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  1. I'll be there! Lucky enough to get a spot playing Magic with Brandon on Friday night.
  2. Jasnah with soulcaster and Kaladin with a glowing sphere.
  3. Kaladin holding a glowing sphere at Comic-Con
  4. San Diego Comic Con 2014 Cosplays of: Elend Venture Jasnah Kohlin Kaladin Stormblessed
  5. I agree with you signspace13, I posted a similar theory several days back. @Patrick Star: From what I understand Stromlight is pure energy, but we know there are different phases of magical energy. Gas/Vapor, like Stormlight and Breaths, liquid in Shardpools, and solid like we see in Mistborn with the god metals. So, if Stormlight was in a solid form it could be a material that could be crafted into Shardplate.
  6. I was wondering if maybe Shardplate is solid Stormlight? My thinking goes as follows: Magic presents itself in three forms: gas, liquid, and solid. The gaseous forms of magic all look like raw power to me, like Stormlight or Breaths. Then there is liquid, which is weird and I suppose has something to do with Shardpools. And then there is a solid form of magic, which I think could be made into Shardplate. Why? Well, when the Radiants broke their oaths they broke their bond with their spren leaving dead shardblades. So, breaking their bond would also sever their Shardplate's access to Stormlight. In a weird parallel, I see this like what happened to Elantris after it lost access to the Dor. The city was still there but it lost something, it didn't glow. In the same way Shardplate doesn't glow currently, but it did in one of Dalinar's visions. Also, Shardplate has to be equipped with gems containing Stormlight to be usable. So, after this train of thought I'm wondering what you all think? Could Shardplate be made of solid Stormlight?
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