Shardcast: Ishar

Today on Shardcast, we talk about an extremely nice, totally sane character: Ishar! He definitely did not have his hand in a lot of stuff, or cause many problems. And he certainly did nothing disturbing in Rhythm of War! Also, news, and limmericks in Who's That Cosmere Character!

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), Grace (thegatorgirl), Ben (Overlord Jebus), and Ala (Rasarr), who even though it was just three letters wrong, I still pronounced it wrong. Way to go, Eric.

Thumbnail art is the Ishar endpaper from Oathbringer, by Dan Dos Santos:

Kelsier in Fortnite (though he's gone now):
Skyward 3 title and cover reveal:
Brandon's spoiler stream was yesterday 6/3:


00:00 Introductions
3:33 News
12:39 Show and Tell
14:56 Ishar Pre-RoW
17:09 Rhythm of War New Facts
20:17 Ishar Prior to being a Herald
43:44 Connecting with Nale
52:25 "Bound other Surges" and in-world Words of Radiance
1:06:32 Shinovar
1:17:06 The Tukari in Shadesmar
1:27:59 Ishar's Abilities 
1:40:14 A Moment of Lucidity
1:51:31 Yikes
2:19:56 Potential Recreance Involvement?
2:27:39 Who's That Cosmere Character: Limmerick Edition
2:37:31 Outro

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User Feedback

Glad you liked my limericks! I was planning on you just picking the one you liked best and only reading that one, but this was much better! :P
Fair point on the last one and that character not being super dead. I didn’t think of that.

RoW spoilers:


Just some spitballing on Ishar’s weird spren experiments, but I wonder if the spren, once they’re in the physical realm, would still have a connection to the surges they could use?

Also makes me wonder if having a physical body would make them easier to spike. Probably not why Ishtar is doing this, but maybe relevant in the far future of the Cosmere.



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Child of Hodor


Shameless  plug time!  I don't know what his ultimate goal is: make himself human, convert all the fused into mortals again, make new heralds etc.  I do think Ishar knows what he is attempting has been done before, but not by him. 



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I think we have prod that Shards don’t know the limits of their power because Honour was surprised by surgebinders forming from a spren bond. 


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What if Odium’s version of investiture is to simply corrupt other investiture.  Void binding would be the equivalent of the corrupted surgebinding.  Ishar’s crime then would be introducing people to void binding.  That could be how Yollen was  destroyed.  That could mean that the original oath pact was as much a punishment created by honor for the heralds and their crimes as a way to protect the people.  If the knights radiant found the truth that they are the void bringers (which we know happened) and weak to Odiums influence then they might walk away to prevent their power from being corrupted…… just my thoughts during the pod cast.
 I appreciate you guys! 


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