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  1. Maybe Cultivation is The One. The aspect of Cultivation fits with the idea of a god that wishes to experience life on on different lands, to cultivate experience.
  2. worldhoppers

    Cob not being Cob and this being a "Good quesion".... just poses more questions....
  3. I was also wondering, isn't Nightblood very dangerous on Scadrial for the humans there because they are created by R&P and are direct manifestation of investiture? Couldn't Nighblood feed on humans or is he similarly limited as he is to higher spren?
  4. I like the theory as it builds on the whole cosmere having a bigger involvement in the SA series. We know Brandon is aiming for this and another shard being involved in SA is a possibility.
  5. Cool, thanks for the info guys! I edited my post's title, adding a question mark, so that it doesn't look like a statement and provoke useless click baits in this case Also, do we have other shards creating similar aspects of their self?
  6. So I just discovered the wob section on coppermind and found a reference to a new shard in a late November tour for Oathbringer. I searched the coppermind wiki in the shards page and could not find any reference if this is truly confirmed. Could someone correct me if maybe I'm reading this wrong and it's not a new shard?
  7. I was mostly under the impression that Terris society are migrating worldhoppers given the Worldbringers/Worldsingers parallels. That would make them part of a normal biological evolution and offer an explanation to why their skin is tanned differently than the rest of Scadrial population. Another option is that Ati was differently tanned than Leras. Creating beings in their image that are differently tanned might just be a result of their own different origins.
  8. Next book is prob SA3. THX A LOT for your posts!
  9. Falls in love with Cultivation. In tune out of love... Cultivation dies and Harmony picks the shard, yet again, forever alone. Good movie. Should still sell better than Twilight
  10. Do we know that a bubble is red hue?
  11. Except that the worldbringers where very cosmere aware and knew evan about Adonalsium. (edit: my bad, there is actually no mention of adonalsium. Still, being or not cosmere aware doesn't necessarily mean brandon wouldn't let that slip)
  12. In the WoA novel this epigraph transpires. Now I've just noticed the bit about Anticipation and how it fits in the text, sounding somewhat like a shard, so I thought that it was some nonsense already discussed and debunked on some forums yet after some surfing i found nothing on the topic. If this was indeed a new shard then in my mind it was somehow connected to the worldbringers, wordsingers, etc. groups. I'm curious what the scholars on this forum now about this, if it's relevant in any way or if it has been disused. "As the one who found Alendi, however, I became someone important. Foremost amongst the Wordbringers. There was a place for me in the lore of the Anticipation—I thought myself the Holy Witness, the prophet foretold to discover the Hero of Ages. Renouncing Alendi then would have been to renounce my new position, my acceptance, by the others. "
  13. Me 3 please
  14. Also, was Sazed ever soothed or rioted in the series?