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  1. Yeah that sounds right. Now that you mention it, I just remembered him wielding two blades, but you're right it was an honorblade at that point. Brain fart. That said I don't feel having nightblood on his person would prevent Szeth from forming a shard blade with his spren.
  2. Nale wielded both Nightblood and his bonded spren shard blade at the same time for the record.
  3. I was in fact primarily referring to the bands that were piercing his skin. Its been quite a while since I read Final Empire, so I didn't remember them being Atium. Obviously removing would require more investment, but I don't think it would be as impossible as you are suggesting. It's not like they were buried in there too deeply just enough to prevent Steel/iron alomancy. And while his alomancy would still be in affect, how much of that matters. Consider that Susebron would not foolish enough to show up to such a battle with any form of metal on his person other than aluminum. Coin shots would really be TLR's only true offensive weapon which Susebron could have an intelligent aluminum shield carried by one or more of his lifeless for instance. Soothing and Rioting could be quelled with an aluminum helm, etc. As I stated early on Head to Head street fighter style, TLR wins no contest. But with some game planning, and some knowledge, Susebron has plenty of power to make a fight out of it.
  4. No not really, I totally get he is still super mistborn. But you forget that he is severely weakened unable to react when his health stores are remove. He will be stunned. Its probably a very narrow window, but a window. Vin proved that is all it takes, catch him off guard, he is really a frail old man behind all that magic.
  5. I'm not suggesting it would be easy. I saying he has a small chance because of the fact he can create intelligent weapons and doesn't require metal, and its kinda fun think of potential strategies. If I'm susebron, I'm thinking I would create a spider web net work of intelligent silk or rope with the sole mission of removing ferumatic stores. Overwhelm first him with volume of strikes from aluminum shielded lifeless soldiers. Then sneak attack with the feruchemy thief (silky) at an opportune time. We already know once his bracers are off he's vulnerable, the trick is coming up with enough distractions to get past his atium stores. This is just one quick strategy, With something like susebron as loaded as he is, strategy is going the key, Not brute force. As you say, he is glass cannon. Sure he can be destroyed easily, but best weapon against allomancers is glass daggers. Sooo...
  6. There will never be another nightblood, but that doesn't mean other creations like nightblood cannot be created. Sentient objects of all stripes are feasible, they don't all have to be metal even. Each one would have it's own personal words of creation, so of course they would all be unique in nature Which is even more powerful ultimately, what I meant to say is that having the ability to create intelligent objects and weapons is exactly the kinda of thing to take out TLR. VIN says luck and trickery are the way to beating the TLR. Very little is known about the 10th heightening skills, and I don't see why you couldn't awaken invested metal (arm bands), of course it will take a lot more breaths, But that is exactly what susebron has.
  7. head to head TLR no question. However, Susebron with the experience of someone like Vasher could totally turn all of the lord rulers tools against him. Aka. Imagine if Susebron had enough knowledge and experience to create half a dozen nightbloods from a distance, even turn the bands of mourning against him, removing compounding skills, by awakening his feruchemical stores and having them fly away. But he doesn't have that knowledge or experience. i think The God king may have more raw power but less skill, head to head skill wins everytime.
  8. This makes more sense. But I not sure about the witless voidspren part, considering an envoy is a power form. Ulim is an envoy for example, Perhaps he took venli, perhaps Ulim is the everstorm. I'm not sure. I do remember that being said in the interlude, but I also remember it feeling like posturing. Odium as we can see is very proud, emotional, arrogant and sometimes misinformed. Aka if she was totally his, she wouldn't have been able to take the oaths..... or would she????? that's the fun bit.
  9. Syl - She isn't just my favorite spren, she is one of my favorite characters period. Saved Kaladin's life more times than you can count still gets excited at rocks. WOW! Pattern - Perfectly awkward! Goes so well with Shallan Timbre - New but love how she connected with Venli Wyndle - Lifts whimpy/lame sidekick whose awesome! So to me the trick to the spren is how their personalities work on screen with their partners. Which is why I didn't pick Glys or Ivory, I haven't felt the chemisty with Renarin and Jasnah. The Stormfather is a different animal too much of a plot device, Its like reading Odyssey and saying Zeus is your favorite. I do love the conversations between Stormfather and Dalinar but its not the same kind of bond or friendship that you see with the others.
  10. Compound Chromium this is Step 1 to becoming Hoid... Ironically your fortune leads to the unfortunate situation where you have zero control over your own existence and you always end up in the right place at the right time no matter what you had planned for step 2.
  11. I thought this at first, but its just not the case. The VOICE said, paraphrase, "I'm taking this one and entered her gemstone, bound with her, giving the form of envoy." Odium wouldn't become trapped inside of Venli's gemstone to ultimately allow Timbre to bind with her and trap him inside of her. That doesn't jive with me.. The Voice did seem older, wise even possibly more ancient than the other more aggressive powerful voidspren trying to take over. Perhaps one of the Unmade IDK it did feel different and significant. Definitely not Odium tho. Venli and Renarin are the crossover wildcards in this mess. This could signify the Traitor/spy manuever people have been expecting imagine a radiant with an unmade at her core. More and more, I think the investiture whatever it is, honor and cultivation mixmatch or all three together, is common and available to everyone. Its simply the religion that is creating the divisions(limitations) between the sides and in total Sanderson fashion its about how the people (parshcendi included) handle the temptations and ward off the influences.
  12. So taking it further. Using your pattern consider. Yellow bolts equal the cognitive realm (odiums only path to corrupt spren) Green bolts equal physical realm where cultivation is most invested, Violet bolts represent the spiritual realm where the storm father is most invested. The dark purple lines represent the energy flow of surges to the various invested objects. Just offer another way to consider the puzzle.
  13. Thanks for this! While I'm not sure it proves your thesis. Voidlight is not of Odium You are certainly on to something with this chart. A couple of points to consider maybe 1)High Storms and Everstorms travel in opposite directions which may indicate something. Perhaps why the symbols are often mirrored and maybe even the energy flow is backwards. Instead propagating from connection with the spren to the surges to the radiants. It goes from the fused to the surges, with gems being the tie that binds(trap for spren). 2) the non-symmetry of the colors which you describe I agree seems important. I like the way you describe it, but I feel like there is something missing. I find it interesting the layout of where the violet and green lightning bolt head to. WR's And ED's have green bolts, and LW's and SW's have violet bolts the interesting part here is WR's and ED's seem to have a stonger yellow bond between them, as do LW's and SW's. I don't know why it feels important but it does. Like maybe WR, ED, LW, & SW are top targets to work his corruption scheme. 3) After OB I don't know who truly represents Voidlight and who represents stormlight anymore, But I will say if your theory is correct I think you may have it backwards. illumination should be a violet surge, and progression should be a blue surge perhaps. On the other hand maybe the initial surges Blue and Violet represent Cultivation and Honors investiture of Roshar. And the yellow lines simply represent How Odium hacked them. Either way, you'v'e given me a lot to consider. Thanks again.
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