Shardcast: Blowing Up the Selish Cognitive Realm, Avatars Definition, and More! Q2 2021 WoBs Part 1

There's less signings these days, but there are still a few things that have happened, like an excellent interview, as well as another spoileriffic Brandon stream! There's a ton here, with one of Brandon's best reactions ever regarding blowing up the Selish Cognitive Realm (actually, a ton of Cognitive mumbo jumbo this time), as well as a definition on avatars!

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and Marvin (Paleo)! We'll continue Words of Brandon from the spoiler stream, as well as cover the recent Dusty Wheel interview, next week!

Rebecca Jensen, Stormlight Playing Card Artist's Print Shop:
The Reckoners novellas are now a single novel, Lux, and it comes out July 22nd: Interview with Brandon:, transcribed here:
Brandon's Full Cosmere Spoiler Stream: transcribed here:


00:00 Introductions
1:39 Show and Tell, Stormlight Playing Cards 
4:09 Words of Brandon begins!
5:40 Interview: We'll know who Trell is in Lost Metal
11:00 Novella between WoK and WoR
17:18 Cats in Shinovar
18:24 Songs of the Dead, Reckoners Novel, Skyward Novellas 
21:23 Spoiler Livestream: Should we blow up the Selish Cognitive Realm?
32:42 Is there a reason Vasher and Vivenna changed their names on Roshar?
35:51 Mraize's Aviar
38:43 How many Awakening Commands are there?
43:20 Could Sja-anat heal deadeyes?
45:01 Is Hoid afraid of the Beyond?
46:27 Black holes affecting the Cognitive Realm
52:03 Invested Light related to backwards shadows
56:32 Spren bonding spren
58:42 Gravity in the Cognitive Realm
1:04:04 Caffeine in bronzeminds, Cyberpunk Mistborn 
1:06:34 Feruchemical decay
1:10:19 Did anyone try to assassinate Wit?
1:11:10 Avatar definition!!
1:27:25 Long WoB about base Investiture and diseases
1:32:31 Nalthian customs and Breath bleed
1:41:37 Who's That Cosmere Character
1:50:12 Outro

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The novella between WoK and WoR should be about Sigzil, called Worldsinger.


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