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  1. Wow - can't ask for better than that! Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Those are some great suggestions - daft punk works for me!
  3. Great thanks- love it So so far: linkin park- battle symphony Immediate Music -Dark Times Are Upon Us The Hit House - Obsidian Zack Hemsey - See What I've Become Two steps from hell - none shall live Clint Mansell - death is the road to awe if anyone wants to continue the list feel free
  4. Really? That's great! Let me know- I searched and all I found was this thread- thanks!!
  5. Yeah I hear ya Sunbird-but since I'm rereading for the umpteenth time in anticipation of Oathbringer I thought it might be fun to have a specific appropriate playlist...maybe it's just me. If not- suggestions welcome! I can't be the only one? Yes? No? In the past songs I was listening to while reading something that greatly affected me have become associated with those books- by chance- so why not on purpose? *crickets chirping *
  6. Yeah but if I start a new thread I'd invariably hear thiscwas discussed before... but i was search for music that fits the themes of the books which is what I like when I read and this one fit so... each to his own. enjoy your silence
  7. Battle symphony by linkin park seems to fit kaladin in wok for me...searching for other appropriate songs...
  8. While I don't think Kandra and Parshendi are examples..I do think there is/was an opposing force to adonalsium....infact i vaguely remember some discussion of this here. either wob or q/a or a thread - can't remember the details though it was awhile ago that i came across it. If i vaguely recall it being hinted at that perhaps Adonalsium was not the only significant source of power in the universe....but maybe I am misremembering....
  9. I also thought that in his case the boon and curse were the same as you say. Very tidy.
  10. I got the same in my SoS and WoR. In my Way of Kings I got "Life before death!" (at Boston/Brookline signing)
  11. Wish I could have stayed- had to get home for babysitter to leave...thanks for recording!
  12. Oh no. That's a bummer...hope you got to go to the signing after
  13. Brandon was super nice and came early to sign books for people as they were waiting in line. He answered 3 of my questions...though now I am having trouble remembering both my wording and his! Sheesh fangirlitis I guess...hopefully it is on AndrewStirlingMacDonald's recording? ASM- happy to help with that if you need it. The gist was (note: NOT VERBATIM! Sorry! Its all barely a blur now.. ) : Q: Is the Fleet story indicative of future events/ending of SA? A: Yes. Hoid is telling Kaladin things he needs to know. But Hoid's knowledge of the future doesn't extend that far...(or something like that). Q: Are the scholars influencing the behavior of the spren with their beliefs? A: Yes. Belief and expectations influence all the magic systems... Q: Are the spren's behavior (in the scholar scene) related to how subatomic particles behave when separated over long distances? A: Yes. SO sorry I can't remember exact wordings *cringe* but this is how I am remembering it now more or less-- hopefully transcript will clarify... Reading was Dalinar flashback from next book. But he asked that it not be recorded/transcribed until tour is over. Someone also asked in the audience what Brandon's inspiration was for the Stormlight magic system and he said subatomic physics (I think....) Looking gforward to reading the questions and answers others got!
  14. I'm interested at the moment on how belief, observation and perception influence spren and magic on Roshar and how that relates to the physics of it as we saw in the scholars part...and Parshendi Ok since Iron Eyes is asking for you I am trying to frame a question around observation/perception/belief. But I am having troubles.... Robot Aztec - I will try and get that in but since I haven't reread ahead (didn't know I'd be able to go) and haven't read SoS yet you will have to refresh me on that - feel free to inbox me - as to what you are getting at and I will be happy to ask if I can get more than one or two in! (I may stutter and trip over myself). Please forgive my out of dateness on spiking theories I have to read Sos and then reread the first four since it has been awhile and I have a very faulty memory lately. Am also looking through the ultimate list.... Really looking forward to this since it is my first signing!
  15. Yes - I am definitely going through- I just am having trouble picking....suggestions for most urgent are welcome!
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