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  1. I think the problem is that different people have different ideas of what they want when they put out a theory. Personally, I like when other people point out the flaws in my theories. It leads me to either find more evidence and refine the theory, or to start over and come up with a new theory. I enjoy the back and forth with people as we explain and debate our ideas of what's going on in the cosmere. I think there was a post a while back about a tag that you can add onto your post to let people know if you want to debate your theory or if you just want to throw it out there for everyone to see.
  2. I totally agree with you here. A Skybreaker very well could swear to a set of tribal customs or a religion. My point was that they couldn't swear to pure anarchy. They could even swear to something that would require them to tear down the current government and laws, in order to build up something else. The thing is that they need something to follow and anarchy wouldn't supply that.
  3. I think you're getting really close here. I would say that the biggest theme is being good not despite your flaws/mistakes, but because of them. The entire series focuses on people and how they work through incredibly difficult situations and grow to be better than they were before.
  4. This is one of the best theories on the subject I've heard so far.
  5. Deadeyes are only seen in shadesmar when they, as a blade, are dismissed. Whenever they are summoned, they disappear out of shadesmar. Since current shardplate can't be dismissed the spren, or what's left of them, are trapped in the physical realm.
  6. I think we just don't know enough about Dustbringers yet. I'm not sure why there are no Bondsmiths though
  7. Possibly, but that doesn't matter much because they have to swear the other oaths first. Journey before destination, right?
  8. I think we'll have to agree to disagree here. I don't think skybreaker oaths that don't follow something external would work.
  9. I think we have different understandings of Skybreakers. A Skybreaker isn't just following their personal code, they're following an external code. Whether that be a person, a specific set of rules, the law, or a certain religion. In all situations what a Skybreaker swears to in there third Ideal is something greater than themselves. The whole idea is that they know their own moral code is insufficient or corrupt so they rely on an external one.
  10. Anarchy: Anarchy: a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority. If there is a lack of, or a lack of recognition of, authority then there are no rules. A Skybreaker's entire third ideal is based upon swearing to something else as a higher authority than them. There's a difference between being an anarchist and swearing to follow an Anarchist. By swearing to follow someone you are allowing them to be your authority. That goes against the very nature of anarchy.
  11. For the second ideal, you are correct, but you're ignoring the third ideal. The third ideal requires a Skybreaker to pick some sort of code of ethics to follow. I can't see anyone who says we need an external code of ethics being an anarchist. In my understanding, an anarchist would have a problem with any rules or any codes of ethics. They would see this as limiting and restrictive. You can't have someone who's goal is to destroy all rules and laws who also devotes their life to following a set of rules or moral code. I think you have too wide of one.
  12. Just because it can have a crusade doesn't mean it matches the order's ideals and attitudes. Let's not forget that you have to attract a spren to become a radiant. I don't see spren who usually love all things to do with laws, rules, and ethical codes choosing an anarchist to bond. They simply wouldn't have the right mindset.
  13. I'm not sure you could have an anarchist Skybreaker, they seemed too focused on maintaining some sort of order or code. You could have an extreme libertarian Skybreaker though. Something like "I will allow people to do as they like, so long as it doesn't hurt others." Although, at that point you're getting really close to Willshaper territory. Willshaper politician that thinks the most freedom can be found through good legal systems
  14. Know Our World's Tragedy A reflection on how they lost the war against Odium. It would be written by Jasnah to warn other world's of Odium's power and give advice on how to defeat him. This would of course be reliant on them losing the war in book 5
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