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  1. The Expanse of the Densities is an area in Shadesmar (the Cognitive Realm) presented in a map in the Way of Kings. It is one of three other Expanses, each of which represents a Shardworld other than Roshar that neighbors it in the Cognitive Realm.
  2. Ooh I love this. And I want it.
  3. Hey, guess who’s an idiot and forgot to type out my WoBs after uploading the audio? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Me) Anyways, here are some of the questions that I asked and the answers that I got.
  4. I’ll be coming as well; I’ve got a list of questions that I’ve made with my friend, which I’m planning to record and transcribe.
  5. I have a completely different theory. It has been stated by Brandon Sanderson that there was an opposition to Adonalsium, some sort of "Other Force" that created a weapon that caused Adonalsium to split into 16 Shards. However, when we look at where two Shards fight directly, like in the case in which Vin, as Preservation, killed Ati, as Ruin, we see that both Shards "die." Perhaps it is the same with Adonalsium and this "Other Force." Perhaps the weapon that the opposition to Adonalsium created also split that "Other Force" into 16 "Other Shards," as I will call them. Now, let us look at the nature of Bleeder. She wants freedom from Sazed, or Harmony, and that may be another, different opposite to Preservation-Freedom. Instead of preserving things as they are, perhaps Trell, the "Other Shard" counterpart of Preservation wishes to free people and bring change. Also, the worshipers of Trell believe that the stars are holy and are the "Thousand Eyes of Trell," while the Mists, created by Preservation, block the stars from the ordinary eye. Also, Nalt, the main antagonist of Trelagism, may be a counterpart of Ruin, and the believers in Trelagism believe that the Sun is the "Single Eye of Nalt," blocking the stars from the view of the people. This can be linked to Ruin as another opposite, instead of bringing Ruin, Nalt blocks change and prefers things to stay as they are.
  6. One word. Atium.
  7. I was going to be a coinshot but then decided on seer. This poll was a great idea. Thanks dude!
  8. Logan Lerman could possibly be the young Lord Ruler (from the Atium Mind). Yes, I know we all hate him for the Percy Jackson movies but still, it was the director's fault for those, not his.