The Overlady Reads Warbreaker!

Welcome to the Overlady Reads Warbreaker! This week, the Overlady discovers that talking swords ARE GREAT!

Join us as we find out what happens when Brandon writes a comic relief character that's not a creep and also other stuff I guess too. Watch as Lucy starts her WoB question list with a question about toilets. We really loved Warbreaker and are very excited for it's sequel. Let us know what you guys would want from a sequel most in the comments down below!

Watch here:



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Nicely done, Ben. I didn't realize you two were doing recaps of a new reader.

One question, though. With the hardbound wrapped up, how will you look at all the beautiful colors on the inside?


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Posted (edited)

@25:50: Llarimar = "Llama"

@30:08 Susebron = "Subaru" (Confidence in motion :ph34r:)


At this point I expected "Pancake" instead of Pahn Khal.


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