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  1. I’m about 6 hours away, on my drive from SoCal! Just stopped in Vegas, but who needs that kind of excitement when I’m so close to a Sanderson event!?
  2. For anyone else who has a VIP ticket; did you see a place to submit your shirt size? Or are they just going to have a lot of all sizes and we get one when we get there? Can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday! I’m going to be hanging out all day
  3. I have my ticket! And I already posted on reddit, but I might as well give it a shot here; if anyone happens to live around southern CA, or anywhere along the route from there to the event, and would like to carpool, please let me know!
  4. I agree I support this rule I also agree with this. It is very obvious when someone is trying to bend the rules beyond their intent just because they can, and that doesn't move the game along or really make for a fun time for others. New Rule Proposal: The Settlers of Disputes: If a dispute comes up about any aspect of the game, the dispute can be settled by a vote. The dispute will be decided by whichever side gets 3 votes first (any player can place one vote, but if there are multiple people directly involved in either side of the dispute, all those directly involved will only be able to count as one vote per side. This way we prevent a group of 3 players from joining together to jointly benefit from a dispute that they can settle immediately on their own.) EDIT: It should be noted that my profile picture now depicts my dog and snake, which complies with Rule 15 in that it will show up in each of my posts. This also acts as an example of a reasonable loophole around a rule, without blatantly disregarding the intent and bending the rules to an unreasonable extent.
  5. I support this removal I support this rule. New Rule Proposal: Don't Leave the Eggs to Spoil: At the end of each 24 hour period - to be established at midnight EDT for consistency - if none of the players have earned any Eggs (defined as a net positive gain of Eggs for any one player) during those 24 hours (not including Eggs earned from this rule as of the previous 24 hour period), then all players immediately earn 1000 points. Rule 15:
  6. UNO! Violation of Rule 15, and UNO! Violation of Rule 12. You lose 20 Eggs. Also, I do not support this amendment. New Rule Proposal: MiToRo wins! If this rule is put into effect, MiToRo immediately gains 1 million Eggs and wins. Rule 15:
  7. Just because you do not receive any consequences for violating a rule doesn't mean that your violation goes into effect as a real rule, since rule 21 only says that the poster in violation will not lose the 10 Eggs otherwise lost if it has been 15 minutes. Rules only go into effect with a majority vote (of which you can't vote more than once on a rule as per the new literal rules), and your rule did not get a literal majority vote. Now it is true that you won't lose 10 Eggs for attempting to break that rule, since it hasn't been 15 minutes, but nowhere does it say your rule violation goes into effect. Rule 15 is the dog in the quoted content.
  8. UNO! Violation of Rule 15, you lose 10 Eggs UNO! Violation of Rule 15, you lose 10 Eggs Rule 15:
  9. I support this. New Rule Proposal: The Last Will and Testament: If any player wishes to leave the game, they may do so freely. In doing so, they may select another current player to receive all of the retiring player's Eggs (only a positive number of Eggs may be given), or choose to allow the Eggs to expire without going to anyone else. Rule 15:
  10. I do not support this rule. New Rule Proposal: Discarded Proposal: If any proposal has been left unapproved after a total of 24 hours, and during that time a number of players equal to the number necessary for approving it with a majority vote have been active, that proposal will immediately be dismissed and have to be re-submitted without any votes. Rule 15:
  11. New Rule Proposals: The Discord of Disputes: In order to prevent this thread from being over-cluttered with meta-discussion (i.e. discussion about the game in a meta sense, not about the player, MetaTerminal), we should have a Discord channel for all meta-discussion. This channel should be completely exempt from all rules in order to allow for unrestricted discussion and quick resolutions to any disputes. If the players would like separate channels for other discussion (e.g. off-topic, new rule ideas without actually submitting them, commenting on particularly dramatic happenings within the game without cluttering up this thread, etc...) that will be allowed. This Discord channel would also be an good place to have easy access to a pinned list of all currently active rules and proposals. The President of Discord: In the event that we have a Discord channel and we have an elected president as per rule 31, the President will be in charge of keeping the Discord up to date. Rule 15:
  12. If that is the case, then my edit to correct my mistake to Eggs was also made before the UNO post was made calling me out, so I would not have lost any Eggs. Rule 15:
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