The Way of Kings, Parts 3-5 | The Overlady Reads the Cosmere

Welcome to The Overlady Reads The Way of Kings, Parts 3-5!

This is the second video we've done on The Way of Kings, so make sure you've watched our first episode before you watch this one!

Discover even more new ways to say your favourite names! In this video, Lucy gives her theories on a Part by Part basis so you can watch as these change as the series goes on. Let us know what you think in the comments down below. Also, let us know some of YOUR theories from back when you first read Way of Kings!



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Great theorizing and attention to detail. I definitely didn't make anywhere near the amount of connections nor the quality of theorizing after my first read that the Overlady did.  And the characterization of Dalinar's... phrasing of his activities after his encounter with Elhokar had me cracking up!  


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