Rhythm of Previews: Prologue through Chapter 3

Today we're beginning a new series: Rhythm of Previews, where Danielle and Marvin discuss the preview chapters of Rhythm of War, the fourth Stormlight Archive book. We're hoping to keep these a bit shorter than Shardcast, so we won't talk in incredible detail on everything, but we'll do our best to give you the highlights! Tor.com released the prologue and chapter 1 on Thursday, and then chapters 2 and 3 Tuesday, so this is a double-lengthed episode. We're going to do this weekly (assuming scheduling works out), so our next episode will half the length since there will just be one or two chapters next week. We're going in order, so we aren't discussing the chapter from the newsletter or Brandon's SDCC reading.

You can find all of the preview chapters, and our discussions on 17S, in our Rhythm of War preview chapter index:
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Ok, this is a very nice idea but you guys spent a lot of time recaping and describing the chapters instead of actually discussing them. Discussing the chapter in relation to what has been released already then looking for possible foreshadowing then looking for significant Cosmere connections and so on is much more interesting and valuable then just describing what happens in the chapter.

Anyway this is a very nice idea and I just wanted to offer some suggestions for improvement. Keep up the good work! 


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