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July 2022 Art Commission (5)


And finally, to round off Kelsier's crew, we give you one spooky boi - it is spooky month, after all, we would be remiss not to include Spook himself!
We say this a lot 'round these parts, and especially so with these crewmember commissions, but this piece's artist - Theodore Oliver, a.k.a. lazifyre - is yet another artist we've been wanting to work with for a long time. They have a lot of good art we could show off here (like this Siri & Susebron), but none are more iconic than this Inktober piece of Harmony looking after the cast of both Mistborn Eras, except they are all children, and he is a single father of some truly chaotic kids.
A digital illustration of Spook, as he appears throughout most of The Hero of Ages. He is a young man of around 20, depicted from the waist up, in 3/4 view. His hair is light brown, and a maroon blindfold covers his eyes; his expression is hopeful. He wears a brown cloak burned in a few places that clasps over his chest with a wooden clasp bearing the Allomantic symbol for tin. Underneath the cloak is tunic, and underneath it a white shirt. The belt holds a few corked glass vials, and Spook himself holds one in his left hand - this one opened. His right hand holds a wooden dueling cane, and the entire piece is set against a background of a large red sun, smoke, and ash. The artist's signature, reading "lazyfire", decorates the bottom right corner.

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