Shardcast Season 1, Episode 3

It's one Rosharan week later (actually two, whatever), so it's time for some Shardcast, and this time it's Episode Three: Revenge of the Plot. Yes, in chapters 7-9, some inklings of the plot actually happened, so of course Eric got bored and read the rest of the book. And, as such, has no idea what happened in the actual triad we were discussing.

We solve many mysteries this week, like who is Mi'chelle's sister? Will Eric get shanked? Why is Josh invading someone's box? What did Eric do to need to be censored? (Okay, we don't really solve that last one. That's why it's censored.)

Because really, what more could ask from Shardcast than such edgy humor like that? Oh, right, racism. Well, we have that too.

Click on, open the door to the Dor and find out the answers you seek.

Missed Facts:

  • Hrathen originally takes credit for the fall of Duladen. Brandon took this out because he felt it was too heavy handed for an "innocent" meeting.
  • Because of the triad system, Brandon felt the need to have something important to the characters happen in each chapter.


So I clearly misremembered Chapter 8, and thought the lunch Josh was referring to was in this chapter. It is not. So, Josh is totally right in that this lunch scene was pretty unnecessary.


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You can't just mention the invasion of a mans box like that and then not tell the story.

WE DEMAND TO KNOW, or like ask nicely or something...

whatever is more likely to get us (or potentially just me, maybe) the story.


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