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  1. We are working on that and actually have a sneak preview of some tracks you can't see yet! You'll get a lot of info on that!
  2. As we talked about last week, is posting sample chapters of the third Stormlight book, Oathbringer, and will eventually post all of Part One of the book! And yesterday, they posted the final version of the prologue! The prologue has been at readings before, but this is now the final version. It seems as though is posting these Tuesdays at 12:01am Eastern time, so if you're desperate for the next posting (of the first the chapters), that's when you'll get it. Next week we will be more timely with our news article on it. After all, that's when the real new stuff begins! We already have a forum topic for discussion on the prologue, so head on there to talk about it! We'll also be keeping an index of all the chapters and all their relevant week-by-week discussion topics. We'll assume that next week, when we make a topic on Chapters 1-3, that you've read the prologue, and so in the most recent topic, we'll always assume you have read the past stuff. (Don't skip ahead, as Alcatraz would say.) Remember, only discuss Oathbringer in the Oathbringer Spoiler Board and in #oathbringer_spoilers in the 17th Shard Discord! And also, get hyped! Oathbringer Prologue Discussion Topic Oathbringer Preview Chapter Discussion Index
  3. Hey guys! is releasing all of Part One of Oathbringer in the coming weeks, until its release. Each week, we'll have a new thread for discussing the week's chapters, so we thought it'd be a good idea to make a topic compiling each of the posts with the chapters, and our relevant 17S discussion topics. Keep in mind that we'll set it up so that, say, the topic on Chapters 4-6 will obviously contain info from previous chapters. But that isn't terribly surprising I'll pin the most recent week's discussion thread, I'm thinking. If you'd like older readings from throughout the year on Oathbringer, you can look at the old topic here, but I imagine these chapters will be the final versions of those scenes. Oathbringer Preview Chapters Prologue Prologue Discussion
  4. Seems like a good idea to me!
  5. Understandable. Hmmm... let me think. Maybe links in the sidebar of the forum to each of the five topics?
  6. I would say we make Chapters 1-3 topic, 4-6 topic, etc with the assumption that if you go into the 4-6 topic you've already read the earlier stuff. I'll make an index. My goal is to make these topics and manage the spoilers religiously. I don't think it's necessary to make any other section. Read the chapters before going into the Oathbringer board. It's the spoiler board for a reason. This board doesn't have its topics appear in the topic feed on the site anymore, so I don't think it will be a problem. I think we will have part-by-part topics upon the final release. That's about the best we can do, and no spoilers in topic titles will still be enforced. However, it still may be best to not go into the Oathbringer board until you finish the book. I strongly dislike additional subforums, so I will not be making part-by-part boards. It is longer than Words of Radiance but I feel the Words of Radiance forum structure made sense and I don't know if there was a great desire for part-by-part discussion.
  7. As I said, FiveLate is incorrect in their assessment here and there were zero downvotes. It's much ado about nothing in this case.
  8. The up and down arrows on the bottom right of posts.
  9. FiveLate, I'm sorry to hear that. As someone who as dealt with depression, I know things can be rough. However, in this specific scenario, your count is completely inaccurate. The reputation show-er is doing some odd things with how it is talking up multiple people. In any case the post you have made there has been 100% upvoted. You've been downvoted a total of three times in the past two months according to my investigation, with a TON of upvotes. This is merely you looking into the Reputation Activity thing a little too much when it is displaying info in an odd way, cumulatively. All is well! I do have something to announce soonish on some reputation changes, but I'll save those details for when I give you guys specifics. But needless to say I don't like the way the Rep Activity thing works for you, and we can make rep more fun Hope this helps.
  10. Tor has revealed that the Oathbringer sample chapters will begin Tuesday, August 22nd. How many chapters will they be releasing? Quite a lot: thirty-two chapters, all of Part One of the book. It's a lot of the book, but don't worry, there's so much more of the book after that. Part One is just 26% of the novel, of 1240 total pages. Yup, it's a beast of a thing. Tor will be releasing the chapters slowly, week-by-week, until release. Part One is a fantastic taste of the overall product. Long ago, Brandon said he plotted Oathbringer as a trilogy. That is, that there are three distinct sections of Oathbringer. In Words of Radiance, he also did this, where the first "book" in Words of Radiance was Parts One and Two, the second "book" is Part Three, and the third "book" is Parts Four and Five. And if you have read Words of Radiance recently, you know that each of those "books" has a pretty big climax. Well, for Oathbringer, you can see in that Reddit link, Part One of Oathbringer is its first "book". Get hyped. We will keep you up to date on all of the sample chapters as they appear. Tor will be starting with the full prologue on the 22nd, then on August 29th, Chapters 1 through 3, and eventually, of course, all the way through Chapter 32. Also, Peter has suggested on Twitter that they may release an interlude on audio the week before release. One last thing: Peter isn't entirely certain that epigraphs are coming in the preview. Worry not, as they are definitely in the book! We hope you're excited for Oathbringer. Remember to make sure to keep all discussion on Oathbringer and its sample chapters in our Oathbringer Spoiler Board, and not anywhere else. Thank you!
  11. Thank you!
  12. Okay, but to be clear, our job is to make sure things don't spiral out of control. Please respect this. Let's move onto other matters.
  13. Nope! With wikis anyone can edit! There could be some errors that require discussion but in this case for a simple line level issue of the incorrect word, you can go ahead and make the change. An explanation in the Reason for edit box on the edit screen will be just fine.
  14. For simple errors like this, we appreciate letting us know, but you know you can edit this yourself! I would highly encourage you to do this. Be bold! If someone makes a weird edit, we patrol it and will change it, but most edits are fine. This one you can definitely do yourself! (Thanks for letting us know!)
  15. Because people wanted to circumvent things with ridiculous amounts of nested spoiler tags and it was annoying.