Secrets in Stained Glass #3: Bonus Art and Character Sheets [SPOILERS!]

The latest episode of Secrets in Stained Glass, "Race to the Bottom" is now out, and with it, we're posting a few of the visual assets that have been used in the show so far for those who want to take a closer look, or for our audio listeners who haven't gotten to see them! Below the cut, you can find the on-screen character sheets for our main cast as of Episode 3, now that all their traits have been revealed, featuring the gorgeous character portraits drawn by Elisgardor! We have the full version of that stunning feature illustration of a very key moment in the latest episode, done by the amazing Diego Lopez. If you've finished the episode, click through to see more!



Feature Illustration

First up, (I really wasn't kidding about those spoilers, turn back now if you still can!) what you're all REALLY here to see, the "Race to the Bottom" itself, in all its glory! 


Dier, Race to the Bottom, Diego Lopez.JPG

As mentioned in the episode itself, we reached out to Diego to illustrate this moment as a private commission initially, but he very kindly allowed us to feature it in the show itself! I'm still amazed at how beautifully it turned out! Diego does amazing work, especially in depicting the visual aspects of Allomancy, and we knew he was absolutely the right artist to bring this moment to life. Please go show him some love at his Instagram: @diegolopez_artist and check out his other Cosmere fanart while you're there!


Character Sheets

Next up, for those of you who have been watching the video version of the show, you've seen the mini character sheets that pop up on screen whenever we're talking about a character's traits or trying to decide if we can wheedle just one more dice out of Matt for that next roll, and as of Episode 3, our main cast's sheets have been fully revealed! These don't represent all of the things on their full character sheets (MAG sheets can be quite complex!) but hopefully they're a helpful snapshot of at least some of the most key attributes and stats that we're calling upon the most as we play.

And we've sung her praises many a time before, but the character portraits featured on these sheets are by the lovely and wonderful Eli, who you can find over at @elisgardor on Instagram and @ElisaGDorta on Twitter. If you haven't seen yet, she's posted the full versions of these portraits on her socials, along with some fun bonus sketches of the characters. Drop her a follow and send her some kind words about the amazing work she's done while you're over there!

Character sheets are listed in order of initial appearance!


Eliane Character Sheet v1.pngSylvain Character Sheet v1.pngLucius Character Sheet v1.pngDier Character Sheet v1.pngJenna Character Sheet v1.png


Character Playlist: "The Bottom's All I've Found" (Dier)

Finally, given that this was a shorter episode than usual, if you're still looking for something SiSG to listen to with all that extra time we gave you, feel free to check out "The Bottom's All I've Found," a character playlist for Dier Venture.  An hour and a half of songs all about everyone's favorite nasty trashboi! You can listen on either Spotify or Youtube!

Feel free to check out the lyrics guide here for some of the most Dier-y lines from each track!

[Please note some lyrics contain explicit language!]


Still not enough SiSG content for you?

Well, that's all you're getting for today, but keep an eye out over the next two weeks, we've got a few more goodies coming later, including some backstory scenes about Dier and Eliane that will drop in a few days! All Secrets in Stained Glass stuff (episodes, bonus content, and stories) can be seen on this tag! For our Patrons, we'll be sharing some of Matt's narrator notes on NPCs in the game so far, so if that (or any of the other Patron exclusive content we've got out there) sounds interesting to you, you can get access to all our 17S bonus content for Diceborn, Shardcast, and the other things we do around here for as low as a dollar.

Hope you guys are liking the show, and enjoy all the goodies this week!  We'll see you back here soon for more! Until then, well, you know the drill now: race you to the bottom!

~ Feather


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