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  1. Excellent, glad to see you can make it
  2. Hey all, I will be doing some server maintenance tonight, 9:30pm Pacific / 12:30am Eastern. The Coppermind and 17th Shard will be affected, but Arcanum will not be. The site won't load during this time. Last time I did this, the maintenance went much faster than expected so I don't anticipate it taking longer than a half hour. Check Twitter or Discord for details if it goes longer than a half hour.
  3. Spoiler tag rule is in force and I see no good reason why it should be altered. I think I've seen some do this and I should drop the hammer on those...
  4. I'm coming for sure! I've been telling Brandon to come to Montana for a very long time. (Though I typically told him that he should come to Bozeman, where I am, haha.) @Windrunner is hopefully coming too. I'm staying at the Con hotel. It'd be great to meet you, @Jess. Usually I drive from Bozeman to Salt Lake, so it is luxurious to just have a three hour drive to Missoula to see Brandon. I'll arrive early Friday afternoon, I imagine. I'm currently trying to craft some top tier questions for Brandon...
  5. There are quite a few quotes that do say there are only three Shards relevant on Roshar: I feel like the Sibling is just a mix of Honor and Cultivation Investiture. They can create Honorspren and other sapient spren, after all, so they could surely do it on a bigger scale.
  6. Guess who forgot to post this news post and tweet this yesterday: this guy! 10/10 great job Eric.
  7. We're at last done with JordanCon today with yet more Words of Brandon, and some are spicy. We discuss aluminum, the Iriali, dragons, how visions work, Odium's inexperience with Devotion and Dominion, the Nightwatcher, and of course, Eric rants about Shard's intents. We also finally learn more about THE BOOMBOX, so basically this is the best episode ever. This week we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and Rosemary (Kaymyth). Get me my boombox, Kenton! Send your Who's That Cosmere Character to [email protected], and feel free to leave us a rating or review on iTunes! Subscribe to Shardcast:
  8. There have been multiple instances of individuals having more than one account in the past month or two. Much of this is involved with Social Groups. I cannot surmise why someone would do this, but it often involves upvote manipulation and trying to manipulate people in multiple social groups, hence me posting this reminder in this forum. Perhaps some find having multiple accounts or joke accounts funny, but this is very serious. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Do not do this. They have never been allowed, and apparently the line in the Rules post that has always been there is unclear, and the additional reminder I posted in 2014 is just as valid as ever. Read this now: This deception is not "fun" and is not funny, and will be swiftly dealt with. Ignorance will not be a sufficient excuse. I have instantly banned people before for multiple accounts, and frankly, due to the three instances of this very recently where we've been generous to not ban people instantly, but we will not continue to be generous in this way. I am lenient on multiple accounts due to if you have login issues (due to Microsoft servers refusing our emails for validation), but that's about it. There are no realistic reasons why users require multiple accounts. Let me know if you have questions. If you had made joke accounts, tell me now and we will deal with them, but these multiple accounts issues will not continue.
  9. Today on Shardcast, we are talking about all of the stuff from JordanCon. This will be a twofer episode, which will be continued next week. Here we discussed Shardblades in the Cognitive Realm, answering a question we brought up last week. We also decide we are going to do an Odium podcast, and you'll see that later. We also talk about urges and demiurges. Yup. This week we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Ben (Overlord Jebus), Evgeni (Argent), and Rosemary (Kaymyth). Also starring: terrible Skype audio due to mysterious audio drift. Send your Who's That Cosmere Character to [email protected]!
  10. I linked the Apple link in the original post But I did not know that individually they are on sale.
  11. These things are very region based. I'm sorry it's not in your region!
  12. House of Ashes is not at all canonical. It's basically fan fiction.
  13. Today, the first three Stormlight Archive books, The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and Oathbringer are available in an ebook bundle for about $30 (specifically, I'm seeing $29.58 today) on many different ebook platforms. If you haven't gotten all three of these ebooks, this is an obscene value. It's 1.2 million words and many hours of entertainment, and all for $30? Yeah, I would say that is a good deal. Also amusing is how in the picture for these, there is a picture of the spines of these three, all using text going down the spine in the new Stormlight font. It doesn't particularly matter for ebooks, though. Here are links to various different ebook outlets for the bundle: Amazon: Google Play: iTunes: Barnes and Noble / Nook:
  14. That's an interesting idea. What sort of information would you want in that podcast about the current Radiants?
  15. Are you the one from Shardcast on Soundcloud?