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  1. @External Gills my table is created entirely automatically using a python script. I would like to keep improving my script until little to no manual work is necessary. I don't know if you can help me there, but if you got an other source where i can get the info from i can try to incorporate it. write me on Discord if you want.
  2. I tried my best with the Wikipedia approach, but i think i need a better source: https://coppermind.net/wiki/User:T.rue What do you think? Those captchas are killing me, it feels like doing the homework for a bully AI.
  3. Sorry it is taking so long, I found out that my initial approach does not get the right titles in many cases. I try to parse it out of the text and then create the tables in the form you posted. It just need a bit more work. I added a first version here: https://coppermind.net/wiki/User:Paleo but there are many more kinks to iron out.
  4. that would work for now. But i would suggest see how it looks first.
  5. The column headers are Title of the book in English, publishing year, and then all the languages. Row headers are the names of the books. So it's about 20 columns and as many rows as Brandon wrote books.
  6. I based the Table i created on this and tested it in a page edit preview, but the headers are still a bit of a mess, i will fix that. Then you have your base from where to work from.
  7. I am very happy to contribute with my mediocre coding skills, but the question is, if my approach is even a good one. The collectingsanderson site is really good as well, and one could ask the creator where they get their information, if there is an other web resource that i could web-crawl through to create the table.
  8. I wrote a script to grep all the translation names from wikipedia and transform it into a wiki markup table. So it could be added to the coppermind. It is not polished yet and i have no rights to create a page, but i'll leave it here. Maybe someone with the rights and motivations wants to work with me on that. table.txt
  9. Thank you, it will be released in November. I'm happy i am not the only one who had this problem.
  10. Hi, I live in a German speaking country and although i read most of the books in English, my family and friends don't. Now when i would like to recommend a Sanderson book to anyone, finding the German title usually requires going to the books page on Wikipedia and then changing the language. Which is a good trick if you want to translate a thing instead of a word. Now i wanted to buy the German version of Tress for my niece and the Wikipedia article does not exist. After some googling i could only find one sentence mentioning the book in Brandon blog post. This way of finding the translations does not seem very good to me. Unfortunately Brandon does not provide any info about that. So i would suggest creating a table in the wiki, where one axis are the books and the other axis is the languages. In each cell you then can have the translated title(s), the publisher, publishing date and whatever else is interesting. What do you think about this idea?
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