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  1. Unread Stream Broken

    You need to tell me the specific topic.
  2. Weird loading issues.

    Maybe the profile photo is too big? Make sure it is 200x200.
  3. Category Discussion

    Quick thing: you misinterpreted me on the Rosharan lifeforms thing. I am indeed suggesting we do that addition and have a Rosharan lifeforms, Scadrian lifeforms categories. Skaa misinterpreted what I meant by this and was suggesting a similar thing, but his comments suggest he was referring to a different application than mine. I am suggesting that at this time it is useful to have dedicated categories on these, mimicking what we do in Characters and Locations. In theory I am not opposed to doing this for every high level category, but there would need to be sufficient need. There's so many Rosharan lifeforms that having a list like that is useful. We should actually NOT do it as you suggest. The Roshar category is a special category that is defined as locations on Roshar. Nothing from any other content category should be there other than Locations. Otherwise there is no distinction with Category:Roshar and Category:Stormlight Archive. Considering how confused everyone seems to be about these planet subsets I'll just create these myself and so we never worry about it again.
  4. Trivia Crack Kingdoms

    I'm going to move this topic to General Brandon Discussion. Looks cool though!
  5. Category Discussion

    I don't have time to do a full pass on these comments right now (I am insanely tired), but a few things: 1. Magic systems are labeled in both Magic and Magic Systems for the same reason that everything should be marked with a high level content category. You always tag something with the high level category, then lower levels with them. It is not redundant because categories are allowed to be redundant; they are not folders. So what we do is have a high level tag to promote consistency within types of content (as in, Locations, Characters, etc. should have certain standards and having them in these categories makes sure you can check that), then we go down the line. 2. The magic user category should not be used for individuals, generally. You don't want every Allomancer and every Radiant in that category, as you'd categorize Kaladin as a Radiant but not a magic user. In other words Magic users is a holding category. 3. The dividing line of magic and biology is hard so I am resistant to categorizing these things as such. 4. We can add planet subdivisions for the Lifeforms categories. What this means is that it would act like Characters and Locations. For example, a character gets marked in Characters, but also Scadrian/Rosharan/Nalthian/whatever. Locations get the Location category and in addition get the Scadrial/Roshar/Nalthis/whatever categories. Thus in this case what would happen is that in addition to the Lifeform category and separate to the matter with Magical entities, we can have subsets of Lifeforms like "Rosharan lifeforms", "Scadrian lifeforms", etc. This would be an additional layer of categorization for the Lifeforms content. It is not a replacement for anything. It is independent of discussing magical entities. The issue with Magical entities actually lies in how the Magic tag is applied. The reason the Magical entities category exist is because things there are related to both Magic and Lifeforms. Since these high level categories are generally mutually exclusive, Magical entities is there to include the intersection of Magic and Lifeforms, so that these articles are not double counted. Any solution must have every article there with a high level category, and so really the true problem is in how the Magic tag is applied. I'm going to think about it. Please do not touch these things. I will get to it but it will take me a long time. I am extremely busy. Reserve categorizing things with Category:Cosmere for things that are central to the connected universe. Hemalurgic constructs, in my opinion, should not go there (yet), but Cognitive shadows should. This is all very complicated and I will need probably two solid days of work to piece through it in some fashion. I do think depreciating Magical entities in some fashion will be problematic, but I can't exactly say until I go through the gory details. Gatorgirl I will respond to your PM sometime, I agree the image situation is crap.
  6. The Splintercast Reads Edgedancer, Episode 1

    I'm sure she can say more detail but she does use that feature, but then has to cut out more silence because sometimes Remove Silence doesn't take out sniffles and such.
  7. Byu Cosmere Club

    Excellent, I am moving this then.
  8. Minor issue

    You'll need to resize it to a max dimension of 200x200. I have upped the file size limit a bit, but the max dimension size is 200x200. I imagine once you do that your file size will be sufficiently small.
  9. Minor issue

    What size is your image, in both pixels and file size?
  10. Unread Stream Broken

    Unreads would be back eventually. How widespread is the double or quadruple posting, and in which topics, specifically? I can only replicate them here.
  11. Unread Stream Broken

    Hello. There is another error that is occurring and I do not know why. You'll post and get an error but the post will go through, just twice. I haven't encountered this before. I'm actually only encountering this in this topic but perhaps some other topics will have this too. Hide the doubled post and don't worry about this. I will investigate it when I return home later today.
  12. Unread Stream Broken

    Chill out. The site crashed and I was asleep. I've fixed it. The search index needs to be rebuilt so you may see that your streams and such won't return many results but you won't get any error messages. So things should be back to normal soon. I am still traveling today but as soon as I get home I am seriously looking into why the site is having such crashes.
  13. This is not the location for general book discussion. I am moving this to General Brandon Discussion.
  14. Streams

    That is because the server crashed this morning and I need to rebuild the search index when that happens. When the site finishes that then it will be back. Prior to that it just showed an error message. Proper menus for streams still coming Soon(tm). I have thousands of demands on my time, it feels. (Only a slight exaggeration.)
  15. How to not use the mobile site

    Sorry, it's a responsive design, so this cannot be done. Screen size is the factor. Please enumerate all lack of functionalities you see and I can work on it. The mobile site is very fully featured but there may be some minor things. Please do enumerate! The reason why you can't request a desktop site is because there are not two separate sites: it is just one site that adapts to your screen size. EDIT: Just as a note though, if you clicked the protected forums even on the desktop site it doesn't show the question. That is because the forum software is not design for a question and answer type thing for passwords. The passwords are in the forum description and if you go up a level, say in the White Sand board, the forum description of White Sand (prose) is definitely there. There is actually no difference in functionality there between the mobile site and desktop site; you'd still need to be able to look at the forum description on one view and then type the password on another view. So that, at least, is not a distinction between the mobile and desktop sites. If there are other lack of functionalities you spot I am happy to investigate. I would generally say in my experience almost all things on desktop are on mobile, including many advanced moderation tools. Sometimes things turn into icons and are positioned slightly differently, but it is really quite full-featured. One main example of something that is "lost" is that the mobile version doesn't display sigs for clarity's sake.