Credit/Debit Investiture Shardblades Bitcoin Your Eternal Soul Upvotes Note that upvotes are the preferred method of payment. - - - - - - - - - - - - - Note: This sub-group is approved by Voidus, effective leader of the Dark Alley, and is an official division of the Alley.