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July 2022 Art Commission (8)


And finally, last but not least, we top thing things off with honorary crewmember Fuzz himself!
This last commission is extra dear to our hearts because it comes from our very own FelCandy! She has long been involved with our art scene in ways both small (custom emoji, art ideas & direction) and big (almost singlehandedly making the Cosmere Inktober a thing; that's still going on, by the way, check out the #CosmereInktober2022 hashtag on your favorite social media website), so we've been wanting to give her one of these official commissions for a while now, and this was finally a good fit! 
And with this we conclude our series of commissions of Kelsier's crew. Our apologies to all the Yeden fans out there, we just couldn't get to him. As for Demoux... we'll have to find a way to do something for him.
A digital illustration of Leras, as the Vessel of Preservation, dubbed Fuzz by Kelsier. He appears as kindly man somewhere in this 40s, with black hair that reaches his ears, but not much more below them. The right half of his face is slightly translucent, teeth and bone visible underneath the skin that's turned light blue and white as misty tendrils rise from it like flames. Fuzz's outfit includes a long brown coat made of leather and lined with fur, a black laced shirt underneath, and a knife with a bone handle on his belt. His posture is open and inviting, his arms slightly outstretched as if he is showing them to the viewer - or inviting them for a hug; his left arm is turning into mist in the same way his face is. Around Fuzz is a city covered in thick mist, the edges of the buildings traced with thin blue lines reminiscent of steelsight. Above all this is the cold white sun of Shadesmar, clouds like roads streaking towards it.

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5 minutes ago, Robin Sedai said:

Waaiit, Fel helped make the custom emojis? :o My mind is 100% blown.

(Great art, by the way!)

Some :) Most notably, sylheart is hers

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6 hours ago, Shallan Stormblessed said:


Hard to show you on the forums, come join us on Discord :)

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