Shardcast: An Interview With Arcturus XR (Plus Emerald City Comic Con News)

This week, we have a very cool episode where we interview Ewan Johnson of Arcturus XR, who works on the Stormlight VR experience, Escape from the Shattered Plains. We learn about him and his pedigree (he worked in Pixar since '94), the experience itself, and adaptations they needed to make to the lore to make the experience cohesive. It was really cool, and I'm really excited about the experience. He also said that the VR experience is coming to Oculus Rift as well as to Vive, which before now was buried in the Steam page and not in the official press release.

We also have news from Arcturus: they will be at Emerald City Comic Con, in Seattle, Washington, March 1-4, with demos of the VR experience for you to try! There will also be a giveaway of some sort. We've known Brandon will be there for quite some time, but if you are going there, I'm super jealous for you to see the VR experience.

We hope you enjoy the interview, and we'll be back next week with a sweet episode on Sja-anat. 


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This interview did away with most of my worries, I'm super pumped now for this. I hope we get video footage of a play through of some kind from Comic con or somewhere.

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