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  1. Cool! I like the rare fanart including 17th Shard logos, but these will be much easier to recreate with my limited graphic design skills lol, and the updated site looks fresh :D

    btw this talk of alt text has me excited, and most of the work is probably just promoting it! :D People usually just forget and leave it blank, so having a reminder with images wouldn't hurt... and the Coppermind could just link to Wikipedia's guide. Unlike Gallery images, Forum posts don't seem to have an option for captions or alt text, but maybe it would work to just add text beneath them >_>... This could be a thread on its own, so I started a thread!
    Like I don't use a screen reader, but it seems the infrastructure is mostly just lacking on mobile, where the link icons for news, search, and other just says "link" with no description. I'm not sure what @cosmere_play is referring it, but the update seems alright as long as the update doesn't remove <alt="17th Shard The official Brandon Sanderson Fansite">! It would probably be best to hire a blind person to look at it either way ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

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