Unboxing Way of Kings Leatherbound Tier 6 Swag Pack + Dragon Wood Shop Coin Display!

Sure, we got this a few weeks ago, but we saved unboxing it for you all, so you can see ALL the swag in the Tier 6 Way of Kings Leatherbound swag pack. It has all the order swag, coasters, chicken scouts, and more! We also unpack the Dragon Wood Shop challenge coin case, which looks amazing.

(Sorry for the choppy video later on; the recording method required a computer and my laptop wasn't quite powerful enough for it. I'm still learning YouTube-y things!)

00:00 Introductions
2:13 Coasters
5:41 Bumper Sticker and Bookmark
7:08 Chicken Scout Swag
8:01 Ads
9:53 Special Backer Pouch and Chicken Scout Patch
11:06 Order Challenge Coins
14:15 Order Pins
16:17 Order Patches
17:23 Order Stickers
22:39 Order Art Pieces by Steve Argyle
29:23 Stormlight Playing Cards
34:15 Dragon Wood Shop Coin Case
37:25 Wit Coin (Spoilers?)
39:36 Outro

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User Feedback

For myself, I plan to put the pins on my backpack, and I'm contemplating saving the Edgedancer patch to put on a Bridge Four costume.  

This is the first time I've really understood the size of the coins, they really do look like the right size for fidgeting.  I usually grab a quarter, but there's not a lot of variation there.


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Posted (edited)

You never flipped over the Skybreaker coin to show Nale!



The question is, can I arrange these all in the order that they are supposed to be 

No, the question is can you do it in the double eye


I agree that it is probably Taln, but we don't know much about Heralds and Plate, as far as I know


I got that kind of obscure shardcast reference


I think that the other person on the Lightweaver print is Red


They'll be safe in the ocean. Supposedly. Mostly. 

Edited by GoWibble

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