November 2021 Coppermind Art

It's the holiday season and all around the world people are decorating their homes with blinking lights, shiny ornaments and... sexy Returned? Well, that's certainly a way to have a good time over the holidays, eh, Siri? ;)
For this illustration, we worked with the immensely talented Caio Santos, whose work you can find over on ArtStation and Twitter (or you might recognize it from his amazing paintings already present on the Coppermind). This is likely not the last of him you will see here, friends, but until there's more, enjoy what we have :)

As you may have guessed already, our November piece depicts Susebron in the moments after Lightsong healed him, the full power of the God King manifesting as he Awakens cloths, carpets, and tapestries in his wake, and Commanding them to restrain Bluefingers and his Lifeless guards (not present here, because there's already a lot going on...) and save Siri's life. Enjoy this (somewhat downscaled, because the forum doesn't like large files) version below, or visit our Patreon for the original image.

Susebron enters a room from the left, a mass of Awakened cloth spilling out from behind him after having broken the doors down. Some of the cloth extends to grab Bluefingers's hand as he tries to murder Siri.

Edited by Argent


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