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  1. I just got a notification from the site that said “faceless mistwraith is now following you.” If you were to take that out of context it would be incredibly creepy. :lol:

  2. I keep staring at it, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what your profile pic is supposed to be...:blink:

    1. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant


      This is the second time I get to explain it :D 

      It's a close-up of one of Nagato Iwasaki (an Artist)'s driftwood sculptures :D 


      He is amazing :wub:

    2. Herowannabe


      Wow, awesome! Thanks!

    3. Darkness Ascendant
  3. Any chance of #SundaySanderson returning? :) Its been a long time since your last one. I was quite enjoying those...

    1. Herowannabe


      @Erosaito I'm sad to see you still haven't returned to drawing even the occasional Sanderson Sunday. I still hold out hope that it will happen someday. 

      @Everyone else who enjoyed Erosaito's Sunday Sandersons, I stumbled across his DeviantArt page today, and if you go to his gallery and scroll down you can find a few older Mistborn pencil sketches he did. There's a couple great ones of Vin, as well as this masterful sketch

  4. Hey Zas, it was cool meeting you at the signing tonight. See you around in the future! :)

  5. Keep it moving people 'cause there's nothing more for you to see. I'm just a jerk, but a hero's what I wannabe. Yeah. Oh yeah.

    1. Kipper


      You're a creep from the cradle, that's what you are.

      I always wondered if your name was from that song...

    2. Herowannabe


      It burned like a cancer when the answer did occur to me...

      Why yes, yes it is. ;) In nearly 2 decades of using that screen name you're the first one to catch the reference without me telling them first. Most people have never even heard of the song. I'm going to have to go find a bunch of your posts and upvote them... ;)

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