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  1. Numbers appearing in quote boxes

    What the. I haven't encountered this. Link me to the posts this has occurred, and mention your browser and OS so I can attempt to duplicate.
  2. Question about Accidential Downvotes

    1. Because that's how the software works. 2. Because some people get extremely upset when getting a downvote.
  3. Question about Accidential Downvotes

    No one gets notifications on downvotes.
  4. Crafting the Bands of Mourning?

    This is not the correct forum for this; you are looking for the Mistborn forum, where book discussion occurs. 17S Discussion is for site related issues.
  5. Math and science

    I don't have a lot of time, but in the way you wrote it, it is not conducive for a Taylor series approximation in the higher orders as you'd need to expand a lot of stuff out. It'd be useful if you just wanted a first order approximation, though. I will also tell you advice on trig identities: at some point it's way easier to just derive them all in the complex plane. (That's how most are derived, and would be very tedious to do in the reals)
  6. Uhhhh...

    People like their fake internet points a lot, and this is the prime example of why multiple accounts aren't allowed. T'was good to get out the banhammer for such a pristine example of why it's against the rules.
  7. Uhhhh...

    He's banned for rep abuse. He used many accounts to boost his reputation. I removed his ill-gotten gains. That is what you are seeing. This is not tech support so I am moving this topic.
  8. 17S Business Cards

    I will find these for you, but not before Wednesday. I am just too busy...
  9. Pet Peeves

    That was partially my own screw up, which I do feel bad about.
  10. Pet Peeves

  11. Pet Peeves

    My pet peeve: a person registering five accounts and upvoting their own content. Why? "I was just messing around" they say. Yeah, you're banned, bro...
  12. Gallery Problems

    Yes, I saw you try and upload things. I hid the pictures as the uploads failed. Email me the picture you wish to upload to [email protected] and I will investigate for you. I'm really sorry. I saw this and wanted to contact you, but I have been very busy this week. And I do believe this is regarding the 17S gallery (rather than the Coppermind) and so I am moving this to the proper forum.
  13. 17S Business Cards

    If you'd like, I can send you the files of our business cards that Will designed and you can print those.
  14. Release Dates

    I'm not sure how accurate that Amazon release date is. It could be, but the publication date is not finalized. They are shooting for "early November". Also "Oathbreaker" is probably quite a different book from Oathbringer