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  1. Hello everyone ! As you all must have noticed, the notion of leadership is very present in roshar, with so many kings, monarchs, windrunners and so on... I wanted to hear your opinion about who is the best leader among our proagonists, is it Dalinar ? Kaladin ? Jasnah ?
  2. @redbishop, YEES, now that I read it carefully definitely suspicious. @Stark, that's an interesting theory, but I really can't see shallan becoming the champion, the way I see it she just need to find her path, like Kaladin with his depression
  3. I want to see The interaction between Hoid and Jasnah (more hoid !) Some epicness from Dalinar A happy Kaladin Szeth and kaladin meeting More screen time for Zahel, Taln
  4. Hello Everybody, while I was reading the last chapters of oathbringer, I read this sentence said by adolin : “Oh, for Damnation’s sake, Shallan. Can I come in now? And just so we’re clear, I’m a man and your betrothed, my name is Adolin Kholin, I was born under the sign of the nine, I have a birthmark on the back of my left thigh, and I had crab curry for breakfast. Anything else you need to know?” Maybe it doesn't mean anything, but maybe it's a hint from Brandon, that Adolin is related to the number nine (and nine is important in braize and important for Odium) What do you think ?
  5. I like this theory, it has a nice twist to it, The shard followed some twisted interpretation of honor.
  6. I agree @Calderis , but maybe Dalinar will discover what his "better" brother was up to
  7. For all the jealousy for his brother, Dalinar turned out to be the better man.
  8. I think it's Jasnah ! it looks so epiic, I can't wait for this book !
  9. I would say Vin, kaladin ,Dalinar and kelsier Or Lopen and Wayn
  10. @ryshadium90 , I can see him as an edgedancer,to remember the weak (like the skaa). @Calderis , yeah you're right,but a cameo will be awesome too.
  11. Hello ! for me I like the stormlight archive moore ! so much epicness but to be honest, I would have gone with mistborn if we had more Vin and Kelsier .
  12. It may be a little far fetched or unlikely , but does anyone of you think that a certain mistborn character may show up on roshar, and maybe join some order ?
  13. Thank you all ! No one can say no to cookies ! Well I'm okay for any spoilers, I started my journey with the first mistborn trilogy, then elantris, warbreaker, and after that the stormlight archive and finally the second era of mistborn and the arcanum unbounded. My favorites books are the roshar books , and I think Kaladin is the best ^^
  14. Hello everyone, I really hope the next will be someone new, a character never seen before , and not another kholin .
  15. Hello everyone ! I'm a fan of the cosmere ! and finally I managed to join this great family ! Surely I will learn many stuff that I missed in my readings ! Pleasure to meet you aall!
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