Shardcast: Medallions & Magitech in Southern Scadrial

It feels like it's been ages since we've been done an extremely pedantic mechanics episode, and we reread The Bands of Mourning, so it's finally time to do one we've wanted to do for ages: what the hell is going on with the Southerner medallions? We talk about what we know, what we don't know (which is most things), as well as all the other crazy magic things we got in Bands of Mourning. Also featuring: random theories on Excisors. Not featuring: actually talking the Bands themselves.

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and Ben (Overlord Jebus)!

Thumbnail art is of the Bands of Mourning, by the incredible Shuravf, in one our monthly Coppermind commissions! You can vote for topics every month on our Patreon:


00:00 Introductions 
3:41 Investiture and Identity 
14:20 Unkeyed Metalminds 
19:18 Primer Cubes and Airships
39:15 Unsealed Metalminds (Medallions)
59:25 Excisors and Tapping Nicrosil
1:24:34 How did the Sovereign start the Firemothers and Firefathers?
1:35:45 Blank Connection
1:52:31 Closing thoughts
2:04:55 Who's That Cosmere Character

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User Feedback

I think the blank Connection question was easily answered by being Identity-less.

Shai specifically says that connection is tied to your Identity, so if a person were to store their Identity (or blank it out in some other way), then it makes sense to me that their Connection would be blank as well. While in this Identity-less state, they store this blank Connection into the duralumin. So any unkeyed duralumin-mind would have to have blank Connection by necessity.

I agree with @Chaos that the default is NOT blank, that if a duralumin Ferring stored Connection normally, with their Identity intact, then it would be a "flavored" Connection. As for whether they store ALL of their Connections or just one of them, I'm not sure.


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