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  1. I'm so glad someone recorded my question as it was being asked! haha. It's so much more accurate than my recollection!But I guess it still covers the same points, so my recollection wasn't horrible, haha. I'm stoked to finally be listed on in the WOB archive though! I'm geeking out!
  2. Awesome! Thanks for doing a recording! And dang, I freaking love that Ash joke! you're my hero Hopefully someone was able to do it today. I was o ly able to attend Thursday.
  3. Sweet! I don't know how I missed it but Oh well, haha. I'm very glad there was a recording though!
  4. Sorry, I wasn't able to record people's questions in the signing line tonight. I was with my 1 year old son so it was kinda hard to do so. I didnt even get my own question recorded because the staff had my phone to take a picture, haha. Also, I didn't see any recording device on the table during the signing. But I recorded his answers immediately afterwards. So my question: (Rhythm of War Spoilers!) MangoMongo: Could an awakener turn one of the dead spren bodies that Ishar had pulled into the physical realm into a lifeless? Brandon: Yes, that is within the realm of possibility. MangoMongo: What about forgery? Could that be used on one of them? Brandon: Yes, that is technically within the realm of possibility too, but it would be very difficult and require a lot of knowledge. The forger would also need to know what had gone wrong with the spren, in the first place, to fix it. So yes, it's possible but very difficult. (the line moved on at this point and I have realized that he probably interpreted my question as asking if forgery could be used to fix the dead physical spren or fix whatever had gone wrong with whatever the heck Ishar had done. His answer makes more sense from that lens.) I wish I had thought of better follow up questions, especially in clarifying the forgery one. But in the moment it was hard to think of them, haha. Asking questions of Brandon is truly an art!
  5. Thanks so much! Also, I love your Toa Mask profile pic! =D
  6. Sweet!! Thanks for the info! Is that for every day of the con?
  7. I am going to FanX also this year. My wife is selling merchandise there. But ill only be there for one day (watching our kiddo so my wife won't have to worry about it) so if y'all hear anymore details about when he is doing his signing or panels, please let me know so I come on the right day! haha I'll report on here too if I find anything
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