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  1. If a Knight Radiant squire stored their ability to use stormlight into a nicrosil metalmind would they be able to draw stormlight when away from their Knight Radiant?
  2. Hmmm that’s a tough one. I like both of them a lot, but I love era 2 more. But both are very very good.
  3. My favorite character has to be Sazed, My favorite moment is probably Kaladin and Adolin facing the shard bearers in Words of Radience, If I could visit anywhere on Roshar it would have to be the Horneater Peaks because I bet they have beautiful views, My opinion on Hemalurgy is I believe it could lead to some very huge jumps in the abilities of people, but I also believe it's not to overpowered seeing as it has it's limitations, and I don't really have a favorite epic!!!
  4. I've been a great fan of brandon sanderson's work for a while, ever since reading the first mistborn book!! in the cosmere I have read all the mistborn books in both era 1 and 2, read the 4 current stormlight novels and the 2 novellas, i have read elantris, tress of the emerald sea, warbreaker, and the arcanum unbounded. And I've touched a wee bit into the first 2 white sand graphic novels. NON-Cosmere, I've read Steelheart, Firefight, Calamity, Mitosis, The Rithmatist, Skyward, Starlight, cytonic, and most of Legion. I hope to learn more about the cosmere and it's marvelouse depths through this fantastic website!!!!
  5. My personal opinion is I think Marsh would have the greatest opportunity and chances to seeing as he has several holes through his spirit web already.
  6. Hey, thank you so much guys, one more quick question, what would happen if you somehow, by some "Christmas miracle" had the opportunity to burn a second bead of lerasium?
  7. Okay, So this is a little theory I've been having in my mind for a little while but it rely's upon a few small stepping stones first, so first of all, does storing Investiture in a nicrosil metalmind just store the investiture? like could you just hold onto a stormlight mark's worth of investiture, then pull it out in a month?
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