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  1. Yea, as the title says. I’m looking to create a world map for my own worldbuilding project that’s similar to the Silver Kingdoms map, but I’m kinda struggling to do so. I’m wondering if anyone has attempted something similar and/or seen/made a tutorial of some kind that would be of use? I’d love to see any examples you have come up with, or any stories of what happened when you attempted stuff like this.
  2. I'm currently working my way through the Wheel of Time for the first time - 9 books in so far. I'm also just trying to get through my To Read list, although it seems to get longer the more I read...
  3. Based on this WoB, I don't think Nalthis is going to be a major player in the same way the other three aformentioned planets are. In fact, I've always seen Nalthis as an afterthought in the grand scheme of the cosmere - It only really exists to introduce a few important players for SA. WRT Sel - AonDor and the Elantrians are certainly the best hope for the Selish to get off-planet. The biggest problem is the cognitive aspect of their Shards, which I think they were trying to get around in MB:SH anyway (and failed). Even then, keep in mind that Elantris is meant to be set a few hundred years before Rashek's Ascension. I can't find the WoB specifically, but IIRC, Elantris is meant to be 1300 years before the events of TFE, and 1500 years before we see Galladon again at the shores of the Purelake. For context, 700AD was the year the Chinese invented gunpowder, so look how far Sel could have come in all that time. You're probably on the right lines for Roshar. Some people theorise that Ashyn has technology that'll be useful in their floating cities, but Roshar itself doesn't have any of those yet. How exactly they get off planet, I'm not sure about, but I certainly think it's a combination of fabrial tech and however Ashyn uses the 10 surges
  4. Just... wow, this is impressive. >Shashara said I was just like a man I can't get this lyric to work in my mind tho? For reference everyone, here's a Kareoke of the song, so you can sing along!
  5. I've added "I'm asking why" to the beginning of this WoB - https://wob.coppermind.net/events/172-oathbringer-san-diego-signing/#e8343 I believe the question is referring to something written in a book or something of the like. The beginning makes it sound like there's something else present. I also think that the first *inaudible* in the final section is either "spirit webs" or "ecologies", but I can't make out which either.
  6. What elements of the Cosmere have you taken into your own worlds? How did you twist them and change them so that they aren't as similar? What elements did you add or remove at different stages? What elements of the Cosmere did you actively try not to copy, and what alternatives did you come up with?
  7. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/35-arcanum-unbounded-hoboken-signing/#e2524 still needs an audio review, apparently
  8. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/9-calamity-philadelphia-signing/#e7624 WoB has repeated first question and last answer
  9. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/183-stormlight-three-update-6/#e4989 I believe "on context" should be "no context" - there's no audio or anything to double check however
  10. I'm talking about the three realms here. What happens cognitively? Spiritually? Where is the investiture held?
  11. I'm trying to come up with ideas for some sanderson based magic systems. I've got a few, but i'm curious as to what everyone else has done. So, lets hear it. What sanderson-based magic systems do you have? What are the flaws and limitations? Who can use the magic and how are they chosen?
  12. I feel like they kinda were. Sazed was Terris, Vin was Skaa and Marsh was (at least pretending to be) a nobleman. But apart from that, i really liked reading this post.
  13. So I am trying to build a hanfdul of worlds similar to the kind of worlds we'd find in the cosmere, and i'm struggling to come up with any magic systems with that level of inginuity. I know there are 3 parts to every sanderson system, but cannot remember them properly (something like: fuel, intent and focus?). Has anyone got any advice for making them more creative? So far, I have one magic system based around soldiers in a war (in the same way that allomancy is based around a thieving gang) but have yet to come up with the abilities. I am playing around with a few numbers that could be important to the world, but dont just want to copy the KR. The source is a fruit that grows along the lines of power on the world. Another magic system I'm working on is based on a familiar system, where a large cat will willingly give up their tooth to one of the humans to create a bond between them. However I have no idea what kind of ability or story to craft out of this. On top of all this, what advice in general would other fans of Sanderson's magic systems give to someone aiming to create something similar? How should I come up with such specific abilities (my mind keeps going back to Ironpulling and Steelpushing. It's really clever and I have no idea how to come up with something like that.) Thank you all
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