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  1. I managed on these boards a few years back, but am going through some medical stuff right now and will be bowing out. But I might be able to muster the energy for a story or two. My wife, on the other hand, is doing a double Nano. And she hit 30,000 words today.
  2. No single thing happened that was bad enough to keep me from coming back. Just a lot of moderate to small things. Most of it related to how badly staffed work was - a situation that should be getting better this week, the first time I've closed the store with a partner in nearly two months. I love the job, I love the people, but the hours can be grueling, especially when you don't have anyone else to help. On top of that, I've been struggling with a medical issue - the kind that is actually quite easily treated, but treatment's going to be lifelong and they're still figuring out the dosage. Long story short, I have to inject myself with steroids - the dose was every two weeks, but it just got changed to every ten days - to correct the most straightforward problem possible: a steroid deficiency. Said deficiency causes persistent exhaustion, depression, weakness, lack of coordination, and a host of other really obnoxious things. Hopefully the ten-day dose will help me recover. Rest assured that I don't intend to stop updating this - though Nano is now over, I'm going to see this through. It just might take me some time. Atop my desk is a box my wife filled up with unspecified cool things. I'm only allowed to open it when I hit 50,000 words. She finished Nano with 75,000. Can't say I'm not jealous, but she's pressing on to finish her novel before resting on her laurels.
  3. You're a bit behind schedule but it's never too late to start. The challenge of National Novel Writing Month is to write 50,000 words (preferably worth of novel, but anything counts) only in the month of November.
  4. Well, scattering bonded Dust where an enemy (or victim, at least) will get some on their clothes and you can track them, roughly. And remember, if you do go the golem route, practitioners are limited by how much of this rock dust they can carry versus how large the thing they want to animate is (assuming there's reason not to keep it animated and walking around with you all the time - perhaps it's best to make it always a projection of the mage's mind).
  5. November 9th: 1953 words. No more complaints about nanowrimo from me. I'm not hitting 50k in November, but I'm going to keep going until it's done. Heavy workload the next couple days, so things may be rough, but I'll keep truckin'.
  6. If there's no other type of magic, then Dustmage is an unnecessary specific title. If there are other types, then it's important. Hmm. Take some Dust and bond it. From Dust, create. I think I like the idea that a Dust bond is (or can be) permanent better. Like, with your strength of will, you bond a specific quantity of Dust and that's what you have to work with. If it's scattered Dust, you can sense it, call it if it's in range of you, and it will slowly make its way back, but while it's missing your power is lessened. With Dust, you can make constructs that scale in power based on the mass of Dust that you can will into shape. If you're not particularly good, you can only make something insubstantial; it takes focus and understanding to create something that's actually solid. You need to pass a specific threshold of density to instill a construct with sight, hearing, motion. A higher threshold grants it purpose, and still higher grants it greater intelligence, agility and durability. The highest tier allows the mage to send his or her own consciousness into the construct, effectively piloting it. If the construct is destroyed, the only thing lost is the dust that is presumably now held by the mage's enemies.
  7. I should probably address that tomorrow. My wife got it immediately - a Hogwarts pact is an agreement that if one of the two were to somehow get into Hogwarts, the other would be entitled to at least a tour and preferably holiday visiting rights.
  8. Thanks, both of you. I'm not feeling great - medical issues that I hope will be addressed sometime around the end of the month - but your encouragement helps remind me of how much fun I have with this. This chapter's kind of difficult because there's a lot of information being dumped, but I'm trying to both inform the reader and inject personality and life into the characters. I hope it's working.
  9. BONUS UPDATE: 544 words! Either the evening of the 6th or the morning of the 7th, whichever you prefer. Heh. Checked back for responses and realized I'd let it sit half an hour without actually POSTING it...
  10. I did manage some more writing in the past couple of days, but they're not actually making it into that scene. While I'm going to count them for nano, they're not showing up at the current point in the story. Current update: 1300 words.
  11. Morning, November 4th. 237 words. I have a split shift today. I'm about to leave for 11-2, and then i go back for 5-2. Tomorrow I work 11-8. I'm not certain my work schedule will allow me to actually complete nanowrimo this year, but I'm going to keep at it.
  12. You're right about the original story. The wash of the Nuckelavee's approach messed with the gate, cutting off escape and reinforcement alike. Morning November 3rd. 745 words and a heck of a day so far. While trying to perform a brake job, I managed to tear a c-clamp in half. I'm not even sure how I did that.
  13. November 2nd update: 1777 words. 2087 total, behind by about 1300. Uncertain of the chapter breaks, but I didn't have any last time. Life's not giving me an easy time this year but I'm not out of the running yet. Also, it's great to see that I'm remembered fondly. You can think of the previous book as an outline of probable events of book 2, with this being the new book 1.
  14. Hey everyone. NaNoWriMo 2017 has arrived and I'm participating this year. Some of you will remember two years ago, when I posted my entire NaNo project every single day. I had a lot of fun with that, and intend to repeat the performance this year. The catch is that I'm doing a complete rewrite of the book, taking it in a different direction. Sam and Hewn are coming back, but they will be joined by different friends, contest some different enemies, and some of the rules have changed. Even the original short story is somewhat different - and hopefully better. Of that short story, only 310 words were actually written today and count for NaNo. I will hopefully do another post later today, or catch up tomorrow.
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