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  1. The surges are inherent to Roshar and possibly even the cosmere, while surgebinding is generally seen as being of Honour and Cultivation (although there is debate over this). I believe that surgebinding is of both Honour and Cultivation because it comes from spren who are of both Honour and Cultivation. Therefore, as the ten types of spren that grant surgebinding are of both H&C, the radiants are not of Honour alone but of Honour and Cultivation. If this is the case there are not ten of Honour and ten of Cultivation but ten of both. The rear endsheet of the Way of Kings is a diagram related to Voidbinding, a magic that draws from Odium. It is similar to the diagram related to surgebinding, so it seems likely that there are ten kinds of voidbinding and that they use the surges in some way. This conclusion is also supported by the Ars Arcanum of Words of Radiance and some WoB. I theorise that voidbringers are splinters, either partially or wholly, of Odium. In this case, as voidbinding will involve the spren of Odium, there may be up to 10 kinds of voidbringer corresponding to spren of the surgebinders.
  2. I may have misunderstood something, but how does your theory explain the complete removal of identity?
  3. After you've hidden it for a week. Not immediately after obtaining it.
  4. The most likely book for an answer will be Nightblood, the sequel to Warbreaker. I don't know when that is planned to be released. If the answer is not there, as all magic in the Cosmere follows similar principles, if we see memory alteration magic in other books we may gain insight into memory alteration through Awakening.
  5. He could try to cut off his arm, but that would be difficult, if Amaram defended himself.
  6. A spinner is a chromium ferring. They manipulate fortune, a spiritual attribute.
  7. I'm sure they are not one person in Roman Catholic theology. They are one in essence, one God, yet three in person. This is, of course, impossible to fully comprehend. God is described at points in the bible as hating certain things, such as oppression. However, I do not think that it is necessarily best to restrict consideration of possible shards to attributes of the Judeo/Christian God. In any case, Mr Sanderson's beliefs differ significantly from mine, so what I see as attributes of God do not necessarily match his.
  8. To be honest, having thought about it more I don't think that cadmium/bendalloy can create perpendicularities except under specific conditions. They move energy as a side effect, it isn't the main purpose.
  9. I never intended to suggest that enough investiture could only be concentrated through cadmium/bendalloy. Nor was I trying to suggest that the concentration of investiture would create the perpendicularity. I certainly don't believe that the surge of transportation creates perpendicularities by concentrating investiture, but I believe that it uses some other means to form a perpendicularity. I was trying to suggest that cadmium and bendalloy could imitate the mechanism used by the surge of transportation. I wasn't trying to suggest that cadmium and bendalloy are better than the other powers, especially with regard to the concentration of investiture. I'm sorry that I wasn't clear, I'm not very good at explaining things.
  10. I see it as being a matter of what the energy is used for, not the amount of energy used. Steel allomancy pulls energy from the spiritual realm, but it doesn't use it to move energy between realms. By contrast, cadmium allomancy pulls energy from the spiritual realm and uses it to move energy between realms, although clearly other things are also happening. It seems reasonable then to me that perhaps it may be possible that pulsing or sliding with sufficient power at an appropriate location could create a perpendicularity. I see the amount of investiture used as irrelevant; what matters is what it's used for.
  11. My reason for suggesting the idea is that external temporal allomancy can already move energy between realms, so it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to suggest that if enough power were used, eg a duralumin flare, then a path for matter to pass through, ie a perpendicularity, could be formed.
  12. A perpendicularity is not necessarily permanent, nor stable, nor formed only by a high concentration of investiture. There are temporary perpendicularities on Threnody that have "morbid origins" and there is no shard there. It is also vital to note that the surge of transportation can create or enhance perpendicularities, and it does not seem to me that doing so requires vast quantities of investiture. I do not suggest that the creation of perpendicularities is unique to time manipulation. I do suggest that it is possible for perpendicularities to be created through techniques that cause movement between realms without a need for vast quantities of investiture. Again, it is possible for a perpendicularity to form without vast quantities of investiture provided a method of forming one is used.
  13. I understand this, but the speed bubbles seem to create an area where investiture is moved between realms, whereas other forms of allomancy seem to draw investiture into themselves to use the power. So like, steel and iron use investiture to apply a force to a metal object, but cadmium and bendalloy use investiture to form an area where investiture is moved.
  14. When an object enters or leaves a speed bubble, its energy changes. As most of the energy does not seem to go anywhere in the physical realm (there would be clear signs if this were the case which aren't present) the energy must be transferred to one of the other realms.
  15. I think that it may be possible for a sliding or pulsing with enough power to create a perpendicularity. It seems that Sliding and Pulsing moves energy between Realms, so it seems reasonable to me that if one or the other were to be done powerfully enough a perpendicularity would form. I see this as being slightly similar to how a soothing of sufficient power can bring a hemalurgic construct under a person's control.