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  1. Try just pasting the URL to the exact Tweet or Reddit post? It won't generate a quote box for them. Maybe I am unsure what you mean by "embed".
  2. Good question! Why are superstars of Tarachin ranked higher than, say, Full Shardbearers? What kind of silly person made this system (That'd be me)
  3. I'm not really interested in this topic to spend time on it My time's pretty limited so I can't reply on everything.
  4. Make one. I won't sticky both topics if I decide to sticky such a thing. There's a limited number of sticked things I like to have.
  5. Looking great
  6. Shard needs a rewrite. That can be phrased better, I agree, @jackofnotrades. The last major overhaul of that article happened in... ugh. 2011, by me. So keep that in mind with most of the prose there. Someday I'll try to dig out time to rewrite it again.
  7. Not a worry. Our test site does function and it's going quite positively, however there's a ton to do, both feature wise and in importing old content. It wouldn't be helpful for regular members at the moment.
  8. I said: June and onward is the closed beta period, not the open release. The formal release will be shortly before Oathbringer. Maybe earlier but don't count on it.
  9. Good idea. I'll integrate that in my summer class, where there is less oversight.
  10. Thanks Silverblade and everyone who wanted to know more about me. (I'm changing the way people should submit their answers. I think featured members should just post these directly in here!) 1. Provide a picture (if you are comfortable with that). Have some JAPAN PICTURES. Okay, those last two are obviously not me, but Japan is weird, so I wanted to show you. 2. Provide your real name (if you are comfortable with that). Eric Lake 3. Which book is your favorite and why? This is tough! Oathbringer beat Words of Radiance for me. As for non-Brandon books, I'd say Foundation's Edge. 4. What have been your main contributions to the community? What are you known for? I'm one of the three co-founders of 17th Shard. Originally my mandate was just in running the forums, but I have a hand in basically everything the Shard does. I'm ultimately the system admin of the site (and I'm not good at that, honestly). I deal with the Shard's software. I do some coding stuff on the main site, but mostly to make the Shard look pretty. I write news articles (which I did exclusively for a while. Now Weiry does a lot, which is good). I manage all podcasts, and somehow weaseled my way to be on every podcast now or involving future plans. I also do audio editing now for Shardcast, somehow. In many respects I'm a manager, directing a lot of our people to make cohesive things. I connect the 17S design team. I'm on the Coppermind staff. I'm on the new WoB Archive staff. I'm constantly working on something. Currently the WoB Archive is sapping a lot my effort. I used to be much more involved in the theoretical discussion here, but I'm way too busy these days to do so. However, I'm directly responsible for some terms fans use all the time, like intent and Survival Shard (the Survival Shard, by the way, was a thing that was written into a book of mine). I rather aggressively pushed the idea of Adonalsium's "opposing force" and kept asking questions about it, but that eventually got me in trouble, because Brandon likes intentionally misleading me at this point. He very much knows I care deeply about the Shards. Troll. I remember at a signing when I asked him, "How many Shards have Invested themselves onto Roshar?" (This was because at the time there was some debate as to whether there could be a fourth Shard in the system.) You know what he said? "Technically, all of them have." What a troll. I still find the pinnacle of my theorizing in the cosmere to be the Principle of Intent, which was eventually revealed to be totally canonical. 5. What made you join the forum? Maybe you guys don't know the story! I'll recount it. Long ago, when the Earth was young (meaning 2010 here), Mi'chelle wanted to make a fan site because she felt the fanbase had been outgrowing Timewaster's Guide. She along with Josh Brandon gave this place its name, and once we had that, I got fed up with our coding person I bought the domain myself. Thus, I've been struggling my way through being system admin of this site ever since 6. How many hours do you spend on the Shard on a given day? The Shard itself, less than you'd think. I always have a tab of it open but I don't browse all new posts. I probably spend less than hour actually posting on the forum itself. I'm always doing stuff in the periphery of the Shard, though, like being on Discord (where you can always find me), the Coppermind, or the new WoB Archive that I really want to tell you the name of. When I spend a day working on this Shard related stuff, I'll spend the whole day on it. 7. Describe your fondest forum experience. This requires me to actually remember things? Man, that's hard. My memory is quite legendarily bad. Sometimes people will say "You told me to do it this way like a year ago!" when I tell them to do the opposite in the present day. Oops. Anyway, this is hard to narrow down. For a forum specific moment, I'm going to say that one fateful day in February 2011 where Joe kindly bought us this forum software. When we did that upgrade, Kerry and I immediately had the most stressful design night, as we had to get the crappy default IPB site to do what we wanted it to do. There was about an hour where we yelled at CSS because something wasn't centering that should have. (Mind you, the site was live this whole time.) My fondest moments are really in all the people I've met on the Shard. I've met amazing friends who I talk to all the time. I've also met people on the Shard that I dated, but as that goes, that kind of happened by accident. An extremely humbling time happened when, at either Alloy of Law's or Words of Radiance's release, I was talking with someone and she eventually screamed, "Oh my god, you're Chaos!?" Apparently I am famous to a few It was a cool and very humbling. 8. What is one thing that Brandon does really well? Endings. Brandon's such a freaking boss at endings, especially recently. I'm a guy who absolutely loves good plot and good endings, and I don't think I'd ultimately care about the connected universe stuff and his worldbuilding if his endings weren't so sweet. (Uh, Oathbringer hype.) 9. What is one thing that he could work on? Sometimes he becomes so fond of a character that he has no perspective on when to cut down on a character. I'm looking at you, Wayne in the beginning of Bands of Mourning. Brandon liked the scene and he kept it in its entirety. I think it's still the strongest thing to criticize Bands about. Brandon likes Wayne way too much... It's hard to say other things. Others are having a problem with the amount of fake character deaths, but if those people didn't infect my brain, it wouldn't bother me too much. 10. Which fictional character is the best representation of yourself? I suppose I'll go with Mistborn 1 Elend Venture. 11. Any additional comments, whether it be about your life outside of the forum, favorite food, your website, or...anything! I teach math. Math is applicable to everything, because math is logic. The universe is inherently logical. You might not see that is inherently logical, but that's just because you might lack perspective on the issue. Everything has a cause and effect. Sometimes this is phrased as, "everything happens for a reason." That's needlessly dramatic. Practically speaking things happen for utterly mundane reasons. I'm thirsty, so I'll drink some water. My feet are cold, so I'll put on socks. It applies to everything. If you crush on someone and they reject you, or a friend betrays you, their logic may seem unknowable, but there is always reason for why something occurs. (Sometimes, though, it can be a very unsatisfying answer for you, especially if a person actively tried to hurt you.) So, in a way, if you learn math, you learn about logic, and you learn about everything. Learning math has made me a better writer, because writing is not some unknowable enigma. You can design a great story. There are bits and pieces you need to make a great novel, or even pieces you would need to write a good paragraph! Anything you think is challenging has a logic to it. I think drawing is really hard, but surely there is logic to it, or else it could never be taught. The universe has rules to it! How cool is that? One could easily imagine a fantasy universe where the universe actually doesn't have rules to it and it truly is unknowable, but fortunately, it is not the world we live in. Just because you don't know a fact doesn't mean it is unknowable--it means you have more work to do. 12. How did you incorporate the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise into a calculus lecture? Actually, a student of mine wrote this on a calculus quiz when he didn't know how to answer the question. It was great. I don't think I directly mentioned in it a lecture, though.
  11. That sucks no audio of the main Q&A. Thanks for your notes, @Darkness. Could you post the audio you have? With the seminar video, maybe strip off the audio and see how big it is, perhaps? With your notes from the signing, was that from the main Q&A or during the book signing itself?
  12. That's actually exactly what we are doing now.
  13. I've done some research and it appears there are other SoundCloud podcasts that are also in the wrong order. I can't fix it manually. I'll see if I can ask SoundCloud to alter this somehow. I'm not really sure. Regarding some things not appearing in SoundCloud rss feed, it can't hold more than 250 tracks. But we have way less than that so I don't really know why that would be.
  14. Oh neat! I did not see that. Great job
  15. I think my quotes found for the Cosmere article on the Coppermind are still up to date. But yeah, the search on the new thing is much much better.