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  1. happy birthday!

  2. Perrin forges his Power-wrought Warhammer, and marches with his army to aid Galad and his Whitecloacks, who are about to be ambushed by a massive Shadowspawn army. An animated breakdown:
  3. The battle fought within the World of Dreams, between Egwene al'Vere leading the Aes Sedai, and the Black Ajah, led by Mesaana herself.
  4. An animated breakdown of Rodel Ituralde's attempt to defend the city of Maradon from a massive horde of Trollocs, that sprouting from the Blight, threatens to annihilate everything in its path. And this is merely the first step of the road that leads to Tarmon Gai'don: The Battle of Maradon ANIMATED
  5. DOVIE'ANDI SE TOVYA SAGAIN! The final episode brought some of the scenes I enjoyed the most, but also a couple of dissapointments. Here's a brief review on the season Finale:
  6. Since the fall of Artur Hawkwing's Empire, Andor and Cairhien have been two of the most prominent realms in the Wheel of Time world. Here's an animated breakdown on the 1200 years of history of both kingdoms, featuring the Royal line family tree, showing every recorded ruler:
  7. After rousing a rebellion in Tarabon, Rodel Ituralde lures the Seanchan into Arad Doman, where he has set a trap for them. He waits for them at Darluna, a walled town that at first sight looks undefended, but thw "Wolf" always has a trick under his sleeve...
  8. The final act of the fourth succession war of Andor: Arymilla Marne's siege of Caemlyn, and the defense of the city by Elayne Trakand, an animated breakdown:
  9. Rodel Ituralde leaves Arad Doman leading 20.000 soldiers, domani men and taraboner dragonwsorn, to instill rebellion against the Seanchan invaders in Tarabon. Here's an animated breakdown of the first battle of said rebellion, the battle of Serana:
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