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  1. But what if we're incorrect?
  2. Um, Actually it's the MISTED Mountains (Well done)
  3. Correct! Your turn!
  4. From sel to Scadrial shardians love Brandon's works, but what do they like even more? correcting misinformation about his books! how to play: 1. Make a statement about something in Brandon's books that is incorrect 2. people correct the incorrect part of that statement (starting with the words um, Actually...) 3. The first person to get it correct makes the next incorrect statement Let's begin Melishi an ancient edgedancer is mentioned to be a big part of the plan to deny voidbringers their forms of power in the gem From drawer 30-20, the third emerald
  5. Man it's meant to be joke
  6. 1 877 kandra kids, k-a-n-d-r-a kandra kids, 1-877 kandra kids, donate your bones today
  7. we must stick to the truth and only the truth
  8. Report it the mods will deal with it
  9. You're in the wrong thread then, bud. You're on the wrong *Forum then, bud.
  10. I had the same reaction
  11. i do this already
  12. granted but you are now bonded to a three year old kid i wish for pasta
  13. Granted but all banes you have made are now void I wish to be filled with determination