The Splintercast Reads Shadows of Self, Episode 6: Chapters 16-18

Gosh dangit, Brandon. Stop killing people! You’re as bad as Bleeder is!

In which Current!Feather stays up late after working her two jobs full-time and part-time back to back to get this episode edited… only to listen to Past!Feather in the recording staying up late after working her two jobs back to back in order to read. Well. Some things never change.

Past!Feather also seems rather attached to her incorrect pronunciations in this chapter. eh-LEND and eh-LEND-el, rather than EL-end and EL-en-del. Little does she know that in a few months, she’ll start reading The Final Empire to her housemate and try to change those to a more common and rational pronunciation after all these years.

Oh Past!Feather, how little you know.

We also appear to be nearing the end of the book, yet a clear avalanche is nowhere to be found. How mysterious. Does this bode ill for our intrepid heroes and what effect will this have on your Splintercaster’s delicate emotional balance when it does come?

Let’s be real, it’ll probably be devastating for me and wildly entertaining for all of you.

Enjoy the episode, everyone! And as always, comments and reactions are greatly appreciated.


User Feedback

I am the same. 


Brain: You should sleep.


Me: Yeah...I know.


Brain: You're not going to, are you?


Me: ...Probably not.


*In the morning*


Brain: Did you learn your lesson?


Me, too tired to see: ...Nope.


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