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July 2022 Art Commission (4)


Those of you with an eye for patterns may have guessed the subject of today's reveal - Ham is the next core crewmember if we follow the alphabet. 
We first took note of Esther, better known as Egilde.Art, over a year ago with these gorgeous Siri and Shallan illustrations - a little before she went and, impressively, completed all of 2021's Cosmere Inktober challenge; not to mention that her Sazed and Marsh illustration made it into the Spanish illustrated edition of Mistborn. So this is definitely not the last time we work together, more just a taste of things to come.
A digital illustration of Ham. He is a muscular man, standing with his arms crossed, pose slightly tilted and askew. His brown hair is very short, and his look is thoughtful with the slightest hint of a smile. He wears a white shirt whose sleeves have been ripped off, and a leather vest over it. On one of his wrists is a leather armband with the Allomantic symbol for pewter affixed to it. The background is an out of focus landscape of the Final Empire, painted in reds and pinks, an ashmount in the distance, ash falling around Ham. The artist's signature, egilde.art, decorates the bottom right corner.

Edited by Argent


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