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  1. I loved this book, Words cannot describe how good it was. I can't wait for Era 3. Here are some random thoughts: Wayne's sacrifice almost brought me to tears,and I loved the ending.In addition,Waynes character was hilarious throughout the book and it was nice to see him develop and grow as character until the end. Hoid showing up at the right time because he followed'the explosions'was hilarious I would love to see more of this dynamic between Elendel,the outer cities and the sourthern continent One thing I will say I was a bit underwhlemed by Trell(Autonomy),lack of involvement in the plot.
  2. 1)yes,I do play an instrument which is the cello. 2)Yes I do have favorite book in Era 1 and 2 which is the Final Empire and is also my favorite book of all time!
  3. Hello, I love Brandon Sanderson,particually the Cosmere. My favourite characters from the Cosmere are Hoid and Wayne andMy favourite Book series(in the Cosmere)Is Mistborn.Don't make me choose between Era 1 and 2!
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