Shardcast: Cytonic Reactions

Cytonic, the third Skyward novel, is out now, and now we are discussing everything in this episode of Shardcast! We start with some non-spoilery thoughts, and then we get deep into the weeds on what we think as well as talk about some lore topics too. What did you think of Cytonic? Put your comments below!

This episode has Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Jessie (Lady Lameness), and Ala (Rasarr)!

Our reviews:


00:00 Introductions 
2:00 Non-spoiler thoughts 
14:56 Spoilery thoughts 
1:39:11 Brief RoW spoilers 
1:41:04 Cytonic again
2:04:40 Who's That Cytoverse Character

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User Feedback

I really enjoyed Cytonic. It was fun. But Brandon really did something incredible with the Skyward flight characters and they are missed. I’m glad the novellas are a thing now so we get more of them. To Eric’s point about the stakes being lower…



due to not having live rounds. I honestly was totally expecting the superiority base to have changed that after Peg left and then it would have been a major problem when they attacked. But I guess thinking about it that doesn’t make sense since they had the occasional skirmish with them after that. But it’s still what I thought first time through. 

I think there is a really good chance we get an Avengers style mashup in book 4. With Hesho back and the Kitsen supposedly being in Evershore there is a connection there. I think we could see Vapor again. I wonder if Cuna somehow can still be in touch with her to bring her in. And we can get some UrDail with Allanik. Spensa made her promise to figure out how to get some of the others out of the Nowhere. I think that is important.  


Between this and the novellas already out, I am definitely excited to for Defiant. 


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Posted (edited)

Fun discussion, guys! I enjoyed the book, I had fun reading it, and I really liked Spensa's character arc.


"He got ate by Spensa" is the best observation on the book that anyone will ever have. Chet will be missed by me. Probably. Who knows what is going in book 4!


The back story on the Delvers and tying in with Defending Elysium was really interesting, AI learning emotion is one of the themes that I liked the most in the book.


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