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  1. I'm writing a story (fanfiction) that has elements of Mistborn present. I have a few theories (headcanon) in need of confirmation/debunking before I continue: 1) How long, chronically, is the Well of Ascension book? 2) How big is the Final Empire geographically? Specifically the walking distance between Luthadel and the Terris Dominance. 3) How long did it take a Kandra to gain sentient after receiving their Spikes? How long did it take to learn how to replicate a body they eat? 4) Has there been a confirmed Allomancal/Feruchemical use for Lerasium outside of "making a mistborn"? 5) Has there been a confirmed effect of consuming Atium non-Allomancally? (I've assumed Atium dissolves so fast in the stomach, because the body is absorbing the Investure similar to a Lerasium bead.) 6) Do Hemalurgic Spikes alter the DNA when they alter the recipient's Spirit Web? Thank you for your time!
  2. I have a question (admittedly kind of stupid) about how a Koloss's unique life cycle would be effected by Nathlis's magic system. 1. Heightenings increase a person's life span and health. A Koloss grow larger the older it gets until its health gives out. Would a Koloss with a high enough Heightening continue to grow until it hit the "square-cube law" or would magic override that? 2. If a Koloss happened to be selected by Empowerment to be Returbed, would it Koloss size, Returned size, or bigger than both?
  3. My theory, and this is purely speculative: The "Epic gene" will be a dominant now that Calamity is gone. And inheritance will be quantitatively cumulative, but not usually qualitatively in dual Epic parents. Because, that was Calamity's original mission. Its "Kind" sent 'him' to seed the Earth, so after several generations of combined power sets a being of similar power will be produced thus propagating the species.
  4. During Calamity, we learn the titular antagonist has "gifted" Epic powers to people instead of "investing" (non-Cosmere, but still works.) them with abilities. I believe this distinction was the preventive factor in the children of Epics NOT inheriting power; considering Motivators work on genetic mimicry and offspring would share similar DNA strands to parents. This limitation has likely been removed when Calamity went the way of Evocation. Which bares the question: How will Epic powers be inherited? Will the kid get the same power as their powered parent with a personal touch like Tavi? Will children of 2 Epics (David and Megan) get both powersets, or will there be "Interference" like with Epics and certain Motivators? Or will a child's non-powered heritage cause "Interference" granting a very different ability from their Epic parent?
  5. Indeed, most people would benefit from better health, better sleeping habits, and having accurate memories. And the pharmaceutical industry would agree Personally, I choose double boon metals. Meaning positive effects while tapping and filling the metalmind. 1) Zinc-mental speed: Tapping allows you to quickly come up with solutions to different problems whether it is a test, an accident, or a fighting strategy. Filling the metal mind makes you mentally foggy, a hangover free substitute to beer (or other drugs). 2) Iron-gravity attraction: Filling the metal mind decreases your relative weight which would increase vehicle gas efficiency. Filling also makes your body weaker, making exercise and work outs more effective. Tapping Iron of course allows you to 'throw your weight around" and makes your body relatively stronger. 3) Brass-warmth: Fill in summer to stay cool, Tap in winter to stay warm.
  6. Worms is a Web comic. 1 of the main characters is Gru, short for gruesome, a villian with Darkness powers very similar to Darklord Blightstone
  7. I've been a fan of Feuchemist since I read the Final Empire. It may not be as impressive as some other Sanderson magic systems, but I find it brilliantly practical! Practical enough that Feruchemy could seamlessly be used in the real world. Assuming you were powerful enough to get away with using very little metal for a Metalmind, which single Feruchemical power would you personally want? Limit yourselves to top 3 choices and please explain your decision. (Atium is an opinion if you are so inclined).
  8. That is a truly Gruesome villian: But might I add to this thread. In the Reckoners series,Epic power are at least loosely fulfilments of the person's pre-Calamity wishes and/or dreams. Could we include a section 5, 5) Epic backstory and/or power inspiration.
  9. I apologize for the double post, but I got one more. Epic 3 of 3. ------ Primary power: Consumption - anything he puts in his mouth (other than himself ) is converted to energy and directly absorbed into his system. Secondary: Assimilation- consuming people grants skills and traits. Epic powers can be acquired in this manner. Tertiary power: He has assimilated a Gifter. Epic Name: Kronos the Titan that devours Gods. Costume : Greek toga Flaws: Power is constantly active preventing him from eating normally causing his stomach to continually growl in starvation. He absorbs the Weaknesses of the Epics he consumes, causing him to loss all his Assimilated powers if any Weakness is triggered. True Weakness: peanuts. He is allergic. Brand of Evil: poser Pantheon. He gifts his Assimilated powers to his band of Olympus want a be's. There's always another secret
  10. Good question, and yes working with Reckoners would activate her Weakness a lot. Which would in turn would keep the Darkness at bay, thus allowing her to work the Reckoners. Secondly, planing after a Cognitive reset counts as manipulating the past from her prespective and wouldn't be "worrying about the future" which is her true fear
  11. Epic: 2 of 3 Power: Cognitive reset- able to mentality travel back in time up to 2 weeks at most. Causality- has an improved ability to predict the effects her changes to the past will create. Prime Invciciblity: Checkpoint - cognitive reset automatically actives if she dies. Epic Name: Slipstream Weakness: Worrying about the future. Making plans past her "perceived present" causes all her powers to stop. Outfit: neon green shirt, black silver lined treach coat, and ski goggles. Brand of Evil: she plans elaborate traps to punish people who hurt or insult her in alternate futures. Notes: In 1 core possibility she joins the Reckoners using her ability to "survive" Epic encounters to discover Weaknesses. In another possibility she is shot by Cody after being asked if she had plans for dinner.
  12. For "standard" Epics, their powers manifested as a want or desire; basically a wish. So, I could see how electrical powers would be something she would want. Alternatively, she could want a new niche. And helping people without explosives could be her wish making her a compatible recipient to Stormwind's powers.
  13. Depends on the affect a Seeker gets from other Investitures, which has been RAFO'D so far. I'll play it safe and go Bendalloy, so I can be a Slider. Would you rather be a medium Invested person on "your" Shardworld; or a world hopper with no other forms of Investitures?
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